World of Warships – Cleveland Cruiser Killer, The Nicholas American Destroyer!

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WOWS American Destroyer Gameplay – Class

The has 3 different types of planes; fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. At the early tiers you don’t have access to dive bombers. Fighters are great at defending capital ships from torpedo and dive bombing attacks and also hunting down other enemy planes. Torpedo bombers require a bit of planning and skill, but can unleash a 6 torpedo attack run on enemy ships that can have a dramatic result on the battle. Currently there are only 4 classes in WOWS; destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers use a top down, Real Time Strategy (RTS) style of gameplay which is fun and unique to .

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  1. I want to play warthunder now …

  2. How can I download this game, still in Alpha?

  3. Incognito Walröss

    Thumbs up if you live by Cleveland!

  4. damn when will the game be released…. i have a serious case of the blue
    guns by now.

  5. is AA op at high tiers?

  6. That cruiser turns all sexy like.

  7. OK is this game ever gonna fucking come out or what….my god!!

  8. Christopher Merola

    Hey Baron, heard you mention the Destroyermen series. Absolutely love it,
    waiting for The Straits of Hell to come out this May. The Mahan and Walker
    were Wickes class destroyers though. Still, Mahan was a good class. I’ve
    used it in a few other naval combat games.

  9. I cant pick who i like watching better on “wot” “wow” and “wowp” between
    jingles and BaronVonGames

  10. Hahaha that Lost reference

  11. Baron can you make a vid using Atlanta class? Thx

  12. You could use the camera view that follows the projectiles all the way, it
    really looks great.

  13. Do some more fuso gameplay. 

  14. Ha, funny. I’m a Gator living in Tallanasty, and I can tell you that nice
    Seminoles are hard to come by!

  15. hello

  16. Could you maybe do a video of hunting aircraft carriers with dive bomber
    squadrons? that seems like it could be really cool

  17. Great vid. Baron keep em comming. Say when do you recon next beta inv is to
    World of Warships. Been signed up for a long time now but no beta key yet.
    I do hope they will inc the amount of testers for some of the upcomming

  18. How likely is it to get keys for beta from the developer? I really want to
    play this!

  19. i was in a game with pointyhairedjedi AND ectar once

  20. mattea spennachio

    Play anything with a lot
    Of guns 

  21. Patrick Donnolley

    So the Nicolas Cage Destroyer.

  22. that ship got some weird physics, way to maneuverable

  23. Please pretty please does anyone have an invitation code for me? Want to
    play so bad

  24. the 5″/38s were probably one of the finest dual purpose weapons. 10 nm
    range, and an ungodly fire rate. Applied to the Atlanta Class CLAA and you
    had a great AA umbrella for the inner task force ships.

  25. The USS Mahan that you are thinking of Baron is a Wickes class destroyer
    from the book series Destroyermen. Also the star of the book is the USS

  26. Wow great videos lately Baron :)

  27. Baron play reign of kings 

  28. patrick malinowski

    GATORS!! lol im a proud FAU owl. lol good vids. very entertaining. keep it
    up bro

  29. what is that sound in the background of every video?

  30. Massive props for the DESTROYERMEN recommendation. I picked up the first
    one, and was pleasantly surprised! Thanks, Baron. :)

  31. Stratton Schippers

    hey baron, they can spot you through the smoke if you fire or launch

  32. OnOneGaming/BlackSails57

    Yo if you get some spare time stop by NY channel and check me out!I would
    love to see some constructive criticism or some ideas

  33. Hey baron, if you shoot in smoke you lose your camo

  34. Love that your Playing World Of Warships a lot now. enjoy these videos.
    Keep it up Baron!! 

  35. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    what happens when you box in an enemy ship with your nicholas class

    It becomes a nicholas cage!

  36. GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Laaadys and Gentlebarons :D

  38. I love the Destroyermen series too.

  39. GO GATORS!!!!!!

  40. the nicolas is like the M4 sherman in WOT blitz because of the gun
    upgrade.The T18 line is like carriers,the M6 line is like the cruisers.Also
    can you
    stream war thunder

  41. Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens

    How many times are you going to waste time firing torpedoes when one more
    cannon shot would kill him? 

  42. Hey barron are you addicted to this game?

  43. I’m a Tiger from Louisiana 

  44. Christian Nielson

    Dad jokes for days? :D

  45. Baron do you live in Ganesville 

  46. Never knew there was a DD with my name :D

  47. Baron do tier 7 ships if u can 

  48. If you love citadels so much why don’t you marry one!

  49. The 5″/38 would give you dual-purpose AA capability, as opposed to the
    5″/51, which is limited to surface engagements. Whatever you give up in
    theoretical maximum damage is easily overweighed by the nearly six extra
    shells you can pump out per minute per mount.

  50. Nice videos man but I don’t really understand your obsession with trying to
    shoot torpedoes at ships that have like 10% of their HP left :D

  51. Plz the fletcher

  52. Can you speak french for your next video ???

  53. GypsyDanger Danger_1125

    baron do the missouri class plz

  54. “He’s No Jingles”

  55. Baron! i Challenge you to get the Baltimore or the Des Moines! ahahahahaha
    great vids, keep it up!! o7

  56. anyone got an idea when they release Open Beta??

  57. GATORS!

    Ft. Myers, Salutes!

  58. play defensive carrier not with biplanes

  59. play the auora

  60. Hey Baron how do you get rid of the upgrades you bought I have 2 ships I
    can’t sell till I get rid of the upgrades 

  61. The Destroyermen by RIchard Tennent? have read those too, forgot USS George
    Dewey was a Mahan-class. Find good naval fiction that’s post WW2 is a real
    struggle, recommend Jeff Edwards’ trilogy of books, much more modern but
    well written.

  62. yesss the fletcher

  63. ScipionLaurentiend

    anybody know when the open beta is coming?

  64. Battle Ships pleas 

  65. More carrier gameplay plz baron

  66. im a new sub and i just wanted to say keep up the good work

  67. Should they add British ships?

  68. Oy forgot the USSR what ships they have can you shoow ty 

  69. nice the 2 bb np that you die bb is good and same like you sir y look after
    die to the rest players to see mouves ty for video gg in bb see you

  70. You DO realize your smokescreen is kinda useless if you keep firing your
    main guns out of the smoke? :D

  71. do you want to play the kitakami

  72. if you shoot inside smoke, you’ll pop up. even AA

  73. I can’t wait until this is out I wanna play it so bad

  74. bernardobiritiki

    Adimiral Baron i here by request permission to boared your vessel

  75. What do i put here?

    More good videos! Keep it up!

  76. Baron, you are so silly. You made a video where you die just to show us
    that even you make mistakes and be foolish at times…

  77. They NEED to make this game open beta


  79. sebastiaan prins

    yeah man that LOST reference though lost ftw


  81. nice vid!

  82. Can not wait to play this, check my videos out baron :)

  83. plz play mor destroyers!

  84. DatCasualGamer HD


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