World of Warships- Collingwood First Impressions: Worthy Nelson Successor Or Massive Let Down?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Tier VII Premium British Battleship Collingwood, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Ship Intro
3:16 Ship Armor & Stats
10:33 Ship Consumables
11:50 Commander & Module Build
15:33 Gameplay Review


  1. I have Nelly, and I got this from my second random bundle.

    Personally, much like the BCs, I’m fucking tremendously disappointed with this, and it’s made me both thoroughly glad I got her so cheep and in the first place so she doesn’t fill my Christmas Crates. And that I do actually have Nelly in the first place.

    I cannot fathom why larger calibre guns have worse HE ammunition, not only for equivalent calibre, if you compare the 419s on Collingwood to those on Lion, but also directly to the 406s on Nelly, other than having a quicker reload, the ammo is worse in every way. And the quicker reload I bet is because of the lost gun in each turret, Id bet my left nut if they were triple turrets the reload would be worse too.

    Just masses and masses of disappointment from this entire update. I’d been waiting for HMs BCs for years, and now that I finally have them, I’m looking at the line with a grimace and a ‘Guess I’ll grind it when it’s released’ because I have such little motivation to want to play to earn them now..

  2. Nelson can reverse tank with its belt and its rather effective against higher tiers

  3. Had it in the first bundle and that’s the only reason i got it.
    It’s really squishy and i don’t recommend getting it.

  4. Dear God. So she gets overmatched by 15″ guns, , and with the state of T7 matchmaking the ability to blap same and low tier cruisers is just irrelevant. And the Nelson could kite and stern tank effectively. IJN gunboat DDs can he farm you for days, the wonky guns, 6/10, I’d say that’s very very generous.

  5. Ive got the Nelson so ill pass on this. Thanks for the info SLM.

  6. Sardauker Legion

    No superheal? I’m good with Nelson.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Right? AND significantly worse armor all around, at least nelson is tanky in an aft/kiting angle, but this thing will be punished at any angle by every one of its contemporaries, the nelson in a kiting position with that super heal is a terrifying ship to encounter

  7. The art department is amazing, the rest leave a lot to be desired though.

  8. i say it again : art department is way underpayed for what they do

  9. What tier 7s would you recommend over this one?
    Great video! I got it on my second roll.

  10. Collingwood just looks sad, even a Gneisenau should be better, since she overmatches and can just run down Collingwood.

  11. Take the Nelson, drop everything good about it – make it vulnerable to every single gun you’ll see, add fewer guns but make them LARRRRGE but with the inability to hit a barn door. Sounds like a winner 😀 😀

  12. Riccardo Locatelli

    nelson he is superior and the ap is still better cause it’s english. collingwood for me is not worth unslees they gave it to me right away

  13. i got her first try with the 1,000 dubs. i like her for reasons i dont like the nelson. ya the nelson has the super heal and a bit better armor, but she is slow and boring to play. the collingwood with brisk and speed flag is pretty quick. she has the big 419s, biggest caliber at tier with a reload boost and hydros. she makes a fantastic support bb.

  14. Might be fun to farm Narai with. Prolly gonna be a santa crate stuffer.

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