World of Warships Cleveland Cruiser Gameplay – How Am I Alive?

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World of Warships Cruiser Gameplay – How Am I Alive?
WOWS Beta Gameplay – Cleveland Class Cruiser Gameplay

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  1. One day a sun day then a magic following rain cloud came out of no where.

  2. The story of two bad little boys… um, cruisers… who left their escort
    duties to play in the woods too soon… lol

  3. “Baron??? yooo”

    merkmusic style
    “Baron??? HUUEEEEEE”

  4. 178thbattlegroup

    why dont the 5″ guns do anything? they dont shoot at planes like they
    should, and they arent shooting at other ships either..

  5. the toffeebonbon

    When does wows com out

  6. just got my beta kéy so is looking forward to playing this game

  7. The bismarck

  8. Gregory Krambeer

    Yay cruisers

  9. More Warships!!! Please, all I’ve been seeing is war thunder tanks, please
    more wow!!

  10. Baron love your vids man, but you need to work on leading your shots lol

  11. Hi Baron! how do you get the alt lock function? or do you just press alt
    all the time?

  12. Rens van der Hoeven

    I like the way how that guy in chat says Baron is better than Jingles but
    in this game Baron misses almost all his shots.

  13. How do you get the name tag and exact health to show on other players?

  14. Baron pls, I NEEEED!!!! some fletcher class gameplay!!

  15. t32 apcr and new apcbs

  16. It hurts to watch you play games. So many mistakes. So many terrible shots.
    It kills me.

  17. I bet you that little fucker was using the aim assist mod that Phly showed.
    Cheeky bastard XD

  18. you have had very favorable MM this game with the cleaveland
    and some people using aimassist..some of the hits there where to good to be
    true >.>

  19. Been grinding hard to get this baby.

  20. Martin Jernsletten

    Take out the Saipan PLZ?????? I saw phly play it and I think u should do it

  21. clerkmaxwell does warthunder

    Play the hu 88 in a 4 man or bigger squad. The amount of games you win is
    unreal, and its so much fun. Only problem is that on the bastogne map (the
    one you almost always play on) you can’t take off with the largest bombload

  22. ow can i get in the game (beta)?

  23. World of Warships! World of Warships!!!! Plez, let open beta be done REAL
    soon so I can get my DIRTY wittle hands on it.

  24. I would love this game on ps4 like war thunder

  25. love this series but love mount and blade moreeeee!!!! and you Baronnnnn!!!

  26. The Cleveland is wild like that.

  27. Confirmed: Cleveland OP!

  28. so what is stream sniping mean??

  29. Carlo Simonetto

    lol enter sandman :P

  30. Oh how i love watching your World of Warships vids. Your personality just
    makes the difference to other youtubers playing these types of games.
    Keep it up!

  31. Baron is hax0r> You w0t m8

  32. General Saufenberg

    i realy like the us cruiser. special the atlanta with her rapid firing gund
    and fast turrets^^

  33. 20th Like What do i win? 😀 (a 5 finger sandvich, it tastes like SLAP)

  34. idk how are u alive?

  35. Baron!? any idea when this awesome game launches open beta?

    And any idea how i can get myself a key? because i literally can’t wait

    • Buy a premium ship.

    • +Juqon HD
      I got the $30 bundle to get CBT access (actually bro bought it for me as a
      bday present but cmon it’s only 30 bucks) Id say it’s worth it. Only
      complaint I have so far is the damn aim bot

    • +Milo Anderson Thanks, didn’t know you could gain access that way.
      Downloading right now 🙂

  36. I could watch you play world of warships all day

  37. DeAdAsSaSiN514 -

    nice Baron

  38. BELOW 301 club! Drinks and food on the left, WoWS beta keys on the right,
    and a turtle in the center. Enjoy 🙂

    What kind of turtle? I’ll leave it to ur imagination ;)

  39. How Am I alive? Plez

  40. hey baron great ship

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