World of Warships Climbing the Ranks #1 – What Ships for Ranked (Ranks 15-1)?

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Season 4 of Ranked has started on World of Warships, do you know what ships you should be taking into battle? Find out on this episode of Climbing the Ranks! Enjoy!

Thanks to macbeth2354 for timecodes 😀
S tier ships
Nagato – 1:35
Myoko – 3:20
Budyonny – 4:10
Blyskawica/Mahan – 4:50 / 5:39
Hiryu/Saipan – 6:35 / 7:10

A tier ships
Colorado (A+ tier) – 7:55
Shchors – 9:10
Cleveland – 9:57
Kiev – 11:07
Anshan – 12:25

B tier ships
New Mexico (B+ tier) – 13:32
Fuso – 14:45
Molotov – 15:46
Indianapolis – 16:45
Sims – 17:41
Farragut – 18:35

C tier ships
Yorck – 19:00
Aoba – 19:50
Ranger – 20:38
Atlanta – 21:12
Warspite – 22:03

Trash tier ships
Any tier 5 – 22:55
Most tier 6 – 23:18
Hatsuharu – 23:50
Pensacola – 24:14

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  1. nooooo pepsicola :'(

  2. Actually I found that I did really well in the Mutsuki work really well for
    capping and keeping most of the other team spotted. Ah Mahan not so good
    lost 5 in a row as I was being spotted n couldn’t adapted to use it’s
    strengths! Hatsuharu right back to capping and spotting, won the last 4 out
    of 10 Ranked games after changing back to Japanese DD’s! Ps None of the
    Japanese DD’s has a 15 point captain! the Mahan did thou! Great work on the
    video !!

  3. The fujin dose pretty darn good.

  4. Ichase gaming u lied about the USS Sims it has an attachment for 9.2km
    torpedoes like the Mahan stop lying for once

  5. The moment when u only have the c tier ships T.T

  6. OVER ONE MILLION FUCKING DOUBLOONS!Dude, who did you blow at wargamimg?

    8- p (im kidding of course, but seriously WHO?)
    that would cost me over $6000 to buy!!!

  7. Warner Moczulski

    I would put Minekaze and Pensacola in C tier since they are good ships and
    can fight tier 7s but they can’t be the focus both have good speed and
    turning I find and usable guns for their class. Definitely not first picks
    for Tier 7 ranked, minekaze can stealth torp but can’t fight other DDs

  8. Yes please, I need to see your majestic face

  9. Nicolas 'nikoiv' Quarroz

    Nagato is SS class :v

  10. Furutaka S rank. Insane torpedobeats capability.

  11. 8:10 “tough ‘little’ ship.” Colorado is so little and adorable. :3

  12. Great info, Keep them coming.

  13. Any tier 5?? Well my Gremy will have a word with you Chase 😀 She can
    easily compete with the tier 7.

  14. great vid as always

  15. but i love my warspite ?

  16. Hey Chase, is there anything someone sailing a Myoko can do to speed up the
    turret rotation? They’re soooo slow.

  17. I really like the Nagato with secondaries build, 7.6km range(with flag) 140
    and 127 secondaries really helps to deal with most of the annoying DDs and
    CAs trying to torp me.
    In most of the matches, they do 10k more damage.

  18. lee christmasgaming

    is the s tier stuff the best or like how do the tiers work?

  19. wait what? i thought ranked was only tier 5 and 6?!!! did i miss something

  20. Thank for pointing out the Pensa is trash in ranked. I’ve been telling a
    friend this for days and he will not listen to reason. I mostly take my
    Nagato out, I randomly take Molly out and usually end up on top two exp.
    With flags she’s got a 20% fire chance (My cap is 14 pts)

  21. Captain_Dilbert

    Do you have any plans to do this for the tier V – VI ranked battles (for
    those of us who can’t play in the tier VI – VII battles)?

  22. Jaroslav Hromatka

    I’d argue Sims is better for ranked than Mahan. I’ve stood up to a lot of
    Bensons when it was T7-8 on EU without any problem whatsoever… And Benson
    is way better than Mahan. The reason? Superior manueverability and speed.
    Everything will have trouble hitting you. And say what you want about the
    5,5km torps but they are usable and you are able to rush BBs with them if
    you need to because you rarely die to one salvo and your superior speed
    43,6 knots with flag and speedboost gets you near the ship in no time at
    all. + you are able to stealthtorp ships in certain situations (yep, I’ve
    served my torps to a lot of unsatisfied customers). And if you don’t like
    the adrenaline of that, you can stealthfire at 10,6km and make anyone VERY
    ANGRY with constant fire of shells – and here comes the superior
    maneuverability to play again – almost nothing can outrun or outmaneuvre
    you… The only real adversary in T7 to Sims is the Blyska which is just
    pure awesomeness. Nothing wrong with Blyska at all 🙂 (only that I don’t
    have her and can’t afford her… 🙁 )

  23. Ross Malefactor

    I think the Colorado should be a S-tier, really the only lazy thing about
    her is her speed, the turning radius is tight to dodge torps, the AA is
    great, good armor, better ROF and a bit more stealthy than Nagato. I’ve had
    a lot of fun playing with her so far.

  24. I prefer the Pensacola over the Myoko. it’s more maneuverable, great,
    faster turning guns, and can bounce Nagato shells from the front. Myoko,
    not so much.

  25. Why are there so many idiots in ranked this season

  26. Tier 5s in Ranked can never see tier 7s. They are early ranks only. That
    said, any tier 6 is generally preferred. In my opinion the only exceptions
    are the Minekaze and the Gremyashchy. I’d take the shorter torp reload and
    extra launcher over the Mutsuki in a tier 6 game and the Gremy is basically
    an Anshan at tier 5.

    The Nicholas and Gnevny are OK, but are generally outclassed by their tier
    6 counterparts.

    Tier 5 cruisers are just too fragile. The Furutaka is probably the best for
    now, but is still outclassed by the Aoba.

    The tier 5 BBs have problems against their tier 6 counterparts. Not enough
    armor or firepower to justify them.

    You’re never going to find another tier 5 CV in the queue so don’t even
    try. Ryujo is the preferred tier 6.

  27. Kiev is the challenge is surviving trying to take a cap. And being the only
    dd in a game…

  28. Sergio Seminario

    Im the odd player. I do fairly well on the Farragut, and I think that a
    Pensacola in the right hands is an amazing ship.

  29. I climbed from 18 to 15 in Fujin so blah.

  30. Saipan with fully upgraded captain, with tier 5 skill “Air Supremacy”. It’s
    an automatic air superiority ship regardless of what you fight.

  31. Hello iChase, I am a player from the EU server. (in game name: Sea_viper)
    Since you mentioned Warspite being “soft”, I want to refer you to what I
    found lately about the module placement of Warspite.

    I really want to know whether it is “working as intended” or a mistake….

  32. Darcey Lawrence

    what port is that?? I never seen it before

  33. Uh, Ichase, I have to heavily disagree on one thing, You claim all tier 5s
    are shit tier, then… why has my gremy carried me as far as it has from a
    null start?

  34. youre trash at this game so idk why you are talking lmfao

  35. you should make the next part to add gameplay in ranks of tier S,A,B tier

  36. Hey IChanseGaming, it’s my birthday so can you wish me a happy birthday,
    it’s D-Day? Nice helpful video. P.S. Atlanta is the best! Just kidding, it
    is situational, but when that situation comes around, boy is the Atlanta
    the best.

  37. james ward-gwilliam

    ichase obviously in earlier ranks you can only have tier 5 and maybe tier 6
    so while i understand the trash tier. i would think for those earlier ranks
    ships like the gremaschy are viable considering current meta. thats my
    opinion but its better to clarify least in the earlier ranks you will have
    to use tier 5 and tier 6 ships you may not necessarily use.

  38. Chase u drunk?
    You use tier 5 on earlier rank and it’s only limited to tier 5 and 6 so you
    won’t meet tier 7 which means ships like kamikaze and Minekaze is almost
    easily S rank++

    Also this sounds like challenge, going with trash tier to rank 1

  39. No Season 4 in EU :-(

  40. Sebastian Kassem

    Who Hatsuharu is bad? Notser won’t agree with you, he loves the Hatsuharu.
    I like it too, in every game (not only ranked) you get into gunboats DD and
    you have to know how to survive. It’s a ninja gamestyle so…

  41. I hate to criticize this but the ranked groupings are 5-6 and 6-7 the
    rankings of the ships should vary depending on what tier grouping your in.
    This review does not really break down well into that grouping.

  42. Swapnil Sirdeshpande

    iChase and Notser both while talking sound a bit similar XD. Been in the
    same Division too much have you both?

  43. There is a fundamental flaw with your reasoning in that it seems it is
    based off all ranks being T5-T7 where as ranks 22-16 is T5-T6 ONLY and
    ranks 15-1 is T6-T7 ONLY. From ranks 22-16 Warspite, Farragut, New Mexico,
    T6 CVs and Minekaze variants are much much stronger than you make them out
    to be.

  44. Fernando Mernez

    iChase I think people underestimate the Yorck, well handled is a brutal
    ship. For me, is like a pocket-battleship with torpedos. Cya

  45. I can’t believe I didn’t see tier VIIs were available…. I’ve lost my
    first 6…=*(, thanks Chase, you Canadians are alright by me.

  46. Pepsicola all the way

  47. 21:27 I was actually thinking that with the tier 7 cap on current ranked
    battles, that the Atlanta, with a good captain (both in-game in terms of
    skill point skills, and as a player of the Atlanta), with the kind of setup
    I use, which includes BFT, AFT, and soon Concealment Expertise, she is an
    AMAZING fleet escort! Add in premium defensive AA, and you will probably be
    able to use it as much as 6 to 8 times in a match!

    And given that an Atlanta is not exposed to focus fire, she can be VERY
    GOOD at killing cruisers! Dealing a good 3k to 5k every 4.5 seconds with
    HE, and sometimes far more with AP versus a broadside cruiser, I STILL feel
    like, because she is so different from any other ship, that she get TOO
    much of a bad rap. Sure, she is not ideally competitive with other cruisers
    or ships of the same tier, but in the right situations, the Atlanta can do
    things that no other ship can really match.

  48. did i miss nurnberg? or did ichase missed it?

  49. this video is cancer. People dont be sheep play what you enjoy playing and
    can play well not what someone tells you what is good. And ichase i feel
    like this channel and notsers are just streamling the game and pigeonholing
    new players into playing your way cause all other ways are trash. its
    stupid and killing the game.

  50. 17:07 THANK YOU! So often I hear people saying “Indianapolis is better than
    the Molotov, because reasons!” – when, even being a tier higher she takes
    basically the same damage (and sometimes more, as that massive gap when hit
    with a BB shell often results in lots of damage and broken guns/other
    modules), and though she does a whopping 200 more AP damage on a citadel,
    and 300 HE damage, with a reload of 15 seconds, her DPM is significantly
    LOWER than the Molotov’s!

    I like Jingles and all, but I have been noticing that lately he has been
    getting so many things wrong to the point where it really frustrates me.

    In his most recent “Random Acts of Naval Violence” He shows a clip of him
    playing the Moltov, and at one point he comes around an island, almost
    fully broad to a NY, he fires HE at it, and lights it on fire RIGHT as the
    NY scores 1 citadel and about 1 to 3 regular pens as he lost around 15k HP.

    Well, he then says “Notice how I was lit on fire? The armor on the Molotov
    is just so incredibly crap, that the New York just citadeled and lit me on
    fire with an HE volley!”

    Now, if he was even lit on fire at all, that would be somewhat excusable,
    after all the NY’s secondaries could have scored a lucky hit at the same
    time he was hit with main gun AP and lit him on fire, EXCEPT…

    I then rewound the video a good 4 times, and it was obvious as hell that
    not only did the NY NOT light him one fire, but had had not been on fire
    for a MINIMUM OF 2 minutes before that New York nailed him with AP (which
    he did survive, which is how I am CERTAINLY he was not on fire) – As never
    at any point in that engagement did ANY of the fire warnings, not the
    noise, not the crew voices, not the BIG fire symbol, not even the fire
    emblems over the ship HP bar, show up even for a microsecond! AND he was
    using non-premium damage control, which was not on cool down at any point
    for at least 2 minutes BEFORE AND AFTER this New York had “Supposedly”:
    “Citadeled him and lit him on fire with HE shells from the main guns,
    because Molotov’s armor is JUST that crap!”

    Sorry, Jingles, but it is your situational awareness that is “just that

    Lol, sorry for the rants.

  51. 16:42 I don’t understand when people say thing like “Molotov can die if a
    BB looks at it the wrong way” When that is true ONLY if you are showing
    decent side!

    From heavy angles or neutral, I have yet to take citadel damage from even
    Battleship shells – which makes the Molotov basically like every other
    cruiser in that regard. Sure the citadel zone is a little long, being the
    length of the two smokestacks, but the actual citadel hit box is BARELY
    above water at all.

    Obviously a broadside Molotov is an easy target, easier than some other
    crusiers. But that alone doesn’t make her somehow a very much easier target
    to kill than other crusiers. She is CERTAINLY stronger in terms of armor
    that the Nurnberg, and same for the Omaha/Murmansk/Marblehead, same for the
    Kirov, and not TOO far off from the Aoba.

  52. hhe Nagato with 15 point captain here ;)

  53. Am I done if All my ship are trash?

  54. I guess I requested this video in a way. I was lucky and trudged my way to
    rank 10 mostly with the Kiev, Myoko, Nagato, and Sims with my Benson
    captain. Wanted to try the Budyonny, but the Captain is no where near
    ready. This is a great video, everyone can learn something from this.

  55. K never wisper again mkay. kinda creepy sounds like a crazy stalker

  56. 5:52 Good choice Chase!

    If you had said anything other than Mahan, we would have some REAL
    problems, buddy! XP

    But seriously, I do LOVE the Mahan! Almost as much as I love my Blyskawica
    – particularly I LOVE how the Mahan can launch 8 torpedoes which travel
    9.2km to one side, then turn and launch 4 more!

    And of course I also quite like the USN DD guns! People can complain about
    shell speed all they want, I really like them, and due to their high RoF, I
    have little issue landing shells on targets 14km off when hiding in
    offensive smoke!

  57. 4:28 Just wondering, but seeing as you are comparing the tier 7 Myoko with
    the tier 6 Budyonny, well, why not the Schorchs?

    Legitimate question, as Schorchs has 12 guns, instead of 9, is a tier 7,
    and well, at least as far as I am aware, is pretty much just a better

  58. 3:46 “Whiskey Sake” as it is called here in the west, is generally FAR
    STRONGER than most Vodkas!

    My mother works at a company that exports incredibly expensive and accurate
    optical equipment to Japan, and has had conversations with many Japanese
    businessmen as a result. Well, in one such conversation, alcohol was a
    topic, and when my mother had explained that MOST alcohol in America is 40%
    to 50% (80 to 100 proof) – this man just laughed and said he would send us
    some “REAL” Whiskey!

    2 weeks later, we get a bottle of distilled Sake, some really top shelf
    stuff too (IIRC when I did yen to USD conversion, it was around $115 for a
    750ml bottle) – well, you know what % alcohol it was? Yeah, 80 PERCENT, 160

    And I can hear some people now saying “but Everclear!” well, for one, that
    is illegal in most states, and for another, I can tell you from experience
    with Everclear as well as this AMAZING sake, that I had NEVER before or
    since, EVER tasted any Distilled Liquor that was so incredibly smooth and
    easy to drink!

    Aaand, I had blacked out before the bottle was even half emptied, and mind
    you, there were a good 8 people drinking from said bottle of amazing sake!

  59. Morgan “NemoKeine”

    what about the Gremyaschy? if you have to bring a T5 for the lower ranks I
    would think it would be one of the stronger ones, especially if you can
    drop a good captain in it.

  60. Wat about the tier VI Nurnberg?

  61. Hey Chase, Maybe you can help me with this. What makes the Clevland so
    good. it has the same caliber as a Omaha. And is close to firepower in the
    German Tier 6 ship. I know its a fun ship but what really makes it so good.
    I find that the Speed velocity is s real downside for me

  62. If I’ll notice Saipan spam I’ll pick my Cleveland with 200 AA dps @ 7.2 km
    Played BB last time I participated in ranked and want to make things a bit
    more interesting.
    Wish I had good DD captains.

  63. Have Never played ranked but I think from talking to players who have that
    MM is the deciding factor. If you get teammates that does not play for the
    team it is very hard to win because 7 Vs 6 is far worse then 12 Vs 11 for

  64. Sees cleveland.

  65. Well, answer can be summed up as this:
    Whatever ship you want to sail.

  66. As mentioned, you should have separated into the two different sets of
    ranks. If your rank allows only to T6, then New Mexico, Fuso, Warspite,
    Anshan, Cleveland, Budyonny, Aoba, are viable as top tier. Fujin, Kamikaze
    R, Minekaze can work (if they have a 15-pt captain). Honorable mention:
    Gremy, which only a few people have, but should have been included in the

  67. So yeah.. I made this list of ships with timestamps (see full comment
    below) so it’s easier to skip in the video to your particular ship of
    interest. Not that the whole video isn’t worth watching, but I will get
    back to it when playing 😀
    Thanks +iChaseGaming for the video (in hindsight I shouldn’t have sold my
    Cleveland for the Pensa). I wonder if I can get the ARP Myoko in ranked,
    since I sold my regular one and only have the Mogami. Or any Arpeggio ship
    for that matter, since I don’t have the regular Nagato either, only the
    colorful ones 😀

    S tier ships
    Nagato – 1:35
    Myoko – 3:20
    Budyonny – 4:10
    Blyskawica/Mahan – 4:50 / 5:39
    Hiryu/Saipan – 6:35 / 7:10

    A tier ships
    Colorado (A+ tier) – 7:55
    Shchors – 9:10
    Cleveland – 9:57
    Kiev – 11:07
    Anshan – 12:25

    B tier ships
    New Mexico (B+ tier) – 13:32
    Fuso – 14:45
    Molotov – 15:46
    Indianapolis – 16:45
    Sims – 17:41
    Farragut – 18:35

    C tier ships
    Yorck – 19:00
    Aoba – 19:50
    Ranger – 20:38
    Atlanta – 21:12
    Warspite – 22:03

    Trash tier ships
    Any tier 5 – 22:55
    Most tier 6 – 23:18
    Hatsuharu – 23:50
    Pensacola – 24:14

  68. What about the Minekaze? Sure the torps don’t have the longest range, but
    it’s concealment os so good, you can get down battleship’s throats with it
    without them knowing

  69. Kamikaze/Fujin is very good for T5/T6 battles.

  70. let me guess the port you are in is premium :P

  71. Philip Hewitt II

    “S” tier…iChase, what the heck is that? Why not tier A, B, C, D, E? LOL

  72. ichase, I think the only exception i would make to as tier 5 is the
    gremyaschy for people who have it, since it is a tier 7 in tier 5 numbering

  73. I played my hatsu 5 times yesterday and was the top scorer on my team 3 of
    those 5. The other 2 results weren’t awesome, but they were respectable.

  74. Sorry Chase but my only ship above tier 5 is the Hatsu.

  75. Lolz you called the Myokos concealment “amazing” and called the Yorcks
    concealment “meh” although they are very similar…

  76. its it wrong that I like my nagato far more then my amagi

  77. what about a minekaze? find it better than mutsuki

  78. Pompílio Souto

    I agree that the Ranger probably won’t do well in ranked, given the more
    compact formations teams travel in, but it can do so much in a regular
    random battle (with strike spec of course).

  79. Sorry, but I cannot agree that all tier 5 are trash. Gremyashchy wrecks
    faces in ranked. She is almost as good as Blyskawica, and being 2 tiers
    lower she gets better matchmaking. Good, torps, guns, speed, stealth… she
    has everything going for her to be at least A tier imo.

  80. Good video! iChase for president! :D


    what can you earn in these battles

  82. I cannot get out of Rank 15, and here’s why:

    I don’t own any Tier 7 ships.

    If you don’t play the meta, you are banging your head against the wall.
    Heed the advice I have seen many times, do NOT try to level up your ships
    in Ranked play. You either get carried and are useless and get better
    experience in Random Battles. Once you pass Rank 15, if you don’t have T7,
    don’t bother frustrating yourself or your teammates. It’s saturated with
    Molotovs (Your real T8 as a T6 PTW), Myokos, Nagatos, Mahans, Blys, and

    My major complaint is that this proves that Tiers need to be locked out
    particularly for Ranked play. Why? Because even bad players will win if
    they are facing good players in Tier 6 ships. The margin of error to make
    up for sloppy play is razor thin and a Tier 6 cannot compete. No… they
    can’t. The advantage is just too big of a margin.

    Cleveland is a T8? not since the nerf gives us pop fly shells that take 1-3
    weeks for delivery. God help you if you try to take an Aoba or Mustsucky or

    Can’t say you’re wrong about your assessment either iChase. Helpful video
    but some people are gonna be very frustrated with how tight and clinical
    the meta is.

  83. ichase you do realize that under rank 15 you are restricted to tier 5 and 6

  84. Sold most of my ships below tier 8 waiting for ranked with 6-8 tier
    range… fml man

  85. Hey Chase you forgot the Indianapolis

  86. I will bring my Pensacola and i will grind my way to nr. 1!

  87. christopher tucker

    thanks chase. I didn’t know ranked was back up 🙂 will defo give it ago to
    get at least rank ten for the flag

  88. Vladimir Efimov

    Never played Ranked, but I’ll give it a try, sounds fun even though I’m
    still relatively noob in this game (my highest tier ship right now is a
    Fletcher). I don’t have the regular Myoko anymore, can I use ARP ships in
    ranked battles?

  89. Finally! Thanks Chase!

  90. oh wow… I just sold all my T7 for T8 so I’m gonna just die in my Atlanta
    and have an unfun time in my Saipan 🙁 even though my avg DMG in it is 99k,
    all the planes will fall from the sky from all these recent AA buffs

  91. Raven Coldheart

    iChase, you should have started with the Shit-Tiers…

  92. btw how about Kamikaze R?

  93. My personal experince in ranked since the starting ranks is 5-6 warspite
    and i have a replay to prove it but she houlds her own top tier has great
    guns and secoundaires and turns very well. However it is a ship you gotta
    know how to use and once you start fighting 7s change to 7s XD

  94. What kind of captain skill are you running on the Nagato? More of a
    standard build, or a secondary build? Also yes, had a Mutsuki in like 50%
    of my games today and it made me cry every time.

  95. No love for the Benson Chase?

    I’m wondering about my Murmansk for the rank 22-16! What do you guys
    reckon? I have a Blys if I progress lol!

  96. 3:37 best joke ever :V

  97. First you need to own the ship and I assume most players won’t have 15
    Skill Commanders. In my case I would play the Blyskawica its not topped off
    but has key commander skills, good added tech and its a nice torpedo
    gunboat for my DD of choice. Then the Warspite for a BB. For cruisers I
    only have one Tier 7 that’s the Atlanta but would consider the Omaha its
    not fancy but would be workable.

  98. The Cleveland as A Tier after the 0.5.3 nerfs? I don’t think so. Her
    turrets turn so slow, she can’t keep them on target while turning.

  99. How about bringing the Minekaze? Not stealthy enough to torp?

  100. For the early 5-6 matches I’m wondering what would be best: 15 point
    Minakaze, 14 point Mutsuki or lower skilled Farragut?

  101. Garrett Van Cleef

    How do you get 1,000,000 dubloons?

  102. Ya know, I’m really not fond of the Cleveland. That shell velocity is a
    killer when trying to hit anything that’s maneuvering at range. In every
    other way it’s awesome, but the need to close to medium range to deal
    reliable DPM is damned painful.

  103. Cleveland? After the gun nerf? You must be mad. IT can only hit slow
    moving close ships that aren’t paying attention.
    I question your DD selection since they are only viable with 15 skill
    captains. Gunboats are a decent option, clearly, but they suck for area
    denial, which the IJN ships are actually fair at doing (Mine or Hatsu,
    obviously) I know they suck against gunboats, but if you are in that
    position, you screwed up.

  104. Good video, up until the end. There are 2 separate tier ranges 5-6 for
    ranks 20 through 16 and 6-7 for ranks 15 through 1. so tier 5’s cannot see
    tier 7’s, ever.

    for the lower ranks where tier 6 is max things are significantly different.

    I know you gave the disclaimer at the start, but it should be noted that a
    ship you are good with and have a good captain for are better than ships
    you don’t like playing and don’t have a good captain for. for example, I
    don’t like the nagato and don’t have a good captain for it, so I would much
    rather use my 16 skill sims.

    A little surprised at a few of the ranks, indy for sure. but I was glad you
    explained the reasons why you gave them the rank you did.

  105. After trying a few Ranked Battles and reading comments here on YouTube, on
    Reddit and on the official forums… I’ve come to the conclusion that
    Ranked Battles are almost as much fun as DIY dental surgery. Almost. I play
    for fun, and there’s absolutely nothing about this that even remotely
    resembles fun. Nope, it’s about e-peens, ego and non-stop whining in chat.

  106. I would like to add for the Myoko, she can be a all rounder ship, her AP
    shell is good . AA is average but enough to wave away planes and so on.
    Speed (ase chase said in the vid) and maneuverability is excellent. And
    decent armor to finish it off.

  107. Why on God’s good earth would iChase ignore the Gremyashchy for ALL of the
    Why is iChase uninformed that the first 1/4 of Ranked battles is ONLY tier
    5 and 6, and then (from rank 16 down) is where his (You’ll see tier 7’s)
    entire guidepost for this video is derived??
    Top tip to all: Ranked battles is ONLY tier 5 and 6 from Rank 22 to Rank
    16. Once you reach rank 15, you can’t even BRING a tier 5 ship, and only
    THEN is this guide relevant – at which point I’d follow it closely.

  108. Hi chase can you do some videos about the lower rank battles ASAP, like
    which ship to choose in tier 5-6 games, play style, strategy and captain
    skill with 9-12 points? I really hope you could do the low rank first so
    that people can go through it quickly.

  109. Still can’t get the logic behind calling warship a “she”. Molotov a “she”,
    Bismarck ? Really ? What feminine treats those ships or men had ?

  110. Can’t agree this rank that much,Budyonny?come to, no tier 6 ships should be
    needed into this kind of S tier ships list. Mahan ? should be in B tier
    ships with Sims .or Sims in A ,mahan in B.Oh, and Hatsuharu is not a good
    gun boat ,but her gun is not bad,she is a
    trash tier ship? I don’t think so .York and Indianapolis should be a good
    choise, if you don’t have myoko, both of they should be brought to A tier
    ,at least B+ tier .Trash tier shipShchors in A?even Pensa is better than

  111. George Tselepis

    what about the numberg… its so unnoticable Chase didnt even mention it xD

  112. Given a choice between the Mahan and the Polish DD, which would you choose?

  113. I’ve got tier S BB, CA and DD. But I have to grind my Yorck. Sorry my
    future teammate 🙁 hope you could carry

  114. Ive been using my independence and ive been doing very good in almost every

  115. I hate to be a wet blanket here, especially since I like iChase’s videos a
    lot, but this isn’t really relevant to the rank battles.

    Ranked players start at Tiers 5 & 6, so iChase’s ranking system does not
    help all that much. Yes, a tier 5 ship won’t do so well against a tier 7,
    but the tier 5’s will never meet them. And you can’t use a Myoko (or Yourk,
    etc.) at the beginning either. I was hoping to see recommendations specific
    to the first round, and then a separate set for the second round, not an
    overall evaluation of ships that ignores their roles specific to the

    Again, I love what iChase does, I just think this does not measure up to
    his own very high standard.

  116. Tazuren Savu'len

    The Pensacola detection by sea: 15.7 km
    Main battery range: 14.7km
    The hell?

  117. psssshhhhh, T7 hipper for life!

  118. Y is the Fuso and new mex are b teir

  119. Dude i hate having to watch people who should not be playing ranked battles
    taking my stars into their hands, a fuso goign full broad side to 2 enemy
    warspites and getting blown to bits, or a DD chasing some ship way outta
    the play area, or cruisers and BBs hiding behind islands half a map away
    from the action. its drivingh me nuts. I normally dont care. I get my xp
    and its whatever but omg some people should get outta ranked if they dont
    even have basic skills.

  120. Thickwarrior512

    I just got my hatsu today :(

  121. eh ive been using my T5 Texas and T6 Warspite both of which might not be
    great for ranked but they are not shit list material. i rather play a ship
    i enjoy playing vs playing one i hate and still loose.

  122. Only one niggle I have. The Gremmyaschy. In ranked tiers 5-6, with a good
    captain on it, makes it a very good ship to use early on. Great guns that
    haven’t been nerfed and stealth torping. I’m still bummed theirs no tier 8
    as I built up a bunch of tier 8 ships in the off season and now I’m
    like…oh, I need to buy back some tier 7’s and/or work on those that I did

  123. From when to when the ranked battles are disposible

  124. This is my First season in Ranked playing WoWs I’m still in the tier V and
    VI I’ve been playing my New Mexico, and Aoba as they are the only tier VI
    ships I have unlocked still besides my independence and I havent had ANY
    luck as a CV in ranked. I have had the Most success in my New Mexico with
    Ichase’s helpful videos on angling armor even in a loss I am usually top of
    the list on experience. Of course always having AP loaded unless its a 4 DD
    enemy team I can citadel anything i come across and have gotten several
    High Caliber awards. The only time I seem to really chew on a fat one in
    these battles is when all the cruisers go running after 1 ship and then I’m
    getting torped by 2 enemy DD”s constantly. Cruiser captains STAY in range
    of your BB’s. 🙂 The accuracy, damage potential and durability of the New
    Mexico is just awesome and if you watch Ichase’s aiming guides and captains
    academy videos the newer player should find this ship to be the most fun in
    these battles. Just my two cents great vid as always and good luck in the
    future Chase :)

  125. I’ve been playing this game for close to a year, and have just gotten my
    second 15 skill point captain (now on Kagero and Shimakaze). Just claiming
    that ‘of course you’ll have a 15 point captain’ is a bit rich. I do have a
    Mahan, but the best I can do is 10 points. I could grind for the Myoko
    (currently have 44k XP on the Aoba), then reskill one of my DD captains for
    her. Or I could do what I do now and bring a lower skilled captain to the

  126. I got top in a Minekaze twice though…

  127. what about the gremansy

  128. N3V3R FORGOTT3N

    100% atlanta to rank 1 :)

  129. Michele Di Matteo

    i’ll probably use my myoko and my cleveland, i’m not very confident with my
    other tier VI-VII

  130. coincidally also a good guide to which premium ships you should buy and
    which not ;-)

  131. Dis agree with the chose of New Mexico tier. The first season of ranked.
    The NM dominated most battlefields

  132. Welp, I guess im just really lucky with my Kamikaze R. Won like 5 games in
    a row with that thing. Yes, Mahans do have the guns, but them my torps
    magically hit them, they gun na die.

  133. Kopa Hitlerious

    Let’s just say that my first 2 battle in ranked with pepsi-cola (first time
    playing) got me 70K damage, 1st place on losing team.

    Disco ball stealth range is really crap, though.

  134. Thickwarrior512

    Do you actually grind ships or actually play the line or do u just use the
    ships that you all have with your 1mil doubloons and free xp

  135. I’ve seen a few people do stunningly well with Kamikaze. Granted that is
    low ranks, but I figure if you’ve got one and you’re great with it, could
    be a fast track option to rank 15.

  136. I used the Cleveland for about 9 battles. it was shit. then I bought the
    new mexico again and promptly murdered everything in the next 4 battles.

  137. Honestly, this is why I stopped playing. The fact that top tier ships can
    be considered so bad that they’re worthless shows how poorly balanced this
    game can be at times. A well-balanced game would see all tier 7s as around
    A, all tier 6s around B or C, and all tier 5s at C or trash, simply because
    they’re out-tiered. That way, you can have a fun and interesting time and
    be reasonably successful if you’re reasonably skilled no matter what ship
    you bring. Instead, we get (on the extreme end, and out of the purview of
    this video) Montana vs Yamato, which is literally no competition, Yamato
    wins every time unless he’s stupid.

  138. Imo, Hatsuharu is straight up better than Mutsuki. Admittedly that is not
    saying much, but Hatsu at least have some guns. Mutsuki does not. Neither
    of them really have torpedoes worth anything. Neither can outrun a fast
    gunboat. Neither can take it.

    They do have one odd quality however: Because they suck such a wide variety
    of balls, they both get massive bonuses to base XP. This means that while
    you are a drag on your team, you will be top of your team for less effort.

  139. Interesting, I ran thru the T6 part of Ranked yesterday with my Ognevio and
    Molotov and loved them. I’ll be rolling Blys, Shchors and Colorado, sorry
    iChase. btw, my Shchors eats Myokos up, I was sure you would be
    recommending it. Thanks!

  140. imo the fuso’s rate of fire makes it A tier. it kills destroyers
    efficiently. it is more accurate too.

  141. You didn’t mention that in the earlier ranks, you can only use tier 5 or 6.

  142. I have only been using tier V ships (I have no ships higher than that
    atm)in the past two days, and I have not been in a game with tier VIIs yet.
    The match making might be different than you think. Unless I’ve been stupid
    lucky lol

  143. can you share those doubloons? lol, I’m not joking! :D

  144. i think i’m taking the nurny and then the yorck/nagato

  145. Guess will be seeing tonnes of Blyskawicas once the ranked season starts in
    the Asia server in addition to them Myokos which are everywhere.

  146. i bring the kongo 32 knts with Sierra Mike and have owned so many Fuso s

  147. Nagato v Colorado…30% more hit points

  148. haha, concielment expert … haha, a joke right? im amazed how this can be
    done in less than a year.

  149. I spent the whole day grinding to rebuy the Nagato today for ranked lol

  150. Chase for ur nautical fails series do episodes with montages of failed
    torpedo runs and RNG hating people and dumb people doing and/or saying dumb
    stuff. That’d be so funny to watch :D. Also still waiting for the face
    reveal :P

  151. really Atlanta tier c no Atlanta is tier s

  152. Hello everyone

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