World of Warships – Cleveland Tier 8 Impression

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Trying out the future Tier 8 Cleveland, couple things changed and a couple stayed the same. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Cruiser Cleveland Replay – Discord Server


  1. I’m both happy and sad at so many levels right now

  2. Was expecting “Hey, this is Notser!”
    Instead, we got a Chung Mu.

  3. Lol just the same thing at T8 with radar. Nice work WG 14.6 km Firing range in T10 games.

    • 9.1km only .1 km from edinburgh.

    • wino0000006 nice comparison. Mino has the heal u noob

    • Interesting that people are comparing the radar edin and mino with this don’t even for 1second think abt the heal on those 2 ships

      And for mogami it has way flatter arcs

    • The_Shoru
      Minotaur is Tier 10, not Tier 8.

    • first minotaur heal of the game is usually for 50% max hp, then 25%, it is only crazy once, unless you are a magnet for fires, then ok, yes it can be crazy every single time you use it; not saying it’s bad, but it isnt what people think will be given back to the minotaur, that being said, it’s more about giving abatable hitpoints for the next 10 seconds while getting pelted at 3km by 2 BBs trying to get their turrets on you while youre duck dive dip dodge and ducking through the ships sending 10 torps into everything around you.

      Minotaur, fun times, nothing like charging out of a smoke blind to get ravaged by several enemy ships but only to come out on top. easily my favourite ship by far, allows you to adapt and overcome with so many tools, atlanta second, shame the US cruisers are so one dimensional, they desperately need more tools on hand, looks boring as they have always been, and nothing at all like the RN cruisers lol.

      minotaur with extended radar for 56 second radar at 9km, range mod for 18 km max range is what a T10 Atlanta would be like, find a couple good hiding places, shoot rainbows for 15 minutes, last 5 minutes clean up the leftovers, if you can make it work, god damn youll get a ton of karma points from spectators. great ship, cant rave enough.

  4. fuck 14.6 km range. we need at least 16 km with good royal navy velocity

  5. Increase shell speed, bump range up one more km

  6. Remember the days where Cleveland was tier VI…. AFT effected 152mm….18km gun range at tier VI with insane fire rate..

    • Yeah, and it was highly touted as an AA god. Now that there are so few CV players no one even mentions the Clevelands’ AA capabilities. Sigh, memory is over-rated.

    • I was always thinking they’d make the old Cleveland the new T8 version. But I guess not. Kinda disappointing.

    • She couldn’t hit anything in those pre AFT / BFT nerf days at those ranges. Maybe if a target was stationary / AFK, sure, but you’d have to be a moron to get hit by a Cleveland at anything more than 14km. The shells still floated like a mother fucker back then.

  7. That radar consumable needs switching from the defensive fire slot for sure

  8. It just looks like a worse Chapayev. It has better concealment, but the rest just looks equal or worse.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      How the fuck did you just manage to compare a ship that can shoot over islands to a Chapayev. We get it, they’re touching your beloved ship, now please stop comparing the ship to ships it doesn’t have to compete with.

    • DaKillerChipmunk I never actually particularly liked the Cleveland. I was hoping that it would become enjoyable at tier 8, but with what I’m seeing, it’s not happening. It can shoot over islands. Great. Park the Chapayev a little further away, and it can mostly do the same.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      If by “a little”, you mean 5-7 km, then yes.

      If by “a little”, you mean out of radar range of the cap and completely useless to the team, then yes.

      You’re not meant to spam BBs or other cruisers sailing in their cap. You play this thing like RN cruisers, you get close to caps and help your DDs/spot and kill enemy DDs. That’s how you get2k+ xp matches. Chapayev can get 2k matches raining HE on enemy BBs and occasionally kill an oblivious DD, sure, but it can’t do any of the things Cleveland is made for. It’s like saying the Henri is better than the DM, it’s simply not true. I get 200k+ damage matches and 2k+ xp in Henri easily, sure, but I get 2.5k baseXP with <100k damage by helping DDs with the DM even more easy.

      You want to play a more "selfish" cruiser? Play another line, this just isn't for you. The difference between playstyles is why I have all tier X cruisers, not because they can all do exactly the same thing... Though I fucking hate playing the DM, it's so stupid easy to play... Worcester is going to be even worse.

  9. So a very good pre war design ship now has mediocre capabilities and has to fight post war designed ships many of which were never built and have stats based on conjecture.

    The reason these ships had good service careers is becuase they were good. Well thought out and well designed. Movving up 2 tiers and taking away from the stats is questionable. I don’t believe in upping its hp, it was a ,light cruiser, but the gun range thing kills it.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Dennis Swartz tell that to Hipper and Eugen too Or Mogami The problem of the tier 8 is the MM and not just the ships If they had good mm, even a “standard” design could work But with tier X almost always and the camping meta is just a big middle finger to all

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan Definitely agreed.

    • The reload was buffed and the turret traverse was massively buffed in moving the ship up to Tier 8.

  10. Notser, i must say you played this rather poorly, that’s not how you play radar light cruisers
    It doesn’t matter that it takes damage, your initial island selection was rather poor, then you stayed around far too long, and other mistakes.

    I know cause i play the RN line, edin onwards, with radar, and edin is basically the same as this, except edin has heal, and this has HE, you also have 6 spotter planes, use them.

    Having said that, i do agree with you that the key binding of radar consumable would trip me up aswell.

  11. John Scarborough

    Not excited about this at all, let’s hope they tweak the guns.

  12. They REALLY need to add a 1.5km range with slightly better arcs. Otherwise, Mogami will out range and solidly outgun this ship.

    • Insanitypepper
      Mogami doesn’t have radar, has 10sec gun rounds instead of 7sec of the Cleveland, higher concealment, is longer (easier to hit), bigger citadel, bad defensive AA,… I think Cleveland is more than fine compared to Mogami.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      But you don’t understand, Mogami has 15 guns. It’s better than this new Cleveland in every way. 15 guns even reduce its concealment. 15 guns means it doesn’t need radar, shells just guide themselves onto stealthed DDs. You fire your guns at the moon and some DD in the next match detonates. 152 Mogami is a blessing from the heavens. They need to give Cleveland 650mm belt armor, lower the citadel into the Mariana trench, replace each of its AA guns with an Atlanta, give infinite radar use with 20km range and tier 9 gun mods to compete.

      This might’ve been sarcasm, I got carried away… [Rant ON] The incessant whining of Sealclub Fanboys is getting so annoying. “Cleveland is fine at tier 6” Yeah, because you’re too shit to play actually balanced ships. [Rant OFF]

    • 1ctrlaltdelete1 Mogami has better practical range thanks to the better shell velocity, and is also faster so can avoid shells better. Mogami is vastly superior at range. In a duel vs Cleveland at ~14km range the Mogami will easily win. Cleveland’s strength is being able to shoot over islands better, and more utility with radar and AA.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      Same with DM vs Zao at 15km… You’re not supposed to fight things beyond your range, just like you wouldn’t fight a U.S. cruiser at close range in anything other than a German cruiser. I feel people in this comment section don’t seem to understand the power of radar, radar is too much of a power multiplier to make the “conventional” elements of a ship too powerful. Without radar, they’d give this ship 6 second reload or something.

    • @DaKillerChipmunk: As a 155 mm Mogami driver and fan, this made my day…lol
      From one who appreciates and gets your sarcasm

  13. Well, it’s not like you can hit anything with pin point accuracy past 15km range anupyway, so I think our new Cleveland gun range seems adequate for me. ( Edinburgh have more range than Cleveland, yes, but unless you are hitting BB, good luck hitting anything at your max range)

    • Mammoth Mk3 There’s nothing that prevents WG from implementing a corresponding/slight increase in shell velocity to make it all work.

    • YTPartyTonight Hmm? Velocity? You mean the old Cleveland shell velocity during CBT?

      Well I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I ask around some of my clanmate who is former CBT Tester ( Very easy to spot, since they all have Arkansas in their port), and all of them say that the whole “Cleveland have faster shell velocity during CBT” is a big, fat lie, and they would like to know who is the one spreading this rumor around. The reason for that illusion, they say, is because during CBT era ship movement is more sluggish than the current game version ( Think of it like ship accelerate and decelerate slower, slow turn time, rudder shift, etc…..), when tester complain about it, WG increase the ship response time, making them more nimble and responsive like they are today. Because of that Cleveland not have harder time hitting target with their floaty arc shell. 😉

    • Mammoth Mk3 Which part did he says implementing old cleveland velocity, he only said buff the velocity. From 792 to 806 of the royal navy would be nice. The problem with CBT clevie is the 18km range with real world speed ships as target.

    • Oh. Yeah. My bad. Misunderstanding the meaning of what he said.

      Btw, if WG want to buff velocity, they should buff the number to the current New Orleans gun level velocity. Easier to aim and hit target. 😉

    • Mammoth Mk3 I said nothing about CBT, only you. That also has nothing to do with whether WG could adjust the shell velocity. DERP.

  14. Not impressive at the moment. I dont care at all for the improved concealment. Lets talk again when Cleveland got 2km more range and a higher shell velocity, at least a little.
    Oh, another question for the devolopers: Ask them to please include a UI where you can distribute order of the available consumables for your ship more freely. Or give individual shortcuts to each of the consumables. Sucks to hit the wrong button out of habit.

    • If you give Cleveland too much gun velocity, Mogami would actually be redundant. :/ But if they buffed Cleve and Mogami… IDK what would happen… **Rainbow Intensifies**

  15. WG, this is bullshit. A ship that was already massively nerfed years ago for T6 gets moved up 2 tiers, hardly improved so in effect the net result is another nerf job. It’s obvious. Wake up.

  16. 14km range is fine when youre AT tier. But at tier 8 youre gonna see mostly tier 10s and that 14km is gonna get you deleted.

    WG logic. Game is too passive so balance ships to force them into being even more passive…

    • NagsorInaste1337

      more range would do nothing, since you can’t hit anything above 13 km other than BBs, any cruiser will just use WASD hack to dodge the shells, because they fly around the moon before they come back. when cleveland gets more range it certainly also needs more shell velocity.

  17. My God. The idiocy of this game developer is beyond words. A ship that was pretty terrible with its extremely poor range in its former match making (up to tier 8) has the same unusable crappy range at tier x. A tier where most people tend to stay as far away from the cap points as possible and snipe. Can’t wait to play tears of the cruiser with this crap.

    Even if it had smokes and torps it would still be crappy at tier x.

    • DaKillerChipmunk They are buffing the Hipper class!? Fuckin sweet! I love my Eugen but I have to push it really hard to get results.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      Reload is getting down to 11 seconds… hoped for 10 seconds, but hey it’s something. Eugen keeps its horrendous reload, but gets a heal. I loved the Hipper way back when it wasn’t butchered by powercreep.

    • DaKillerChipmunk
      One of the best tier 6 cruisers yes. A good cruiser? No, no way in hell with the current match making and throwing it into even worse mm with added dpm won’t help one bit.
      The role of Cleveland is very situational. Requires that you can push in early, find a nice cosy spot behind an island and start spamming he.
      That won’t be possible without A) backup or B) something to actually shoot at that’s in range. At tier x, good luck getting either of those in randoms.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      “One of the best tier 6 cruisers yes. A good cruiser?” In that regard, the only good cruisers are tier X. I only speak for “at its tier”.

      “The role of Cleveland is very situational” Same with every other tier8+ US cruiser.

      “At tier x, good luck getting either of those in randoms.” Lemme think of a tier 8 that’s enjoyable to play at tier X…

      … Well, can’t think of anything bigger than a DD. “But what about Kutuzov” Not if anyone on the enemy team is vaguely awake.

      Seriously, this ship will have the same issues as every other tier 8 when uptiered, this is not unique to the Cleveland.

      “Yeah, but [insert ship] can deal with it much easier than Cleveland.” *sigh* Find a US/PA DD, make him your best buddy and enjoy being top XP at bottom tier. Cleveland requiring very particular skills is no different than Mogami/Chapayev/Edinburgh/current NO/Atago getting blapped by stray AP shells and requiring fancy sailing to survive.

    • DaKillerChipmunk
      You’re missing the point. Sure, every ship is situational. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to blap a cruiser sub 14 km than sub 17 km or even 15, no matter the playstyle. At least if you’re not able to smoke up. I would rather have seen that Cleve would have kept its original dmg output but gained a wee bit of range and shell speed.

  18. manuelthegreatman

    14km firing range at T8 is straight garbage. Wargaming does realize that T8 is really common to get grouped up with T10 ships, right? Needs more range without changing anything else. Perhaps something similar to the Chapayev’s range. Also, make the shells fly faster.

  19. High-Low Trick Shots

    Has the same problem as the Atlanta. When you can engage, you are simply too close to enemies and you can’t do anything but over commit

  20. Thanks, Notser. It’s a real disappointment. WG should have left her at T6.

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