World of Warships – Colorado Revisit 0.6.4

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is a ship I’ve avoided for a very long time, I take it out on stream and see what we get for a game. I move forward on C point in Hotspot with the team, I can’t lead in a ship that goes 21 knots. The enemy ships stick around and with the help of friendlies we work them down. A funny moment near the end makes it complete, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Colorado Replay


  1. i dont think its the worst ship. I, for example, HATE the Emile Bertin and I love the Colorado. It’s a bit of a Brawler imo and i love it for that

  2. That was fast! Not the Colorado, the gameplay actually… XD

  3. Colorado is great for taking punishment angled on so yeah 2nd rate BB for sure. also what’s a video without pulling a notser

  4. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    I love this ship!

    BTW I recommend you replace the AA Upgrade with the Secondary”s Or more range

    PS Colorado is a Great ship “Best guns, Best AA. Best Turning Circle, Best Heal, In the end It would be OP is it was fast as them and the same HP

  5. Dorple The Pork Oracle

    Meh, still better than the Gneisenau.

  6. nonononono, Mk5, Mk6 and Mk7 are different guns

  7. ”The pace of conveyance afforded to you by your means of propulsion is in no way able to match the standard set by my own.” – Sonic’s take on US dreadnoughts

  8. Kinda wish they gave this ship a unhistorical speed

  9. I’m in the Colorado now I tell ya it’s painful working your way up the US  BB line well the first 7 anyways because there so damn slow and with the lower tier games people have no idea what team work is so your left alone most of the time just to get ate up by DD’s and CV’s   your just to damn slow to avoid most of the shit that comes at you   I feel your pain Notser in this Tug boat

  10. Imagine this with the West Virginia mods – Alabama superstructure and AA, huge torpedo bulges, gun upgrades.

  11. I’m at the Col, right now…everyone runs away and I can’t keep up. I feel like the fat kid on the playground that smells like b.o. and nobody wants to play with.

  12. The pucker factor on those torpedoes. Oh lawd.

  13. As dumb as this sounds the colorado carried me to rank 1 in ranked battles.

  14. If you can get over the slowness it is actually pretty damn good, I love mine, kept it and still play it from time to time.

  15. Notser didnt respond to the spaghetti questiom 🙁

  16. This sucker is electrical – nice Doc Brown and Back to the Future reference there Notser 🙂

  17. Imagine living in that village at 1:29 and looking out your window to see a giant battleship passing by……

  18. i like this ship too, if you are supported, your pushes are deadly.

  19. Only reason that Scharnhorst didn’t just delete you with 2ndaries and Torps while firing at another target for efficiency is simple… He bad and fucked up.

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