World of Warships: Colbert – Pure Fun

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Colbert is so much fun! Sometimes you can get away with the craziest stuff!

0:00 Game
15:16 Port
18:39 Double Strike

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French light Colbert on the map Shatter.


  1. Que la battaile commence!

  2. I stole the build from Gaishu.

  3. Colbert is very situational so a friend of mine divisions with me when I play the Smolensk and it makes the game…..spicy

  4. …trying to get wins on all my tier 10s… I presume for an esteemed community contributor such as yourself, that is a substantial undertaking.

    • Considering I have 44 T10 ships? It is. Lets say I have a 66% win rate while playing them (it’ll probably be lower), then I need to play 66 games. That’s roughly 20 hours of World of Warships and a lot of it in ships I’m not that keen on playing at the time.

    • @Aerroon You can get the wins by playing co op battles. It will take significantly less time this way.

  5. Fun fact: Colbert had an ammunition stowage of 300 shells per turret, so you came pretty close to theoretically running out of ammo.

  6. Aerroon, what is that mod that shows the angle of the ship you are targeting? And also that bloom timer?

    • The angle one is called the Navigator Mod, the bloom timer is Gun Timer or something like that. It’s near the Radar Timer mod in Aslain’s modpack.

  7. Kick Rocks Overlanding and Adventures

    pesky Islands your biggest enemy lol,maybe see you in game one day great videos

  8. Couple of things I disagree with you, but that’s me and my playstyle:

    -I went with full dakka and full concealment -16.6km range with 9.8km detectability ( Wooster like IIRC) . This means your AA starts firing as soon as planes spot you, for some CVs might be a good deterrent. I found myself shooting stationary ships over 15 islands in a similar fashion you did that Moskva, with great results. You hail shells from the orbit.
    -While you are kinda correct about DPM, in reality, you’ll have few opportunities to shoot all of your guns because how they are positioned, which means your DPM is not near as good as Smolensk’s which, let’s agree, has excellent firing angles and can actually kite really good. Also, everything over pens on Smolensk, I am much more comfortable kiting in her than in Colbert. I faced one Colbert in my Stalingrad today, I knocked his full HP ass at 18km with 2 salvos. Try shooting Smolensk at that kind of range and doing something to her… Not gonna happen.
    -Shooting CV is really difficult and they only thing you can do is shoot his tower (is that how it’s called?) and part of the ship which is lower from the deck, you did a good job
    -Your alfa DMG you mentioned comes from shooting superstructures, not sure why that surprise you, you have 21mm of pen
    -The IFHE rework changed my playstyle since now it’s much more difficult to deal with cruisers, before something like Henri and Yoshino took full pens as they have 25mm
    -I don’t think you need SE. Sure it can help, but I’d invest in the Last Stand, your rudder gets damaged so easily, it’s insane how many times it has happened to me and the Last stand helps you with that so much. I dropped DE in favor of BFT and AFT. You just have an insane amount of shells in the air and I feel like it does not matter.
    -And for the end, Colbert is very situational and she’s more of psychosocial warfare, as people are afraid to be spammed to death, which is a shame as she tends to dissapear rather quickly.

    Anyways, I think you did a really good job, consider doing more vids with Colbert, possibly divisioning with someone in a DD.


    • Can you teach me how to play the colbert

    • My rudder also only breaks for 6 seconds. I don’t see why I would take last stand for that.
      The reason I’m surprised by the alpha damage is because you’d think most of the shells would land on plates that they couldn’t pen.

    • I personally think this ship lacks radar like Atlanta, it could make it become a very good viable ship in every games, I don’t think the game need more radar but if it’s not a Colbert it’s going to be some other ship, there is radar everywhere so. Usually 2-3 radar per team in matchmaking so giving a radar to Colbert won’t break the game since Colbert is kinda rare and it’s radar crowded anyway. As of now don’t tell me it’s going to be overpowered because we’ve seen way better than this… Remove RU cruiser radar and give it to French special ship hull paper mâché style, marceau, Colbert , and the other turd cruiser tier 8 can’t remember. We need more Frenchie’s in game. Enough of these RU everywhere that has guns radar armor and heal.

  9. If I were in this match, I’d compliment you too, just for that glorious ram. You showed that insolent island who’s boss!

  10. Great video! I’m trying to decide between Colbert and Slava (I already have Ohio and Siegfried)

  11. Speed boost to ram island.. nice plan!

  12. nice vid….i was just appalled by what the 2 friendly Yoshinos have done at the start (check the minimap)

  13. Again this map ? It’s Colbert’s wet dream, show another map ! =D

  14. Yoshino Players are kinda special with there torps … “feeling big boy shima today, might torp later.”

  15. 1:45 OOF~
    Btw this is one of the most funny match I have ever watched xD

  16. Well, your aim is notoriously wiggly. But aiming the single-use torpedoe into an island? Still, nastily well played!

  17. How do you have that circle show up showing the angle of enemy ship.
    Is it a Mod? Or in the settings menu?

  18. Aerroon in the Colbert : So anyway, i started Blasting

  19. Oh good lord this has been funniest gameplay I’ve seen of this game. Thank you so much 😂

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