World of Warships: Cleveland – HE Spam

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World of Warships footage of the US in action on the map Strait. In this match lots of long range shelling is done that, unsurprisingly, manages to not hit its target. Later on it gets quite a bit better though.


  1. Why do you have 17+ km range and I only 14.59 ?
    Nice Video :)

  2. Enjoyed! What is a WOWs “bot”? just curious

  3. Well I sold my New Mexico and I wanted to grind to Cleveland cruiser.Now
    I’m at Phoenix now still need 10k Xperia to get omaha

  4. Forgive my ignorance but what’s a Detonation? Is it some lucky occurrence
    that 1-shots any ship?

  5. the pepsi cola is so bad a ship. honestly i think the cleveland should be
    the tier 7 and the pepsicola should be tier6.

  6. HE spam…yeah, I experienced it today in my New Mexico. Atlanta spammed
    me. I was constantly on 2-3 fires, especially after a dive bomber caught me
    in between (bad luck, as I maneuever’d hard and that usually throws them
    off..). What could I do, use repair tool to get them out and 10s after it
    was done have 2 fires again or just wait for them to cause havoc on my
    hp…?? Not even using the HP regain did anything against it. I was dead
    before the second one was ready and I used my 1st one when I lost 10k HP,
    used my repair tool and was already on fire twice again just so I could
    stay alive a little longer… Why is a ship allowed to have 48 shots (5s
    base reload with 8×2 guns) in the air at the same time at 10+km and have
    such a good concealment factor too??? Not to mention accuracy…You can
    constantly move, but that won’t save you! I honestly couldn’t spot him at
    more than 11km. What. My commander wasn’t yet trained on the ship 100%, so
    that made it worse, because antifire-perks weren’t enabled.

    When I’m already ranting so damn hard that it’ll make you wet aerroon
    (because I rant so much harder than you ever did in any of your videos.
    That is what I’m honestly thinking at least. Prove me wrong and you may get
    a present. May.)…why do I aim so well in my New Mexico, the shots look so
    good and dispersion fucks me in the ass at the end? Had several moments
    where I aimed perfectly at a ship only to see the shots go below AND above
    him. Also, why can’t I damage the Colorado AT ALL? Broadside barrages never
    do much damage, if I am lucky enough to deal any that is…I actually like
    the NM, but this is sooooo fucking frustrating…I think the NM is better
    than the NY, but I’m nowhere near the NY in terms of performance. I
    literally never hit a citadel too.

    Edit: Nice game as mostly. But this video makes me mad, because HE spam :(

  7. The Pepsi is made out of papermache and soggy cardboard… Im pretty sure
    most ships can penetrate her citadel… and Im pretty sure that citadel is
    about as large as the ship itself…

  8. Like mine Murmansk 17.8km range + scout plane 21+ km, it is extremely hard
    to hit something on that range because long shell travel time and shell
    velocity. Cleveland got nerfed (stealth nerf ) in every patch.

  9. Can you make a video with the Atlanta? It’s just something that i want to
    see more of. Also great video and keep it up.

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