World of Warships- Colombo Buff, Hyuga Nerf

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Hey guys! Some more news concerning balancing changes, enjoy!


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  1. Might be time to get the flint now.

  2. tamas lapsanszki

    Anyone know anything about the giveaway? I only know about the first 2 winners, what about the other 3?

    • The third one was selected on stream… Dont know about the other two though…

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      There’s a bug with the WG website at the moment where when you purchase a ship “as a gift” it fails to go through. I can still purchase ships and such for myself, but this bug is preventing the giveaway from continuing. Once it has been fixed, the giveaway shall continue. There are two ships left to giveaway.

  3. Changes seem legit and are so tiny it will hardly change the experience, possibly with the exception of Flint which might actually become playable. Hoping for a small buff to the Marco Polo which just sits crying in the port at the moment.

  4. Personally, I think the Colombo should’ve gotten 1km or 1.5km more range instead of boosted turret traverse. I would’ve also preferred 0.1 more sigma rather than a reload buff, but I’m not a statistician, so I’m not sure if that would be too much of a boost.

  5. Atlanta has been nerfed back in the day when they changed the velocity of american shells, flint has been nerfed when they changed the smoke, Texas has been nerfed when they reintroduced the carriers. Bottom end of the story WG will change the ships also premiums, if not directly then indirectly.

  6. I read Colorado buff.
    Well the pain continues

  7. Cant they Buff the Colombo Sigma by 0.5? I think that’s gonna be the sweet spot.

  8. Can they buff ships like the cheshire? I payed 30 quid for it and its citidale is more than 50 percent of the ship lol

  9. Hyuuga nerf: Sure, she needed it but 1s is barely noticeable
    Colombo buff: Completely unnecessary
    Flint buff: Need more

    • @Danhvn
      Ok i start to doubt that you actually have any of the ship you are talking about because nothing you said is correct. What is your ingame name ? I need to check.
      I have both ships and played for many games, i know what i’m talking about so if you’re talking stuff based on what Youtubers told you then do not argue with me.

      Ashitaka: Dispersion H: 228 m
      Dispersion V: 182 m
      Sigma: 1.8
      Hyuga: Dispersion H: 231 m
      Dispersion V: 185 m
      Sigma: 1.8
      The reload and reload booster on the Hyuga is nothing compare to what the Ashitaka has to offer namely she can snipe people from long range due to its flat shell arc, fast shell velocity, She has ww2 shells and can pen thick armor, she can overmatch 26 mm bow and stern armor, significantly higher alpha damage, better gun angle and can reach 30 knots with out signal flag.

      What does the Hyuga has ? 28 sec reload that is about be nerfed to 29 sec, a reload booster that only last for 15 second and only 3 charges ? What else ? It is inaccurate, it can not overmatch armor, its AP velocity is under 800 m/s, it can only go at 25 knots, horrible gun layout, etc etc
      pffft You can’t convnice me the Hyuga is actually a ship that needed a nerf.

      The Tiger ’59 has all sort of consumables and high RoF yet the ship is still shit. You can’t judge something based on what it has and not how it performance.

      Doesn’t has the same shell per salvo ?
      What ? Ashitaka only has 2 shells less than the Hyuga and even so she hit MUCH harder! She can constantly penetrating armor and deal 10000+ damage! While the Hyuga can only reliably pen a ship if it is perfectly boardside and its alpha damage is nowhere near. You’re acting like having 2 less shell is a big deal, you do realize the Ashitaka gun is 410 mm ?

      Do you know how dispersion works? The numbers you provided is maximum dispersion, of course Hyuuga looks less accurate, she has more range.
      Both share the same dispersion fomular but since Hyuuga has 2 more barrels, she’s more accurate

      Hyuuga has better air drag so in reality both of them have nearly identical ballistic

      Both of them have equally good gun angle

      Ashitaka has better speed and calliber and oh wow that’s it. Hyuuga has better reload, more guns, more AA, more secondaries, much better armour, less superstructure to farm, better mobility. And smaller caliber is never a problem when you have enough shits to throw at the wall until it sticks

    • @I_NAMELESS_I Tiger has high rof per guns but loses out alot cause the ship only has 4 barrels

    • @Danhvn
      Yeah no, do you mind sharing your stats ? I want to see your preformance on the two ships.
      As someone who played both ships and seeing you trying to convince me the Hyuga is superior to the Ashitaka and actually telling me the accuracy is the same and a bunch of stuff i completely do not agree actually triggered me.
      I’m not going to explain anymore logic, if your stats show that you are doing better than Ashitaka in the Hyuga then it means we simply have different experiences in both ships otherwise you are just making up stuff.
      My WR in
      Ashitaka in 77 games is 57.14 %
      Hyuga in 43 battles has 51.16 %
      Despite i played the Hyuga less, she has lesser WR than how i performance in the Ashitaka which has around 29 more games.,lmperial_Japanese_Navy/

    • @I_NAMELESS_I Despite saying all that, your average dmg in Hyuuga is 15k better so what do you want to say about her firepower?
      Also, 44 battles wr can absolutely be influenced by a bad afternoon alone

      WG provided everything from dispersion fomular to all that jazz, 5s on Google will do

  10. Love this youtube channel, total honesty

  11. The moment WG start selling a high tier ship for the price of a new game, they should be way more carefull in not need to change it later due balance issues. Every time they buff or nerf a premium ship, they are messing with the customers base. I would like to see WG secret numbers customer base % turn over for new players x time. It’s not easy to keep players happy for so long time.

  12. Only problem I have with most EULA’s is that the language in them cannot be understood unless you are a lawyer.

  13. why the flint can’t have the same range as the atlanta, is the same freaking ship.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      They are trying to reduce the smoke he spam? Not sure why they’ve clearly shown that balance goes out the window for profits

    • Look at Smolensk, give it more range and the only thing Flint loses out is the velocity

  14. Loving my Colombo…. a little better now.

  15. Italian BB should be buffed a fair bit more so they can at least be in the “good” zone

  16. Flint needs at least 13km range to make up for the captain rework, and x10 aa to make up for the cv rework. Every time wg reworks something it nukes flint and Atlanta

  17. The Columba’s main battery range is 18.9. Most tier 10 cruisers out range this BB and that does not make sense in my book.

  18. any buff is welcome to my current favorite tier 10 bb. the hyuga nerf is unwarranted and leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths having spent money and a month later a nerf.

  19. Debanjan Bhattacharjee

    Change for Colombo – aa needs more range. Reload time of main guns . That’s it

  20. Well, if they retroactively give upgrades to premiums like the Missouri, then I will say this is okay, but not until then.

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