World of Warships – Cleveland Circle Strafes

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Cleveland on Hotspot moves to assault enemy destroyers around the islands in the eastern side of the map. The enemy team decides to make the east the primary assault path. We try to remain at max range while doing damage to the enemy. As the enemy advances, they incur loses that eventually lead to their downfall. We do get to charge a battleship, which ends up looking pretty awesome. Hope you enjoy the game and have a nice day!

Tier VI American Cruiser Cleveland Replay


  1. deus ex machina notser , i am just about to dump that omaha junk , and get
    the cleveland , so a cleeveland video was most needed! Also if you can make
    some tutorial videos about captain switching from one ship to another
    because i havent quite understand yet how it works , and free slot for new
    purchase etc….. that would be very helpfull mate! (plz)

  2. werent u at baltimore already?

    *look how bad that failorado is..loosing against a cleave in close
    quarter…i can understand if it were a jpn cruiser but comeone

  3. Brian Lock (神通)

    Fake Noster, No Island Action

  4. Brian Lock (神通)

    Actually less tham 1km BB is pretty much a death BB, mainly BB gun cannot
    level low enough to shot the body of the ship.

  5. Notser: U mentioned that the ARP Myoko is considered a normal ship
    so as I earn XP with it,, will this go toward the total needed to research
    the Mogami ??
    or am I still going to have to grind the Myoko from the tech tree to get XP
    towards researching the mogami ??
    I will probably leave the ARP Myoko in port if it doesn’t earn me XP that
    counts toward the Mogami.
    I have the tech tree Myoko researched,, just haven’t purchased it yet

  6. The shell velocity is terrible after the tweak, WG just should have put
    this ship on tier 7 and the Pepsi on 6.

  7. whats your rig and internet service for the high fps and good ping times
    with little to no lag ?

  8. You beat me again at unlocking the ARP ship. Anyways I am getting it
    tommorow ;D

  9. GG Notser, I really wouldn’t have expected you to survive the close
    encounter with the BB. Nice work!

  10. Try an Aoba right after you play the cleve and inform us of your disparity
    awarenesses lol. That same match in an Aoba and you would maybe get close
    to 60k dmg but you would have had to run too because it’s no way near
    powerful enough to scare people

  11. US cruisers really crap out between the Cleveland (poor long range guns)
    and the Pensacola (poor armor).. its a long grind to get past them.

  12. I hate it when I am drinking and playing warships then see myself on you
    tube getting killed.

  13. Good work , entertaining .

  14. Great one Notser, you win this one. I posted yesterday a video with the
    Cleveland on the map Ocean.I had 10 citadels shot down 18 planes and sunk 3
    ships. But you did way more damage my damage count was 86700.Looking
    forward to next one Notser.

  15. how about u add commander skill icons when ure naming em?

  16. 155 and 152 mm guns are overrated in this game.

  17. Can we please see Mickey Mouse come back like every video please?

  18. I kept thinking, why didn’t Notser drop his torps!
    Next second I went, Oh its a USN cruiser ^_^;;

  19. using a certain mod skin on the cleveland…it says OP class Tier 6

  20. Thanks for the daily dose of Notser. A couple of game questions.
    1. The Mikahel Kutozov holy crap the AA on that thing is disgusting as well
    as the AP damage have seen a Kutozov erase a Yamato in less then 2 minutes
    6-7K damage a volley. Should it be nerfed you think?
    2. The AA defensive ability on cruisers and for some reason US DD:s, do you
    think that is overpowered? As someone who likes CV:s it does not feel
    reasonable to lose 80 or 90 % of a squadron to a simple push of a button if
    you compare it with the work you need to do to align your air strikes.
    3. Do you know how the match making works? I usually find myself in Tier
    VIII battles and I am only in Tier VI at at the moment.

    Hope you have had a great weekend.

  21. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Hi, Mickey Notser. I never realized Disney allows Mickey to play WOW. By
    the way, any plans for CVs?

  22. hey Noster why not switch to ap when you bad that beached bb full

  23. I play the Cleveland with AFT and the only thing you can reliable hit at
    those longer ranges are slow battleships. I do agree there are a lot of
    cruisers in the Tier 5 and 6 bracket. One night I spent 2 minutes in my
    Cleveland waiting for a match, the number of cruisers waiting on matches
    was 100+, with barely any other type of ships represented.

  24. Try putting Advanced firing training on the captain. You will get 17.5km
    range, but shell travel time will be almost 18 seconds 😀
    Kutuzov premium? About the same caliber, 12 seconds to 17.7km. Seems legit!

  25. That never works, when I do it….. I get citadelled no matter what

  26. how do you have so many ships, you have T9 izumo, T9 udaloi, and others,
    how are you getting so high on so many different lines?

  27. lol dat mickey mouse though :d

  28. I could never get used to Cleveland and her horrendously slow shells. I
    have by far the lowest win rate in her of all my Tier 6 ships. Actually, I
    think that I have a higher WR in almost all my ships, regardless of tier.
    Got any advice on how to use her effectively?

  29. Great ship for fires and plane killing. Need to get in close. Great for
    killing destroyers. Nice game, keep them coming.

  30. Wow, I looked away from the vid for a minute, looked up and said…hmm that
    Colorado is really close to Notser lmao. Liked!

  31. cleveland so op.Its guns like a minigun that firing HE at a BB and burn the
    yamato into a pece of shit

  32. I still play my cleveland alot, it’s the main ship I take for the ranked

  33. Never sold my Cleveland, its a pretty good credit grinder. Got mine with
    advanced firing training. Its a beast in aaa now and it has a solid range
    of over 17km. That distance can be a pain with the high arc but it will
    surprise many other cruisers especially when fighting other clevelands. And
    it is a great ship to take long distance pops at bb’s, often giving you
    enough time to dodge incoming salvos

  34. good battle nicely done on the last bb kill

  35. How has you have a 6 sec reload on the Cleveland? The T4 Skill?
    I got mine to around 10sec due to my commander in retraining and the
    upgrade which adds rof but adds to traverse time.

  36. Enjoyed the game and Mickey Mouse !! No island parking this time, so I
    think the Cleve works for you… 😉
    The Colorado massacre was awesome !!!

  37. man glad you played this ship. thanks Noster

  38. Awww no island hugging… poor lonely islands.

  39. HAH! I knew it, Notser IS Mickey mouse!

  40. haven’t seen a Cleveland in a hot min!

  41. Haha, and there I am trying desperately to get T6 Soviet destroyer for that
    ARP mission. Because only T6 ship I have is Fuso… and only T5 ships is
    Soviet DD and Kongoo…. 😀 – now hunt a DD in Fuso… you can kill it,
    but… one should not seek out such opportunities 😀
    — And yes, I do kill cruisers with a destroyer without that much problems.

  42. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wait u said, that Cleve had the Perm. Camo.. But thats the 30 Dubloons Camo
    isnt it?

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