World of Warships Cleveland Cruiser Gameplay – How Am I Alive?

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World of Warships Cruiser Gameplay – How Am I Alive?
WOWS Beta Gameplay – Cleveland Class Cruiser Gameplay

Thanks for watching!


  1. +MrSilastic google is your best friend

  2. +Raz0rking im gonna whoop out my cock and stab a bitch

  3. +slim thunder If you are streaming(twitch and stuff) and someone in the
    same game as you uses the stream to see where you are

  4. go it. thanks. so they cheat

  5. Buy a premium ship.

  6. +Juqon HD
    I got the $30 bundle to get CBT access (actually bro bought it for me as a
    bday present but cmon it’s only 30 bucks) Id say it’s worth it. Only
    complaint I have so far is the damn aim bot

  7. +Milo Anderson Thanks, didn’t know you could gain access that way.
    Downloading right now 🙂

  8. This is the only game I will not get bored of playing when they release it
    on consoles.

  9. shootEMdown ftw

    +Karl Arty teh doom turtle 🙂

  10. +Karl Arty RaInBoW Turtle 🙂

  11. Tortoise 0_0

  12. +BaronVonGamez i love world of warship videos

  13. +BaronVonGamez “we gotta get out of this place” rang in my ears when the
    half enemy fleet showed up from behind that island…

  14. +BaronVonGamez The price of fame and notoriety…. is getting ganged up on
    bully fashion in a video game.

  15. Pink Marshmellow Penguin

    +BaronVonGamez play the yubari!

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