World of Warships – Colonel Bogey

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Well YOU try to come up with an amusing title around the name “Bogatyr”! I mean, seriously, Russia…

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  1. Jingles, your voice is qo relaxing, screw morgan freeman, I’d rather have
    you narrate my life 🙂 lol

  2. I just finished with the Karlsruhe, definitely the worst ship I’ve played
    in this game and I’d say right up there for the ‘Worst Ship Of The Game’
    award. The Königsberg is a dream in comparison, even if its engine breaks
    when sneezed at.

  3. I hit the broadside of a svietlana in a bogatyr once and did 12,000 damage
    to it, its good at invading citadels

  4. yeah the Karlsruhe sucks big time, I had to use a lot of free XP to get the
    Koingsberg and it was worth it because the latter is a good ship with
    really good guns

  5. sparrisrevolution

    Atcually Jingles that Karlsruhe had the stock hull, so…


  6. “The Bogey-man cometh”
    Come on Jingles!
    This is low-hanging fruit…

  7. The Bogatyr… I just call it the Booger.

  8. It’s easy to get confused with muzzle velocity. Although bigger caliber
    shells have worse muzzle velocity than lower velocity guns, they do have
    more momentum, which is due to them often being quite a lot heavier. This
    means the shells might use less time to hit targets that are far away. This
    is especially evident when you compare battleship guns with cruiser guns.
    Sure, the Phoenix’s 152 have a higher velocity than the Yamato’s 460, but
    does that mean the shells are going to hit a target that is more than 3km
    away faster? No way. Also, you don’t know whether the shell is still
    accelerating or not when you look at muzzle velocity.

  9. You’ve got to do one for the Budyonny, its one of the best tier 6 cruisers
    in the game. 3×3 152mm guns when upgraded have 16.6km range, and 20km with
    your spotter plane – and it does 35 knots ;). AP in that ship melts
    cruisers from anything inside 10km. You do have to go through the Kirov to
    get to it (which is made from dynamite apparently, but it does have BIG
    guns for tier 5), but its worth it.

  10. This is so cheeki breeki

  11. Patrick Hutchison

    Great WoW video as always

  12. I still haven’t really decided wheter I like the Russian cruisers or not…
    The Soviet cruiser line (starting with Kirov at T5) seems to be very much
    characterized by the “glass cannon” type of gameplay, a bit similar to the
    German cruisers, but they still play differently.

    Russian cruisers = good range, very flat firing arcs and very accurate guns
    (similar to German cruisers), significantly less AP damage than the Germans
    but MUCH better HE, terrible armor (also similar to the Germans, but feels
    even worse on the Russian ships), very large citadels, pretty large ships
    with very bad concealment and a huge turning circle.

  13. Dear mister Jingles, Can you please tell me the name of the song you used
    for the MCM London comic con may 2016 video????? please??? Kind Regards

  14. jingles, it is my birthday, pls notice me jingles!

  15. Just started playing this yesterday, fooking brilliant game, i think this
    will start to share my addiction to WOT

  16. “Not a slow ships, 24 knots”
    REALLY? Are there any slow ships in the game then?

  17. I think shell velocity in Wows is just a random number and have nothing to
    do with in game shells. So 150mm guns are better .

  18. Rubastax The Tenno


    *I was waiting for this-*

  19. Jingles, can you explain how and why this WASD hacks saying got started?
    Are people really that stupid or cynical that they think nobody bothers to
    steer their ship and avoid things, so therefore it’s a hack and against the
    rules? It’s not a hack, it’s playing the game properly. If it’s not
    something that you actually have to hack the game code to use, then it’s
    not a hack.

  20. I liked the Koingsburg when I got it, though it was a tiny bit on the
    fragile side I felt.

  21. you could have picked the Russian Boggyman LOL

  22. I’m earl-wait no I’m not.

  23. When do we get warships porn jingles

  24. Playing the Bog!

  25. The Konigsberg is indeed a superb ship. It’s fast, maneuverable, has decent
    torpedoes and guns that you’ll want to have kids with. Imagine the Omaha,
    except…well…better in almost every way. The Furutaka is an excellent
    ship all round as well with those big guns and long range torpedoes, but
    the Konigsberg is right up there with it. One of my favourite tactics in
    that baby was to charge one or two enemy ships, piss them off, then turn
    round and run like hell, with the six rear guns unleashing havoc and my
    arse dancing like a psychotic hamster.

  26. 10:32 THIS^^^ Is why I say that Kamikaze Rs are for dirty peasants!
    Everyone with any knowledge KNOWS Fujin is the real deal! That those nice
    jaws on the bow of the Fujin are scientifically designed and proven to
    swallow the souls of Battleships and Cruisers alike!

    And that is what makes the Fujin the choice of KINGS OF THE SEA!!! Or
    Sealords to you Brits!

  27. I quite enjoying being detonated these days, more flags!!! – Well you have
    to try and put a positive spin on these things right?! :)

  28. I would just stick to HE unless your in close then maybe AP depending on
    the enemy ship.

  29. Sorry Jingles you have to suffer through the Karlsruhe first for our

  30. I LOVE my premium Soviet Cruisers! Had a 147k damage, 4 kill hard carry in
    my Kutuzov last I sailed her, I always tend to do in excess of 40k with my
    Molotov whenever I don’t do something stupid and die early anyway ( I mean
    GOD Molotov is fast!) – and I even took my Murmansk for a spin recently,
    even though I had pretty much ignored her for the better part of the last 2
    to 3 patches, as I have just SO MANY Amazing premiums, and Murmansk was one
    of the first is all!

    Though I cannot help but think the Moskva is not yet worth the grind as it
    were, she is just too massive and squishy for her own good… I almost feel
    like the Soviet line would have been better off with the Dimitri Donskoi
    buffed up a bit as a tier 10, but then I DO think the Moskva could easily
    be made into an AWESOME ship by all accounts, just needs a bit of buffing
    in some areas from what it would appear…

    I can’t wait for people like iChase, Flamu, Notser and others to get the
    Moskva in their port, play a good 40 or so games in her, and then we shall
    see EXACTLY where the Moskva lies.

    But apart from that, I would have to say, based on my experience with
    Aurora, Murmansk, Molotov, and Kutuzov – that the Soviet Cruiser line is
    basically a PARTY all the way from tier 3 to 9, with the Kirov and Svetlana
    being probably the worst tier for tier when compared to other ships, but
    even then Kirov does have some really nice guns for tier 5, just is a VERY
    Squishy target! Far more squishy than the Molotov that much is CERTAIN!
    Because not only have I gotten citadel penetrations against Kirov when
    heavily angled or even neutral with other cruiser guns such as those on my
    Murmansk and Molotov, but when I tried to play the Kirov on the test server
    in a similar manner to my Molotov (just to see first hand how much BETTER
    the armor protection on the Molotov is) -aaaand I died, many times, to
    citadel pens right through the front!

  31. the myogi at 11:25 is afk…

  32. Quality made in Germany. 😀 Definitely a Keeper.

  33. Save yourself, free xp through the Karlsruhe. I waited until I was halfway
    done and regret it.

  34. Max “WKN” Mustermann

    This ships is OVERKILL at tier 3 and 4- with BFT and AFT you shot faster
    and further than anything else and you are fast. I can´t understand, why
    everone is playing the St.Louis for sealclubbing, instead the Bogatyr. :D

  35. Karlsruhe was the worst grind of my life, now if I see one I put it to
    sleep….what ever else is happening I will stop and put that karlsruhe out
    of it’s misery…..

  36. Jingles you got me into this and World War planes and World of Tanks lol
    also a new sub love your channel :)

  37. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  38. I hate the Bogatyr. Not because of the ship itself but because of
    matchmaker. In every single battle I played with it (about 30 or more), I
    had to fight enemy teams consisting of mostly tier 5s. Needless to say I
    didn’t have a very great time in the Bogatyr…

  39. Never thought you can use ships as breakwaters. Are they actually
    effective, or is it more of a jury rigged system until something better can
    be constructed?

  40. the good ol Bo Gator XD

  41. Just want to check you:Did you know that jingles real name is Paul

  42. Calle Söderberg

    BaronVonGamez called it “Bo-Gator” pronounced with a heavy southern accent
    which stuck for me.

  43. sorry, but, all i can think of when looking at this ship firing is DAKKA

  44. @jingles I’m sure you’ll love higher tier Soviet cruisers such as the
    Chapaev. The tier 7 Shchors and tier 8 Chapaev are basically Russian
    clevelands that traded armor for extreme range

  45. The 130mm guns actually have a 10sec reload, the 9sec reload comes from
    your skills, so there is no point using the 130s, the higher shellvelocity
    is not that important at 12km max. The funny thing is, that the ingame
    information says, that the 130s fired faster, when they are actually firing
    slower, thats just dumb…

  46. just got that ship :P

  47. Hey Jingles, I don’t know if you have had the chance to decide on what to
    do contest wise for your 500k subscriber mark, (Congratulations by the way)
    I am also a YouTube Partner myself and I have somewhat of an idea of the
    amount of work that goes into this, you deserve the current 500k + another
    8 million. Anyway sorry I have a rambling problem. So I thought you could
    do a replay contest BUT!!!!! (make a special email for it) do a WoT video
    give the link to the contest email and take the first say 100 submissions.
    Then do a WoWS video and give the link to the contest email again clear the
    email account of all previously sent and take the first 100 WoWS replays.
    Then do Armored Warfare following the same template etc etc until you have
    covered all your major titles which you wish to cover. Only do 1 title a
    week. Replays is about the best thing you could do, you just need to, as
    you would put it, “Control the range of the engagement, preventing an
    unhealthy dose of surprise butt sex! *insert copyrighted Jingles chuckle
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  48. The Myogi wasn’t rushing back, he was AFK from the start of the game.

  49. I managed to bounce HE…

  50. christopher weaver

    Jingles, you watch the Iron Amenian video about it?

  51. Nah Jingles, the Karlsruhe’s fine. That’s the stock hull–the second one is
    a good deal better. It still has poor health, but it’s a long range sniper
    ship more than anything.

  52. 792 damage isn’t an overpenetration. That’s normal penetration. You’re not
    playing a battleship here Jingles ;)

  53. To tell the truth jingles i’ve always seen Russian and American ships as
    kind of the same in alot of ways not totally the same but pretty damn close
    to it so if i had to say anything about the Bogey and the saint louis its
    that there sister ships from different mothers. XD

  54. Jakob Jørgensen

    Any chance we’ll get to see some Russian destroyer action?

  55. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Yeah, Jingles, you are right. The Karlsruhe really is a terrible ship. I
    was so happy when I got the Königsberg and got to finally sell it.

  56. ah my favorite sealclubbing ship lol

  57. 6 Kamikaze in one game. 6!!!

  58. i’m a World of Tanks player, but i want to try World of Warships, what
    ships do you reccomend to start with to learn the game mechanics and stuff?
    like the russian Heavys in WOT

  59. Myogi was afk …

  60. invaliddenkkommando

    it’s a russian-game…german ships and tanks and planes suck in every
    russian game cuz russians have mental problems with germans….late
    revenge, you know ^^

  61. Bogatyr’s AP is weak no matter what guns you’re using, better stick to HE
    spamming with it. To reliably get citadel penetrations with the 130mm guns
    you need to be very close to a very badly armored cruiser that presents you
    an absolutely flat broadside and even so some shells are going to bounce.

  62. love ya jingles lel

  63. Jingles joins the Pink Panther Party :D

  64. i can truly say to take the karlsruhe for free xp is a mistake. the
    karlsruhe has got phenomenal AP. Murders DD’s easily. And it is the last
    cruiser to get the layout like the st. louis and for example this bogatyr.
    But stil do what you gotta do, i say it is a mistake based on lifepoints!

  65. The Arctic Gamer

    I’m early, give me likes!

  66. song name?

  67. I had a great game in the sivetenlana once, kraken in a tier 6 game :D

  68. JonarusDraconius

    I wish I knew how to get the replays working… I had a game in a tier5 dd,
    and managed to 1-shot an enemy Minekaze (yes, ONE shot!)


  69. this bloody boat game is starting to take over the channel…

  70. is that a torpedo tube i see on the bow?????

  71. Boggy B becomes especially nasty with AFT which gives it 13,6km range.

  72. Yup, Karl was a pain in the keister to grind through. If you have the gold
    and the xp you might as well save yourself the headache of fighting in it.

  73. So if i get this right this ship is the KV-2 of world of warships fire
    nothing but high expolsive and your set.

  74. 5k club

  75. The Inspector Cat

    The Russians have a counter to the ST. Louis now. YES

  76. I hope we get the 45 knot italian destroyer. That would be glorious to
    close to point blank against BBs

  77. the karls torps are not much worse than the rest of the german cruiser

  78. W A S D hacks ahahahahahaha xD

  79. 130mm also have a higher chance to set something on fire.

  80. another bogatyr video…. getting really tired of this ship. there are so
    many other interesting ships, which haven t been featured yet.

  81. Ryan “steelw1ng” Wilson

    Damn. Its getting updated today, my best game is going to be in unusable…
    Hope jingles sees the kirov game before its too late

  82. Well, the Karlsruhe isn’t called the Garbageruhe on the NA forums for

  83. Jekub Fimbulwing

    Gnevney’s max torp range is 4Km, you’ve gotta have balls of Stalinium to
    play that ship as a torpedo boat.

    Until about tier 8 Russian torps are VERY short ranged on the DD’s.
    Excepting the premium of course.

  84. christopher tucker

    that myogi you praised up. yeah he was afk all game and died to flooding

  85. always entertaining Jingles, and congratulation of the 500k

  86. if you can get the expert firing training that gives you more range you can
    get a range of 13km

  87. at closer range the 130mm russian guns are devastating with AP

  88. Jingles, do you like looking at memes? Or that sort a thing?
    Well, down below is the website for great memes!

    No, I’m not a troll. Or jut Google I funny.

  89. careful Jingles, the Russian/Soviet cruisers starting at tier V have
    battleship-esque turning radii, the Kirov has like a 960m turning circle

  90. I was expecting a resounding performance of Colonel Bogey by the Band of
    the Royal Marines. I was astonished to find that I was wrong.

  91. Another Jingles vid!! Yasssss

  92. Jeah, the Karlsruhe was a painful grind. Maybe its a little bit better
    because i heard the HE got improved.

  93. Making fun of the low HP the Karlsruhe has at T-IV? Enjoy your time with
    the Kirov at T-V. Dont get me wrong, the guns are amazing…but they are
    mounted on a citadel the size of the rock of Gibraltar, and has the turning
    circle to match.

  94. jingles with the late night videos is awesome

  95. Jingles you really should turn last spotted location on your mini-map. Just
    click the gear icon to the top right of your minimap and its a check box to
    enable it.

  96. as a new player to Warships what is the best ship class/nation is best to
    start on?

  97. …Now I want a Karlsruhe review next, sorry Jingles.
    Anyways I haven’t played the ship yet, but I checked the wiki and the ship
    does actually have more than 19700 health, that was just a stock that you
    faced. So it probably won’t be too terrible, but again, I haven’t gotten
    the ship yet.

  98. I am bitterly disappointed. I expected you to whistle “hitler has only got
    one ball” all the way through the video.

  99. Ohh Jingles the Myogi wasnt fighting with that Kamikaze R there, he was AFK

  100. HAHA!!! I call it the Bogey, as well!

  101. You keep avoiding me Jingles

  102. Free XP the Karlsruhe – horrible ship. Right up there with other crap like
    myogi and pensacola…….

  103. I was waiting for to look at this little monster.

  104. the myogi wasnt coming back … he was afk
    stop crediting bots/afk players jingles 😀

    yep, i`m going to the mines for that one.
    fun vid as always!

    btw the karlsruhe was hard! i didnt like it but since i had no free xp i
    only did my dailys to get through it. skipping seems to be a good choice
    from my experience.

  105. For those who were just about to do something else, just use this, adding
    the name of the activity:

    Dammit Jingles! I was just about to , but
    then you had to go release a video, didn’t you!

  106. Rated 10/10 Best Russian Imperial Ship.

  107. hello 3am
    love it when there is a new vid

  108. 2nd like! so close to being the first

  109. 100th like!!!

  110. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    Bogatyr has Secondaries, but then after gets its 2nd Hull

    Has more rapid main guns

  111. I called it Humphrey. As in Humphrey Bogart.

    And the Phoenix is not particularly poorly armoured. 76mm on the citadel.

  112. Harrison Rawlinson

    81st like, this count as early?

  113. Nothing like a bit of jingles in the morning before a 2 hour chemistry exam

  114. jingles just to let you know the Hms caroline , the last survivor of the
    battle of jutland has been restored to a museum ship in Belfast northern

  115. Hey Jingles, how do we know if you’ve gotten a video we sent you? I think I
    have your correct email… I sent ya a replay and am worried it didn’t go

  116. xX Thecrunchytacosss Xx

    Hi jingles!

  117. I love the smell of a Jingles video late at night just like a late night

  118. Ay ye old bag, I’m trying to get some sleep.

  119. Hi jingles!!!

  120. Da! Is Russian Ship. Very Stronk.

  121. Yay more wows but mainly JINGLES

  122. have now learned that i must stay up to watch jingles rater than get up

  123. favourite march ❤️

  124. hey Jingles are you going to play battlefield 1?

  125. What is that I hear? It’s a new Jingle’s video.


  127. Wow 57 seconds ago I’m ealy.
    which is ironic because it’s past midnight XD

  128. under 100.000,000 view club

  129. alahu akbahr

  130. 1 minute ago. good job jingles

  131. #Ripcod

  132. 4th

  133. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    nice job Russia.

  134. ayyy third

  135. First to like

  136. First.

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