World of Warships Climbing the Ranks #3 – Land of Fire Strategy

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Land of Fire map, 2 caps, which one to go for? On this episode of Climbing the Ranks, I talk a little about Land of Fire strategy and explain why one cap rules them all.


  1. What do you do if you are in a BB and they push 1 or 2 DDs to B? I would
    assume you would not go into the cap but hang around and wait for your DDs
    and cruisers to root them out.

  2. Nerf Islands lol, A good spot for Atlanta you found there

  3. Yea. I was in a DD yesterday in ranked, chased a BB got the kill but lost
    the game. Major brain fart on my part

  4. I am suprised how bad WOWS players are on the tactical sense of maps and
    class play. Top misconceptions i see over and over again:
    1. Lets all stick together
    2. BBs kill CLs, CLs kill DDs and DDs kill BBs.
    3. Lets focus one cap
    4. Carriers are for doing damage

    The actual top tips are:
    1. Contest the hole map, use DDs to get cap points advantage and then just
    2. DDs contest caps, cruisers support and BBs snipe/absorb damage
    3. Dominate the center don’t hurdle together in one corner
    4. Carrier spot and help our DDs winning the DD fight

    One good example is New Dawn, where north team always goes for cap A, but
    never realize that this is the easiest cap to contest by both sides cause
    there is an f”’king island in the cap, in E5 square. North team as more
    cover attacking south then enemies. Both teams should focus B. But instead
    people go where majority is used to go.

  5. The thing about people heading to A is because usually due to BB spawn
    points. If both side push for B the side that have BB spawn further usually
    find themselves losing ships before the BBs managed to get into range, the
    match would be decided in less than 5 minutes of the game.

  6. your strategy works most of the time, because that is exactly the same
    strategy I adpot, but sometimes, the Dd are too stupid, and rush to A,
    after B……..and their DD just challenge the cap with smoke and torp with
    some long distance fire support, and there is nothing a big ship could do
    without detecting it . The thing is A can be captured before B, so it is
    also a bad idea to All in at B, because if the enemy team have kiev to A,
    and they def around the island on the other side of A and in their respawn,
    ships in B can’t really move out. The thing about ranked is that we have to
    scout all cap. I saw many times that a team went all in for a single cap,
    yes they would early cap advantage, BUT if it is a 3 cap map, they will
    always lose if both team are evenly match in skills. and if it is two cap,
    if the DD are any good, delaying the all-in cap will allow its friend to
    cap the other cap, and hence the all-in team still lose a cap. This is the
    same situation for the map North, A is a heavily guarded cap, and the gap
    is too small for any ship to turn around except DD. however whoever took A,
    they will hold it for a long time, because it is heavily guarded. If the
    RNG want to fuck you up and respawn all of you team at A in land of fire, I
    would recommend take A anyway, with 1-2DD and a CA but no more and never
    stay in BB firing range. because it is closing and you get more ship on A,
    and you will cap it faster than enemy team cap B, then just play the
    waiting game, waiting until B cap ships move out and shoot them up or wait
    until your cap counter goes to 1000 before theirs. The thing about capping
    is, if their team decide to send a DD to cap A to stop your counter, the A
    cap team need at least have vision for that DD from two different side,
    losing a ship in ranked will have a different of 90points(-30, and +60).
    then the game will become a sport to see which team kill the enemy DDs
    first!. I reckon both cap A and cap B is competitive, assuming both team
    knows what they should do in each cap. But the best formation for the fleet
    for both cap is different. For B cap team, they should stick to line ahead,
    while the A cap team should have double line, around and behind A cap.

    also I saw many mistake that a team made is putting the BBs together. BBs
    want the broadside of the enemy, putting the BBs together restricted their
    movement and they can’t angle against two different BBs shooting from two
    direction. What’s more, if the enemy DD are IJN, those trash tier DD, with
    long distance torp, they could still force your Bb to turn and give a
    broadside to at least one of its Bb. There are many naive player in ranked
    that hold the simple strategy of concentrate fire and stick together. In my
    honest opinion, i think you don’t have to stick together, but have to at
    supporting range, for T7 that is DD to CA about 6-10km, CA to BB about
    7-15km, DD to BB no more than 15km. With these distance between ships
    concentrate fire is still possible without putting all the targets together
    for enemy to take a easy aim

  7. yup, suicidal DDs are annoying. Had one DD went to chase down a BB, got
    double team’ed by enemy and dead. Luckly our cruiser and other DD weren’t
    that dumb and capped instead. It was 3 Hatsuharus(Our team) vs 3
    Blyskawicas for DD

  8. Great Info. Keep them coming.

  9. i made it to rank 10… and i cant do it anymore 😀 its just epic pain

  10. So what about CV players on this map, there not getting much love no more,
    just park behind a iland and send out your planes? or what tacics should
    they do on this map, DD do have a big roll to pla on this map i can see. So
    Does the CV player go huntting DD? or spotting?

  11. Good luck getting top XP if you do nothing but contest caps in a DD.

  12. I have finally made it to rank 19 after 59 battles on ranks 20-22

  13. is the north cap still favored like last season?

  14. do you know how many times I’ve been out voted by team for A and we need to
    move as a group? too damn many

  15. I totally agree with your plan, but you have played Rank and I’m at rank
    10, but some of the teams out there just don’t or wont listen. Or you get
    the players that just bought the Indianapolis, Blyswichka, and have never
    played in it, or go and sits behind a island no where near the battle.

  16. Again, this should be required viewing for all players in ranked battles.

  17. It is very rare that a team works like this… I have done 80 to 100k
    damage in my BB in many ranked games and still lost as the rest of the team
    chases ships to the corners of the map. :(

  18. I really needed this excellent information. YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE OF THESE
    (or just increase your uploads ^^). Otherwise good guide! Keep these vids

  19. Sebastian Kassem

    That enemy Nagato got AFK cause the server logger him out… See the guns
    position like that in the beginning of the battle. I had some friend that
    got such AFK on random battle and he finally entered it again but the whole
    time he was just standing like that Nagato.

  20. OldSchool Gaming

    iChase, how do you spec youre Nagato in Ranked?

  21. chase i had a match on land of fire which came down to CV vs CV we were 300
    points ahead and about to win all our CV had to do was run but he went
    straight at the enemy CV and died as our points were at 999……… some
    players man some players

  22. i love these videos as I love strategy, however, don’t all these plans and
    tactics require a team working together? if so, well, then it’s just a
    question of good luck matchmaking

  23. sergiu nicolaescu

    And what about CV? Any tips for a CV on this map?

  24. iChase, do you aim and fire your leads based on the numbers on the reticle,
    or more of a gut feeling?

  25. Nooooooooo!! You gave out my secret tactic that I teach my team. Great now
    I actually have to contest B now :P.

  26. Just had a team on Atlantic who seemed to have watched this video, we tried
    the same thing there and it worked perfectly. Total one-sided victory.

  27. ichase i need advise on how to go above rank 18.I play in my kongos, i get
    1 to 3 kills per match but my team always fails badly.What should i do?

  28. Yesterday i played half of my battles in land of fire with my atlanta which
    is a beast in cap b but my teammates decided every time to go A so i was
    forced to stay with them and after they call me a noob because i was behind
    them and only supported with fire . And after i managed to make 4 kills
    with atlanta at A point they still called me a noob because they was
    charging like idiots the enemies and died after . So i like ranked but what
    is wrong with some people ?

  29. Hi Chase, so I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do captains
    academy video on weather effects once 5.7 drops. As in go through tactics
    and strats for each class of ship and how to play them with dynamic
    weather. This is because I have been having trouble as I am mainly a BB
    player, and it feels like a BB nerf to me. Anyway thanks for considering
    the idea

  30. But hey! You know, I’ve done A and I’ve won that before.

  31. stuck at 16, win one lose one win one lose one

    going no where and getting bored

  32. In the last season of ranked I abused those islands which you mention in
    the B cap with my battleship and I have had a lot of battles on this map
    (as it was being given by MM pretty often) and I would like to share
    something I observed in the many battles I had and pretty much learned the
    hard way

    You actually have to look at what your team is doing and how it is
    performing and based on that you should make the call weather to get behind
    the island or not. The reason is the following – as a BB player you also
    have to tank some damage for your team and when you are behind an island
    you can not do that.

    So if your teammates are not good at avoiding enemy shells they will melt
    pretty quickly, which then will leave you in a situation where not only you
    have to start moving to the caps, but also you will probably be one of the
    few targets left alive for them to shoot and on top of that they will
    probably have spread out well enough so they can attack you from multiple

    If you see that your cruisers for example are often giving their sides and
    taking unnecessary risks you should try to get the enemy to shoot at you,
    because a semi decent battleship captain with a bit of angling and
    zigzaging would be able to reduce most of the damage he takes, which in the
    long run would benefit both you and your team. If you see that your
    opponent knows what he is doing and is landing shots reliably, by all means
    abuse the cover. My point is though that getting your BB behind an island
    will not always be the best choice.

  33. Hope this talks for southern teams to go B.
    hopefully DDs do start smoking for the team. had 3 DDs smoke in A at the
    same time…

  34. Beta cap – not Bravo cap…
    Because Math > Military!

  35. I got to rank 10 and now I don’t know what to do. Everyone is just too

  36. this is why ranks is broken,. i spend the first five minutes trying to
    convince people to not be at A. i mean why didn’y they balance the caps?? A
    is in the middle of the map. why did they do that?. and the spawns omg.
    dumbasss shit. ranks is the most irritating gaming experience i’ve had in
    years. will not be doing it again

  37. Thank you for this one.

    I would really like to see strategy for Atlantic. This is the map I have
    little clue what to do. Pushing from one side to the other, sweeping all
    oposition is what I usually do, but there may be some other options.

  38. Please do for the Atlantic and Northern Lights/North…

  39. My problem with Land of Fire in ranked is how the spawns are. The North
    spawn is more spread out while the south spawn is tight and the south spawn
    of ships are way closer to A cap. When playing from the south I’ve seen
    teams push A then turn toward B and wreck the north spawn as they sail to
    A. But then a team that groups up and focus fires targets will generally do
    better than a team that doesn’t.

  40. Alexander Nenninger

    Moar please. Actually after trying it I found the Mutsuki with torp
    acceleration great for area denial on the lower ranks since that’s
    something no oher ship can do. And sometimes you can get one or two lucky
    hits on cruisers….

  41. only downside on b is that if enemy DD manages to sneak up, there is too
    much cover for it to spamtorp and still be safe.
    the enemy DD didn’t realize they can go around flanks which they didn’t,
    and their BB broadsiding like a paddle even though they were eating more
    than alerting amount of damage that a ninja BB was firing AP at their juicy

  42. There is a problem with the maps, they encourage you to play they match
    Maori like a tank match not a naval match. This replay proves it.

  43. Kazeshini Hasagi


  44. Nice tutorial, I just unlocked rank 15, this video has a perfect timing :)

  45. That Nagato gave up.

  46. I stuck on rank 15, do 100k dmg every battle, but habe shitty teams….with

  47. Second

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