World of Warships – Clutch

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In which, for a refreshing change of pace around here, victory is snatched from the jaws of defeat and not the other way around.

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  1. Ah, this just made my nightshift a lot better

  2. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

    This just made my study session a whole lot more enjoyable!

  3. Re the Russian CVs: the other problem is that the aircraft become invulnerable to AA in the final stages of an attack run. Watch your AA damage counter when they come in for a strike… your AA is firing but the numbers aren’t moving.

    • The Russian cv is week as hell, any good cv player Know’s that it only takes a couple of runs to remove the Russian cv from the game in the first few minutes of the game starting, even fast if you have a Battleship player that uses the mini map to see what the cv player is doing on their team.

    • And your AA don’t start loading until enemy planes are within range.

    • That has to be in the final Second only. I stoped playing CVs basicly since the rework. It is a big day if i get one attack thru with the torpedo bombers. Most of the time it is ONE early drop from the last plane.

    • @Quasimodo 1848, you will need to learn how to dodge flak. Once you can do that, CV becomes ridiculously overpowered…

  4. Great way to start my weekend off, cheers Jingles!

  5. P. G. Kuiper (Specialist-Cooper)

    Ey Jingles, a bit of a party today: I’ve been watching you for 11 years now. Back then I started with your world of tanks videos as a 12 year old scrub, learning what weakspots to aim at and how to side-scrape. And somehow you have managed to keep me engaged for all those years. Thank you for your YouTube-service and have a good ol’ day! Greetings from the Netherlands

  6. 野良猫 ジャッキー

    Holly Christmas

    How long since we’ve been seeing a legit game of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

  7. ICameOnYourBroadside literally had ONE more base XP than the friendly Gaede to be the first in team. This, not anything else, is THE biggest coming-on-the-broadside of this match.

  8. Would be a great one for a new series! Narrow wins in the last seconds of the game.

  9. The Soviet carrier “Chucklenuts”
    I will now never call it anything else

  10. “The enemy team have a one kill advantage”
    _* both teams at four ships remaining *_

  11. One carrier two destroyers sounds a little suspicious to me .
    Yep I’m old enough to remember

  12. At 1:53 the middle shell bounces of the amour and explodes in the air. I have honestly never seen this before.

  13. That was both Visually and audibly enjoyable, thank Jingles

  14. “In which, for a refreshing change of pace around here, victory is snatched from the jaws of defeat and not the other way around.” – Isn’t it always both ways? Like one team snatching victory from the jaws of defear means another one threw it? 😅

  15. I loved my days in the NC. I still have it usually I sell as I go along the tech tree, but I kept the NC. I could not wait to sell the Richelieu.

  16. Hey jingles! Since ive been reading some comments ive realized just how long ive been watching your videos, 11 years ago now which seems hard to believe, being just a 11 or 12 year old kid learning how to play his favourite game. Thanks for all of your advice through the years, because im pretty sure i learned to ‘think and breathe at the same time’ 😂 hope youre having a great day, and hello from canada, eh?

  17. For someone with a spotter plane and a target in range, Icameonyourbroadside spent over a minute waiting for the Dunqerque to come over the horizon

  18. I don’t think Belfast is that overpowered anymore – yes it has smoke radar and HE but it’s very squishy and there’s so much radar around to spot it anyway now… it’s better in a div when you at least have some sort of coordination going on but it can be a very frusttrating ship to play plus Cvs will spot you when you’re not smoked.

  19. Jingles is like Bob Ross show on video game commentary….

  20. Hey Jingles, very much appreciate the vid.

    I have to say with the slow start I don’t think pushing into three tier 8 Battleships – two of them in a div, the other NC, Hipper and Farragut would have been a good idea but if it worked you could have used it as If it’s stupid, but it works vid. 😂

    I also have to say the GAEDE achieving the unthinkable completing the channel dash @5:12 my Div was in awe of this move. the balls

    Thank you, Another enjoyable vid, even with the slow start.

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