World of Warships – Colorado Review – The Yankee Brawler

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We look at the ships stats, recommended modules, captains skills and also some gameplay footage. The Colorado has her weaknesses but play her to her strengths (brawling) and she’s actually decent. Her guns and armour are good enough that up close and personal is actually doable. Hopefully by the end of the video you will be able play the Colorado better and gain substantially better results. So sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂

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  1. Can you play the Nagato or the Amagi for the next video?I really wonder how
    these ships are……

  2. yes, Colorado with no upgrades was very painful, I even considered stop
    climbing, but once I got the C hull, I found that the AA is very powerful
    and it helped me a lot. Also, I heard that NC has lesser armor than the
    Colorado when designing(I dont know if its true in game), so its pretty
    strong in close battle range. I once faced Yamota and gave him some Citidal
    hits LOL

  3. Once again, great commentary and sound advice for a mediocre

  4. for ship suggestions i got a lot the iowa, north carolina, new mexico,
    nagato for bbs, midway, taiho for cvs, fletcher, gearling, fubuki, and
    shimakaze for dds, and mogami, new orleans for cl/ca. i apolgize if this is
    alot so what ships gets a review next is that ship but i mostly want to see
    the battleships, mostly

  5. Will the Nagato get a review iChase ?

  6. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Thanks for this Vid Chase. I think I’m gonna give my Colo one more chance
    with your setup and see how she does. ^^

  7. Uscgtanker Whitmore

    If you have time look at the U.S.S Wolverine a training aircraft carrier in
    the great lakes, and the only paddle steamer carrier that I know of. There
    is also the U.S.S Sable training carrier that live on the lakes.

  8. love this video format. very informative, esp since I have a new mexico.
    keep up the good work.

  9. For next ship review Nagato to compare it with Colorado.
    You seem to have forgotten about Colorados low rate of fire (lowest of all
    ships right now in game, unless it was changed) which is its greatest

  10. in still trying to get passed the first hull, praying to the rng gods every

  11. Thx, but i’ll stick w/ my New mexico(for the time being)

  12. One thing I found was since it already has great AA dmg, I went with
    increased secondary range/accuracy. Since the latest patch, you can get
    games that don’t even have carriers in them. There will always be
    destroyers around… The secondary weapon upgrade has been really nice and
    noticeable, too. I’ve single handedly killed destroyers with my
    secondaries, when you get kind of close up with other battleships, your
    secondaries will go to work and light fires. I might even recommend that
    over the AA upgrade. Either way, I found that I was already doing a lot of
    what you’re doing, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track.

  13. Rifaldo Agustinus Salim

    IChase your videos is good i like it but can you make know yourship video
    again plz

  14. Interesting approach to playing the Colorado. Really liked it. Good video.

  15. I just unlocked the Myoko and would really be interested in seeing your
    thoughts on it. Personally, it is great to finally have a Japanese cruiser
    with firepower just a pity about that turret turn times…..

  16. Great review +iChaseGaming

  17. what mod are you using that keeps your chevron reticule lined up with the
    water of an enemy ship

  18. I especially enjoy your practical demonstrations of the philosophy that,
    “there are no bad ships, only bad ship drivers,” e.g., the Colorado and the
    Furutaka. Sadly, other WoWs YouTubers, whom I follow, say “meh” and “I
    don’t agree,” and Grind On and Up, lol. Please, as always, keep posting : )

  19. i feel like tier 7 is where the USN is worse, Colorado, Pensacola, and the

  20. wow nice video

  21. Can you review the Amagi or Kongou please? I haven’t seen any really good
    reviews of either of those ships. Their my favorites so it’d be really cool
    to see,

  22. Maybe with all this Colorado discussion, maybe a comparison review to the
    Nagato might be nice. A little faster, a litter quicker reload, but it’s
    armor will not hold up to equal teir BB’s unlike the Colorado, as well as
    AA. I’d also be interested to see your module selection. Does chase like
    using the accuracy mod or the secondary?


  24. Thanks Chace for this review. How about review of the Fuso???

  25. IZUMO

    I want to see review of this ship.
    Why ?
    I really want to see what you will think about it – compare to overall bad
    informations that “majority of players” says about this ship. It is – what
    i think – that because he has all main gun turrets in the front – you can
    fire all or 2/3 of guns not showing broadside at all – it is good for this
    ship or bad. This question and many more …

  26. 69k doubloons :-D

  27. Nice review! I found the Colorado so painful the first time I went up the
    line but I made the mistakes you mention about extending range at the
    expense of even worse dispersion. I think with these tips here when I
    eventually get to the Colorado again it won’t be so painful. Thanks!

  28. I had the Colorado in CBT back when carriers were really deadly before all
    the AA buffs. I found the AA firepower an incredible boon then that made up
    for alot of its other failings. I think with the current meta that has
    mitigated the power of carriers, the ships AA ability isn’t appreciated as

  29. you should review the kuma

  30. even played as optimally as you did it, it seems a great pain.

  31. hmmm now I’m intrigued… I’ve been doing decently enough playing a ranged
    (yes with the upgrade) Colorado (average of 55k dmg, more than my HP –
    definitely not great but also not as abysmal as I feared when I got the
    ship initially). Definitely gonna have to try this – maybe I’ll even get a
    decent entry for the challenge out of it :)

  32. Can I ask something? I have like 2800 gold on my acc but World of Warships
    where I want to spend them seems to have different premium currency for no
    reason. I can spend them in Wot and World of warplanes but not in WoWs
    which is only one I plat =(

  33. Another excellent vid Chase, so many other reviewers just read the stats
    and say a bit about the history of the ship then show gameplay. It’s great
    to see you carry on your tradition of actually teaching others how those
    stats and upgrades etc impact the gameplay when used properly. Keep it up.

  34. why is his crosshair latching on to The enemy warships in The horisontal
    direction they are heading? Seems awfully convenient. Mod?

  35. ich habe mich für die russischdn jagtpanzer entschieden weiß aber ich ob
    ich objekt 263 oder 268 machen soll

  36. is the detection camo really worth it though? I mean after you fire you’re
    spotted from like, the moon. Surely a higher chance to miss your citadel or
    miss you completely is better?

  37. I remember you buying it on live stream, and I was going “DON’T GET THE
    RANGE INCREASE! It will destroy your accuracy!” You went and bought it, but
    it shows how good you are at the game that you fixed it quickly.

  38. Nonna CoCmdr of Pravda

    Nice review, been planning on going up that line myself. Though right now
    I’m focused on grinding my Amagi. Speaking of which, I was the Amagi in
    your game earlier against that Yamato~
    Any tips for playing the Amagi by chance? I feel like I should be doing
    better in it.

  39. Thanks for this, I’ll keep this video in mind when I reach the Colorado. I
    wouldn’t mind seeing a review of the Aoba, though. Its huge citadels make
    it tough to play, even with angling, but I feel like I can get more out of

  40. well I research already research the Colorado and farming free xp to get
    every module (though I don’t have money to buy the ship which is a good
    thing), good review gonna apply it when I get the ship 😀

    can you review the North Carolina :3

  41. North Carolina

  42. I love my Trollorado :P

  43. you need range.. get the range upgrade and module first, so you don’t get
    stranded from the battlefront.. then get the engine and in the end go for
    the hulls.. This ship is a good brawler, but you need the range and to open
    fire first, especially against other battleships. You also never want to be
    alone from the fleet and never challenge multiple ships at a time.. 1v1 or
    fleet combat is where the ship shines.. If you play smartly, you can hold
    your own against higher tier battleships until back-up arrives..

  44. Nagato tier 7 has 65000 HP. *sigh*

  45. hey what about Torpedo Vigilance?
    Might be useful against the long range torpedoes so you will have more time
    to react

  46. I agree on crusiers and HE-damage. It’s silly that a 6″ crusier (or even a
    5″ crusier) can reck a BB at 10-15 km. Wouldn’t happen IRL. But this is a
    game and not reality.

  47. Everyone is just having the tier 7 BB syndrome, when they start out with it
    they won’t be able to do much because, not only they’re stock, but they’re
    used to having lots of guns to do their work for them. They’re used to
    fighting lower tiers, they’re used to wrecking everything with a New Mexico
    and a Fuso. I learned the hard way with my Nagato, I used to hate it, but I
    soon found its strengths and I started to absolutely love it. I keep it in
    my port now as a reminder of the absolute garbage games I had with it, and
    how it made me a better Battleship player. The same for people starting the
    US Battleships, Colorado will be your Nagato. Absolutely hate its guts at
    first, but you may like it as you get towards the North Carolina.

    Either that or some American bias players think their ‘best superior US
    Navy ship’ isn’t as powerful as they expected it to be :)

  48. That was my wows experience during 1 week of grind lol ….I definely agree
    with you , its great on close quarters. But on maps like ocean or twin
    brothers…. damn…

  49. / NEW VID. Now review the Kawachi show the world how good it is :P

  50. 15:42 is the reason why Colorado is god awful

  51. Back in CBT, I actually liked the Colorado. One time I nuked a Pensacola
    from full HP and it was glorious. While I agree with you on not mounting
    the Gun Fire Control Mod 1 because you are never going to be able to
    reliably hit anything at that range, I opted to get the Secondary Battery
    Mod 2. With the base 5km range on the Colorado plus Advanced Firing
    Training, that mod allows your secondaries to open fire at ranges of 7km. I
    lost count of the number of times DD’s tried to close for an easy torp run
    on me, only for my secondaries to chew them apart a lot sooner than they
    expected. While the secondaries aren’t that great as you pointed out, I
    still found them to be very usable and a good deterrent, especially when
    firing at 7km.

    Great video again Chase! Look forward to your next one!

  52. The only thing I like about the Colorado is the cool barrel rolls I end up

  53. First. All other firsts are Deceivers.

  54. What about the kiwachi

  55. great vid thxs for the hard work and keep it up. in game ChiyoKei

  56. Funny seeing this only an hour after playing with you. Good Video as usual.

  57. “decent” is not enuff in world of rngships

  58. Great vid and first

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