World of Warships- Coal Ship Buying Guide

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Hey guys! Today we bring you guys a coal ship buying guide, enjoy!

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  1. Battle of warship Anas

    At last

  2. Do you also have some mid tier recommends

    • @halo werder Incredibly false as JB and Musashi are much better credit earners than anything in the game (apart from Missouri).

      Friesland prints credits as well, Alaska too. Notice the pattern?

    • Henrik Gerner Hansen

      @halo werder I disagree- T9 and T10 gets higer% of on costs JB, Missouri and Georgia are alle money machines. And i take any of them over any T8 BC i can only see 1 tier higher.

    • Henrik Gerner Hansen

      @imoenbg1 JB is the easiest ship i have learned to play. only downside is armour and the time it takes to turn guns from aft SB to BB side.

    • He should do a video on mid tier coal ships. I do know Hill is a solid T5 DD for coal. Idk what’s still available and what’s not as I’ve got them all for quite some time, but Aigle is a good T6 DD and Yubari is a fun but difficult to play T4 CL, has laser accurate guns and a good fire chance. Okt Rev is EZ mode if you know how to play BBs well and have good target selection. Idk about Duke of York. Lazo is a great T7 cruiser with accurate long range guns. Not sure what else is still available for coal.

    • @Wes George Anshan is a very good T6 DD. Russian laser guns, 8km normal torps, +100% FXP from the permacamo. Only negative is the slow turret traverse, however, i still rate her much higher than the Aigle.

  3. Did those Yoshino torps hit the friendly Montana? 😉

  4. I love my moskva, got alot of crazy good games with it. Its with all ships, if it suits ur playstyle you usually do better and CVs shit on anything

  5. Damn, now you got me thinking about the Pommern. I got the Bismarck because it is the freaking Bismarck but the Pommern looks like a blend of Tirpitz and Bismarck one tier higher …. Pity the captain rework will nuke the main appeal of the ship …

    • …for now! Hope dies last

    • Check out wows brews and boats he has an interesting take on the skills rework and he may change your mind

    • _Pommern_ is a lot of fun. After playing with her I am very tempted to start up the German BB tree.

      And the rework isn’t going to nuke her effectiveness. I use a survivability/secondary hybrid build and she still wrecks face when I get a decent match. Really her only downside is that at 31 knots a bad spawn or map with and one wrong choice can mean a low damage match due to being unable to actually get to the fighting before it moves on.

    • @MrTs7520 I have seen his videos. It is a worthy watch. He really breaks down the data in a comprehensive way and makes a very logical assessment on the rework.

    • @RedShirt047 true but 31 knots is still a good speed for any battleship

  6. 10:24 i want to know does montana alive after backline torpedoes from yoshino ?

  7. Barão André Renato Dalcomuni

    I already have the ones I wanted. Yoshino, Shimakaze with steroids and the Shamam rain of fire, The migty Smolensk!

  8. Just keep your coal for now. Upkomming ships will be stronger, they always are.

  9. I feel for the old preiums they have no love

  10. I got Georgia, very fun when overtaking cruisers. You eat shells but have the health to deal with it, and the guns… oh the guns…

  11. My problem…no coal ships left too buy….already sitting on 260k coal.

  12. Could you do one for the steel ships as well?

  13. everybody gangsta until the battleship outruns the destroyer

  14. Nice vid Sea Lord, I’m saving coal for the Yoshino.

  15. the coal ships that are leaving might get replaced by something equally good or better tho hmmm… not that i have the coal anyway

    • New ships are always good. But when they come we will have alot more time than a month to save up coal. So don’t give up on coal grind. Do all snow flakes, rebuy ships you sold and get a free 0 point capt and do co-op. Normally i never play co-op but it is the fastest way to collect snow flakes. And maybe you get a SC with coal 🙂 If you are still short on coal you can also use steel to pay for coal ships, 1 steel = 10 coal.

  16. I’m passing on the _Thunderer_ myself, after having been on the receiving end multiple times I just can’t bring myself to even spend the coal to grab the ship. I’d just legitimately feel bad for having the ship, let alone using her.

    I did grab the _Georgia_ after it was announced she was leaving the armory since secondary build speedster sounded _fun_ and it isn’t like she’s overpowered.

    _Pommern_ was a great coal investment, especially since I already had the Iron Cross skin for her from the event she premiered in since she’s both fun and very useful. I just got done using her to grind damage for the _Strasbourg_ campaign.

    I’m probably in the minority, but I’m saving up my coal for the Steel Legends ships since I love playing light, maneuverable ships with fast firing guns.

  17. Akaki Tartarashvili

    Great video as always! Can you maybe also make a video guide on high tier (9 and 10) free xp ships?

  18. The Moment when you fot Moskva first…

  19. Information on their replacement ? Which new ships will be available with the release of version 0.10.1?

  20. I’m hoping they bring in new decent coal ships, I have the Massa, Pom, Georgia and Thunderer, and since I have the DM the Salem is meaningless. Time for some new blood.

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