World of warships – Clearly hacking

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  1. First

  2. fascinating gameplay…move to island smoke and shoot….fkn exciting

  3. Need more players like that DD in the game…spotting, smoking up teammates, nice to see good DD play from a random

  4. Could be worse you could be playing HOOD

  5. i said it earlier in your stream and ill say it agai nwhat they did to the duke of yorck is just FUCKING GAY!!!

  6. My karma went down 10 points just by playing belfast few matches….

  7. First priority of their carriers is to send literally all of their available planes squads solely to you for extermination like your some kind of serious pest outbreak to be dealt with.

  8. i hate this ship

  9. kill flamebass 😀

  10. Tier V and tier VII cv? How?

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