World of Warships – Clemson Revisit 0.6.4

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on Solomon Islands gets to fight a bunch of enemy ships all around the map. I really enjoy the Clemson, many use it to their lowbie games. The torpedoes and guns work great, you can really put pressure on every ship you face. Hope you enjoy this low tier game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV Clemson Replay


  1. Waiting for a premium Clemson…….

  2. It’s not called the Clemson its called the Clubsome. 

    Seals beware.

  3. N0zter with the clutch role playing

  4. @Notser Many baby seals were hurt during the filming of this episode…

  5. “Here I am with EXTREME knowledge of the game…”
    ….. *KAPPA*

  6. The best documentary on Operation Chariot is the one by Jeremy Clarkson, YouTube it,it’s awesome.

  7. Cambletown was involved in the St. Nazaire raid

  8. Clemson and Nicholas are absolute monsters at their tier

  9. In order to be the top gun seal clubber, you must get a Kraken in a Smith. I don’t think anyone ever did it but you can have it’s 3 single launchers reloaded in 8 seconds 😀
    I did open a NA account just to buy the Smith…

  10. So wait, does this mean that I can play my Izyaslav and my Clemson without having a bad concious?

    Please confirm!

    Because I love these too ships to pieces and I am practically top score every single game and have a solo WR of 65%.

    I played roughly 300 games in each ship and I cant get enough. I just stopped playing them because I feel I am abusing other players. Same for Kamikaze.

    God or Notser? Are you listening? Can I keep on playing them and still go to heaven?

    Thanks for this vid. I think I do not have to say that I love T4 replays…

  11. dhanushka sachintha

    should have used both sides for torp attack on CV

  12. I’m a bit of a noob with destroyers but love my bbs, with ijn dds is the best ammo to use HE? that’s all I use on a dd and not sure when to use ap and if it will be effective

  13. Great video once again notser, Im the JakMC15 guy you saw in ur stream yesterday 🙂 <3

  14. did…did you just say to respect a seal clubber? For real? WTF!?

  15. Please please Noster make a video on the Arizona.

  16. Clemson is my main seal clubbed. It produce 70% of my credits.

  17. how come i get no 1080p viseo on yt anymore??

  18. i love this ship, maybe my fav in the game.

  19. 12:40 for us common folk, who don’t have PA account and millions of doubloons, playing with lower tiers is meaningless, once you surpass them.. you don’t progress, you basically don’t accomplish anything since xp earned on those ships requires doubloons to use on your current progress… plus, one has to sell all lower tier ships in order to sum up the credits required for higher one…

    we live in two different universes…

  20. Bluedarkknight bleufire10nl

    i now its a really good ship i get 9 kills and 2x double strike in 1 match XD

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