World of Warships – Cold Dead Fingers

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In which Jbm1972 takes the tier 5 premium Kamikaze out for a spin and I examine not just the ship, but also the reason why overpowered premiums like it still exist years after they’re introduced.

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  1. dont normally catch your videos this early

  2. It’s 3 am where I live and a jingles video came out , bed time delayed

  3. That intro, I have been missing the old Why You Heft To be Mad series.

  4. If we could have the current IJN Torp DD line more like the kamikaze that would be great

  5. Torpedoes from the Kamikaze only just failed to reach the final ship, after which the Omaha killed that ship with its torpedoes. Lulz.

  6. I badly want the Belfast, I won a captain for it. Now I need the ship

  7. “The Yuudachi is on sale…”

  8. That Let’s Dance never fails to make me smile. I always have an outburst of joy whenever I hear and see it. Amazing.

  9. Thanks Jingles for playing my video of the cv i sent in to you, CHEERS FROM AUSTRALIA MATE !!!!

  10. Kamikaze is the one premium ship Wargaming has no right to balance. Before it came out those specs were on the Minekaze and it was as OP AF. They knew what it was, “balanced” the minekaze and put the OP specs on Kamikaze and happily pocketed the money. It wasn’t a case of “oh dear, we messed up the balance on this new ship”, it was “here have an OP ship and give us some money for it”

    • The Kamikaze R was released pre IJN torp nerf. When compared to the Minekaze of the time, the Minekaze was (slightly) superior: better rudder, better speed, and better AA (though that’s not saying much about the relative AA strength), and the torps and guns were identical (though different gun arcs). At the time I preferred playing the Minekaze!! But then the Great IJN Torpedo Nerf came along, the Minekaze lost torpedo speed and damage, and became significantly worse than her Kamikaze (R)/Fujin sisters, while the Minekaze still does have better rudder, speed and AA, it doesn’t make up for the bad Torps.

      I still miss the Minekaze with 10km torps!!! (which the Kamikaze never got).

    • As long as I get my money back if the nerf it to death, have fun go on.

    • Yeah, they nerfed the Minekaze so deep into the ground that nobody, and I mean nobody, plays it anymore. Used to love that ship. They went overboard on that one.

    • @garfield2406 I have the Kamikaze R, so there’s no money for me to get back 😛

    • @Cameron LeCocq I play my Minekaze – on the very rare occasion when I get my Kamikaze sunk in the first 5 mins of a battle – they both have 19pt captains!!

  11. I don’t play anything but my Kamikaze R anymore. It ruined me.

    • Spectacular_Insanity

      I don’t have the Kamikaze but I do have the Belfast and Kutuzov. Good ships. Belfast is definitely OP, but the Kutuzov is fine, IMO.

  12. I’m jealous in my 9 kill Kamikaze R game I got over 275,000 damage and still lost because I was the last one left against 3 ships

    • A LOT of ranked teams just can’t be carried, and generally the more BB there are, the harder it is to carry.

    • Ashardalon Dragnipurake

      the enemy probably had a similar DD and you where too busy credit farming to actually support your team
      a DD that actually spots and supports its team is the rarest thing in the game

    • Ashardalon Dragnipurake actually I killed the enemy teams DDs myself the problem was their CVs were massively better than ours

    • Ashardalon Dragnipurake

      ah, my apologies
      i have had a lot of occasions with horrible DD players recently
      if you are the ones spotting and hunting DDs like a DD is supposed to thank you for making the game more enjoyable
      CVs can tip the balance quite hard this update

    • Ashardalon Dragnipurake I totally understand it’s so frustrating when I play BB and the DDs won’t spot that’s why I refuse to be that kind of person

  13. The Last two players on his team managed a combined score of 0

  14. Yes! We miss why you Hef to be mad! Please kind benevolent overlord.

  15. =After seeing this replay=
    Wargaming: we are buffing the torpedo range of the kamikaze by 12 millimetre

  16. 15:10
    Kutuzov isn’t OP cuz now we have Smolensk (which is more OP than Kutuzov ever was).

  17. Actually Jingles, kamikaze was only on sale once and it was advertised it would be the only time.

  18. ハーフ​​ィズムハンマド

    Rare footage of a dancing Isokaze

  19. no jingles they change the name to somelesk and charge you more [mickal kutzitov ]

  20. Also – the opening dances-with-torpedoes vignette is great – a new thing, keep it coming. Kudos to deltaforce_9 for being able to maneuver his carrier and land a torpedo on a destroyer at the same time.
    (His secondary gunners appear to have gotten into the locker where they keep the torpedo alcohol again. He needs to get his Master-at-Arms onto that.)

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