World of Warships: Close Range Duels

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Cool looking close pass duels in ranked between Amagi vs Bismarck and Chapayev vs North Carolina.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Soviet cruiser Chapayev and tier 8 Japanese battleship Amagi in ranked.


  1. His Majesty King George V

    How close is close?

  2. EDIT: Sub 1km citadeling a German BB. After watching the slow mo replay and comparing to the ribbons appearing, I guess it’s because you are close enough to pen the turtle back since the initial 4 shell hits results in 3 overpens and 1 citadel.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      ofi123 I suppose we can agree that the 4th shell managed to hit than red underwater hull and hit the citadel…

    • I am not sure of this. If there’s no explosion animation for underwater penetration than it’s not possible, but if there is then maybe since 1 of the 2 shells hitting the middle looks low. Though the easier way is to look at the replay as see where the shells hit.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Look… It wasn’t an underwater penetration… Underwater penetrations don’t exist in this game…
      It’s impossible to citadel a German Battleship point blank – because of 60 degree autobounce and the flat trajectory of the shells hitting the 68 degree turtleback. Yeah we can both agree the dipping effect – when he aimed low – but it would still not be sharp enough – to hit the turtleback below 60 degrees, causing it to bounce (all thanks to German battleships being shielded by a 60 degree auto bounce mechanic… 

      It just struck the specific area of the ship – with no armour – and went straight for the citadel… – because this supposedly “underwater hull” was exposed to the Amagi – cause the Bismarck was turning towards him… 
      Like I said earlier here are examples of German battleships – being struck on their exposed underwater belts (for turning towards the players) – resulting in citadel hits…

    • You know you just invalid your own argument?
      “It’s impossible to citadel a German Battleship point blank” – he just citadel at <0.5km
      1 of the videos you link is at range. The other is when the BB is clearly turning enough to show the part below the turtle back, which in this case the BB isn't turning hard enough to show.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Personally I would say he was turning enough to show… hence the citadel at point blank. Aeroon managed to struck that exposed lower hull… Ok look at 4:04 and pause it… Look at the aft of the Bismarck – you can see a trail of bubbles on the right side of the ship (cause he was turning right towards the amagi). At 4:18 – it is clear that the Bismarck was turning towards him as they passed – as the bubble trail is shifting to the right side of the ship.

      That Zao – that manage to citadel a Kurfurst at range – was because that Kurfurst was turning towards the Zao… At 14km I doubt that Zao’s AP – can pen both the 380mm belt and the 150mm turtleback…. Instead – it must have struck the underwater hull (where there is no armour) – hitting directly the thin 60mm citadel…

  3. gives me a pirates of the caribbean feel

  4. *Don’t mess with not-good-guy Aerroon after he f*cks that sh*t*

  5. excellent work, I saw this in stream yesterday, just great.

  6. The forward guns aren’t aiming right in the replay 😛

  7. Just goes to prove that even if you can’t hit an island you can still hit the citadel of a close range bismark!

  8. 4:02 – I’m impressed with this camera.

  9. How do you do that at 4:03 ?

    • I opened the replay, got to the right spot in the match. I slowed the speed down with End/Delete, unlocked the camera with Right Ctrl + Right Shift + Backspace. I moved the camera into position and then recorded.

    • Ah ty, it would be cool if you can do it in game

  10. in my amagi i killed a yamato like you XD

  11. That was a wonderful broadside pass. Awesome fireworks. I saw another video few weeks ago from another youtuber where he brawl with 3 Bismarcks. Killed 2 of them only just because a DD came in and crashed the party by torping the Amagi before he could finish off the 3rd one. 1 of  the Bismarck was actually sunk just by his secondaries as he focused on the other Bismarck with his main guns.

  12. I really like the crooked front turrets barrels of the Amagi at 4:32

  13. did that in missouri vs izumo 90% to 0 🙂

  14. Sorry but your swearing is not right , will remove you from my list.

  15. That slow mo pass shot was beautiful. Love to see more like it

  16. *You didn’t even buy him dinner SAIXYSST*

  17. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    The citadel was possible cause…

    At 4:04 – look the Bismarck is turning towards him…
    A German or British citadel proof battleship – turning towards you (and not away from you) is a cita-delable battleship…  
    As the lateral resistance and momentum – tilts the ship (like when you turn a car sharply to the left – and the momentum sends you to the right)…

    This tilting effect – tilts the ship enough – for you to see the red underwater belt (essentially you are seeing the area of the ship – that does not have any armour or turtleback) – if you shoot that area – it will go beneath the main armour – bypassing it and strike directly into the longitudinal thin 60mm citadel bulkhead of the ship…

    Here are some examples:

    This is what the – Japanese Type 91 Underwater AP – was designed to do, to completely bypass German Turtleback or Turtleback in general – by penetrating well below waterline, where there was no armour to protect the ship – and strike directly into the thin citadel of the ship… Imagine if T8 IJN BBs and above fired such shells – they will be able to oneshot German battleships – that dare show broadside (and be the only line to nuke citadel-proof battleships).

  18. Alexander Ducaneaux

    You are so angry sometimes …. 🙂

  19. Are you rocking IFHE in Chapy?

  20. “how do you miss a gd island?” … lol

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