World of Warships – Closest Win Ever

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Closest win ever. And I’m really not making it up. But which side wins?

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  1. Destroyer videos are my favourite. Not playing the game, just watching videos, but after following Jingles for four years the naive part of me thinks I could have learned enough to play destroyers. Just like you can learn to solve the rubik’s cube, or how to tie a tie, or to perform basic eye surgery via Youtube.

    Yeah, I have heard people who can tie a tie make a lot of money.

    • Buddy if like watching videos you would like play game too , there is one very fun DD to play Paolo Emilio best yolo ship in game but sadly you need to unlock 3 T10 and do 3 regrinds to get enough RP to get her … but there is also little Paolo Emilio Italian T7 destroyer FR25 have crawling smoke like paolo so is loot of fun , and dont cost so much,

    • As a former DD driver, if you can do basic maths, you can DD: There are 2 circles, the range of your fish and then range they spot your boat. Keep the battleships between the 2. If they are speeding up, put green line ahead of gray line. If they are slowing down, put green line behind gray line.

      Okay, its a little more involved than that but that will get you started but should put you around a 60% player.
      Play with HP# not HP%. that plus a rough guess tells you how many fish need to hit, the more launchers you have the more you want to spread them out as you don’t want them too clustered.

      And if you ever island drift a BB at 100%, full speed once your spotted and get under there guns but mind the arming distance. Give it a 2 count between launchers and just walk down the side. Not much can take a full salvo from most torpedo boats (bonus if its Russian BB vs Japanese torpedo boats) as long as you spread your shots.

  2. I don’t play this game anymore, but I still enjoy these videos.

    • I’m the same great vids but won’t play anymore.

    • I am allmost out ther to quit game , but I have too much shit in game 30k battles , 15 super ships , 78 T10 in total 389 ships , and to be honnest there are two event that I love anniversary & xmas , in anniversary I get still loot of shit I unlocked all FT I got Bayard for 6.250 , I have spend 22k for SC , and I still have 3.715 FT left so in total I got 31.965 ft , and from 112 SC I got 2 ships both T7 Bose & FR25 , 3k db , 28 days premium , 1500 steel , 105k coal , 175k free xp , 525k com xp , 28x green bonuses , 7 blue bonuses , and rest crappy 50 signals , I write that so you know how deep I am , and in December is anniversary , so I will get some free santas crates … but I am tempted to sell my main accout … and play on my second account where I have Jäger , Tirpits , unlocked Kitti & Schlieffen , because wows is so borring when you dont need to grind anything ! , I litearlly have 1.2 mil free xp, 2.7 mil commander xp , 310 mil credits , I dont need to do regrind , because I allreay have all ships from there … life is hard when you are awesome 😉

    • Quit last year. Not gonna return. Still enjoy the videos tho.
      Hope that Wargaming go broke soon

  3. Shockwave. The Logical

    I hope that Venezia got a free drink after that 😂

    Also that Gearing mustve been seriously good to be unseen for a whole game and still get 3 kills

  4. Actually Jingles, Vampire II hydro is 5km and Thunderer has normal heal 🙂

  5. Didnt you have a “close win” where a mid-tier battleship fired a nearly-blind volley at a full health carrier right before it went undetected, and ended up hitting it with 5 citadels?

  6. Commiserations to the Gearing especially for playing such a ninja game – did he somehow turn into a submarine?

    The Yamato on the other hand didn’t deserve to be on the winning side

  7. hey Jingles, thx for featuring my video.
    going open on that Thunderer was more a “beeing a greedy idiot hunting his own damage record in DDs moment ” then trying to win harder. cause i thought we won anyway even when i die. then i died and suddenly the schlieffen died too and i was like wtf. not earlier then this moment i realized there is a gearing missing and suddenly i knew how bad i fucked up.
    btw rewatch the video and look at excactly 11min 47sec what the health of our gamewinning Venezia was.

  8. I don’t know about the Yamato and Satsuma in the back there, but as far as I know the most important players on both teams were having a great game.

    • Yeah I am annoyed by BB players that stay WAAAAY back , if I see something like that in game in 80% games is just lost , as they contribute little , hit shit = is more like 8-10 vs 12 .

  9. Can anyone tell me what British ship Jingles absolutely hates? I need to know because if he EVER tries to do an Aussie accent again, I’m moving my Jingles captain from the Fiji to that. (Edit: I have the Colossus, and I know he hates CV’s, especially OP ones like that abomination, that could work I think! I don’t play CV’s so he would be sentenced to obscurity at the helm of an abomination. Thoughts?)

  10. That was an amazing game, fair play…

  11. Nice one! ^^
    Including a nice Jingles moment at the end… What madman gave you responsibility for the ships pay office back in the RN with such a record in reliability??? 😉

  12. This is why we love this game. no surprise cv or subs weren’t involved.

  13. While karma means very little in this game, that Vinezia’s should have skyrocketed after that game. Also it’s a great Gearing player that knows how to stay undetected all game, never giving in to the urge to use their guns.

  14. That Gearing deserves a medal! Getting 3 kills and remained undetected for the entire game. That’s how your supposed to play destroyers! I’d of loved to have seen his replay.

  15. I enjoyed this right at the start it’s ok he’s got his hydro running when he doesn’t and right at the end he can’t out damage the thunderers super heal which it doesn’t have!

  16. I feel so sorry for the enemy gearing, top of his team and not spotted once. Poor sod.

  17. Barely 2 and a half minutes in and we catch the wild Jingles in his natural habitat:
    3:30 “not a problem, hydro is running”
    actually jingles, it wasn’t 😂

  18. Definitely an edge of your seat ending!😮

  19. Interesting that the Gearing and Thunderer both ended up with the exact same amount of XP earned. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that.

  20. I miss the time when Jingles did the history/story videos of a particular raid/operation during the second world war, They were awesome 🙂

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