World of Warships – Cleveland Dynamic Duo

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Cleveland on New Dawn moves up to A with a couple friendly ships. We engage a enemy destroyer and a enemy cruiser at A. The team successfully captures all bases and pushes forward to win the game. We continue to push into B, a couple enemy ships get in the way. The game is pretty quick but still entertaining, hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI American Cruiser Cleveland Replay


  1. こんばんは~^^ノ 流石ですねー!!!

  2. New Mexico kill secure or kill steal? :D

  3. Notser – I appreciate that your captain isn’t pimped out to 15+ points on a
    T6 ship. I think your RU CA vids are a bit skewed due to your press account
    Pimps (Captains). I have been favoring my Cleveland over my Aoba in team
    battles lately even tho I am mostly IJN. Team battle is where the Pimp
    Captains need to be in T6 ships!! – Would like to see what you would do
    with an 18 point Captain in Cleveland…

  4. 瞄太後面

  5. Notser a question, did they raise the velocity of the Cleveland’s shells or
    was it because you were close, because those arcs look pretty flat? It’s
    been a bit since I used the Cleveland because I’m working on the Russian

  6. I love the Cleveland, she’s a great ship. Keep them coming.

  7. how dp you display the health bars and names???

  8. A q&a would just be dandy, Notser.

  9. I hate cleaveland! I always ignore everthing to target the cleaveland first

  10. Worldominion Games

    I just played my first few games. I will admit that I was frustrated
    because the guns wouldn’t fire. Turns out you have to hot key them….
    really.. -_- After that it was very enjoyable. : )

  11. Your friend is really bad with a BB ^_^;;
    I think he does better in a cruiser.

  12. Had an awful evening, 4 losses 1 win. All my BBs were like cowards 3
    Tirpitz not knowing how to play!! So many awful players sailing a tier 8
    ship they cannot control. So frustrating!! However its nice to see you have
    a good game here Noster! :D

  13. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    12k more xp and I get to.launch my Cleveland. ..woots

  14. Hey man you should try escort duty with your buddy there, either carrier or
    BB with destroyer or cruiser escort. It would be quite a challenge for you
    to switch off that carry game mentality I think. You didn’t really stick
    with him after the battle started.

    Still a great video I love watching the Cleveland in action!

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    These is just not as intense as high tier game.

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    Actually the tick mark is caliber to 20knots at 10km, there are people test
    that out.

  17. Brian Lock (神通)

    She has gun on top of gun, and gun behind of gun. Ahhhh, guns.

  18. haha lol

  19. Did we just hear a bit salty Notser there? :D

  20. LightFoot Freddy

    Great one Notser as Always

  21. 6:28 “left him low quick some teammate hurry and snipe the kill”

    and i saw you wiggle the mouse in frustration hahaha. i have been

  22. Dynamic duo? You left him behind at A, there was hardly any coordination
    between the two of you for the whole match.

  23. Tomáš Mráček

    Cleveland is great ship but Im playing Japanese a lot so it takes few games
    to learned how to aim:-)

  24. could you make a faragut video? I’m 5k xp from it and would like some tips

  25. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    More aiming vids pls N…. :D

  26. MeKanism Lastname

    Only Soviet ships deserve to have 152mm guns. KV-2 turrets as guns.

  27. Thank you Notser! I’ve been struggling with my Cleveland (still new, not
    even fully upgraded yet) and your videos are always helpful. :)

  28. “Guns on top of guns and more guns behind those guns.” R U saying that fuso
    has 2 layers of guns? like… 24? :O
    shut up and take my money!!!

  29. Another great video Notser!

    I loved this ship, sold it to get the Pensacola… about a let
    down…if I didn’t need to keep playing it to finish the line, I wouldn’t.
    But alas, I have too……do you have any videos in the god awful Pensacola?

    (I should note that’s my opinion of the ship, if anyone likes the ship,
    great, personally I don’t)

  30. Patch! what patch!

  31. i am from germany so i don’t know you at all!
    but i love world of warships and your videos are really good so will
    subscribe you:)
    where are you from?

  32. Andhika nur Aulia

    Aoba (and now Budyonny) is considered by many as the rival of Cleve, if not
    better than her. Mostly because of their flatter arc and better range. Your
    thoughts on that? For myself I got better records and enjoyment on the
    Aoba, but might be because I was a noob when sailing Cleve.

    Can’t wait for the next patch and the Campbeltown. Don’t know why they did
    put her data on their wiki, but forbid youtubers to post sneak peak vid.
    Her gun arrangement is somewhat interesting tho. Also does that better
    scoping thingy means we’ll get further zoom?

    No comment on the pronounciation. Keep up the good work :^)

  33. fuso isnt dominate it sucks

  34. What did you mean about the binoculars and the dots in the new patch? I
    have missed this.

  35. I run Last Stand on all cruisers just because i’m always getting engine and
    steering knocked out

  36. Hollweck Balázs


  37. Nice game Notser. Thanks for the video today!

  38. Were light cruisers actually designed to counter destroyers? I wasn’t aware
    of that and you keep saying it haha

  39. I have noticed that when you play with your friend he really dosent stay
    with you to much I mean I know you are the faster ship but he is in a fuso
    he should of been in the fight with you lol

  40. I want Cleveland now! 😀 hahaha..

  41. just had the shitiest mornin of my life but watchin this vid made it better

  42. *slowly peeks above a desk* That map is Fault Line, not New Dawn. *slowly

    o/ Nice game as well.

  43. The Nick Holland

    Good video Notser, I laughed when you were shaking the screen thinking
    someone else would get your kills! Unexpected of you haha

  44. I was so bad in the cleveland, and after looking at the t7-10, i found that
    it wasn’t worth it for me, especially since i was so bad. I wanted to work
    on my BB’s first. Maybe ill get back to them, idk. Right now I’m kinda at a
    weird place, i have the T4 Soviet cruiser, i hate it, but i have the
    FuriousTaco unlocked, the T5 IJN Cruiser, love that, made it half way
    through that, and obviously the cleveland. What do you think i should do?

  45. Aciobanitei Cezar

    Nice game Notser! I’ve been watching your videos for almost half a year
    now. I wish there were more players like you. As somebody said, when I
    watch your videos it makes me want to play. Keep up the good work! 😀 (btw,
    isn’t this map called “Fault line”?)

  46. will you do a des moins commentary again, when the radar is available for
    US-cruisers? great vid as always :)

  47. Looking forward to what they do for April Fools day.

  48. Hey Notser, are you going to make a video about the patch ?
    Love your videos pls keep up the good work :D

  49. Notser do you receive my replay? :)

  50. U r so good in this game!

  51. great video, in the patch you mentioned apart from the US radar and
    buffs/nerfs do you have any speculations about the april fools gamemode?

  52. I swear when I watch your videos it makes me want to play WOWS ?

  53. Cleveland so op,even when it still a stock

  54. Hey Notser! Are you also so excited for the whole german and the british
    tech tree like me? Will the HMS Hood die directly if she gets shot by the
    Bismarck?;D Will the dds be gunboats? Will the H-class be as powerful as
    the Yamato? Can the HMS Vanguard be at Tier 9, or only 8? How much
    aircrafts will have the british CVs per squadron?? Why is the Tirpitz again
    in the shop? Does WG need money again? Why no Kamikaze planes for the
    japanese Cvs? Maybe too hard for kiddies?

  55. CynicallyObnoxious

    I just got Budyonny and rate of fire omg NOW I know why ppl love cruisers
    working on getting the Clev this week

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