World of Warships – Colorado Tier 7 USN Battleship Overview

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Yup. I actually bought it back!


  1. And for the Tirpitz at 13:00. Yeah, that’s wallet warriors for you. Seen it
    countless times with Tirpitzes, Atagos, Atlantas, etc. People are lazy to
    grind but they want the high tier action, so they pay, and of course don’t
    know squat, they completely dodge the learning curve and wham, get hammered
    like shit.

  2. Time to Colorado and jam some AC/DC.

  3. Colorado……..Little Bad Battleship At Long Range…..Badasss At Short

  4. Interesting vid. After all the bad feedback on this ship, its good to see
    it now has a place in the game.
    I got to try all the US BB’s in the 5.2 test server and I didn’t mind the
    Colorado (post buffs). I did all the BB’s as I was hanging to play the
    Iowa. Montana was not as good fun as Iowa for me either.
    At that time I was only up to the New York on my normal account, so a long
    ways to grind for those big bad boys.

    A week or two after the tests finished on my normal account (upd 5.2) I got
    my New Mexico and was sorely disappointed. Out of the box it was a dog of a
    ship. Even fully upgraded as she is now, it isn’t as fun or good as the New
    York, and certainly less accurate.
    I call my NY old faithful and have kept it in my fleet.. Looking forward I
    expect to sell the Mex for the Colorado and still keep the NY..

  5. Yup. The Colorado is definitely one of my favourite ships to shoot at when
    I’m in my Mogami. 5-10K damage HE salvos come pretty easily,

  6. Did you sign up to project R? Love the videos btw they’ve helped me alot :)

  7. *He LIKES the Colorado?????? It’s heresy I tell you! Heresy by thought,
    heresy by word , heresy by action! Burn the Witch burn him!!! (Sending
    large quantities of HE in your direction)*

  8. I think the reason people complain about this ship (and to a lesser extent
    the Nagato) is that the teir 6 ships are so much more user friendly due to
    the high volume of fire. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that people who
    hate the Colorado don’t understand how to play BB.

    edit: just saw you said the same thing.

  9. I didn’t actually mind this ship too much, but it was very map dependent.
    It is the absolute worst when you play a map like Twin Sisters and their
    navy goes the other way around the islands.You’ll spend the entire game
    doing nothing.

  10. Ummmm… Should I sell my beloved NM for Colorado??
    😛 thx in advance Business

  11. Wow I was hesitant to go from my New Mex to the CO based off everyone
    complaining about it so much… kinda excited to farm up the credits for it

  12. That’s the RNG I’ve always wanted on a BB. How are the secondaries though
    becuase my nagato is fulled tricked for that and it is like a mogami tied
    to the gunnels. The HP with the super heals is a lot to like as well

  13. Thank you for making this, she’s my favorite ship in the game. Most
    certainly better than the NC, jesus that ship is like dragging your ass
    through broken glass.

  14. Yess! Thank you!

  15. my god this is way better than pre-patch… had to grind thru the horrible
    mess of a dispersion back then

  16. nice comentary about it – especialy about dispersion part and hidden stats
    and shit, u will never know how is the ship in the game and on the paper,
    now im really lookin forward to this ship to test it out but that deck
    armor and HE damage it takes looks kinda broken -_-

  17. 240p what is this crap?

  18. So, What to you is the best BB In the USN line?

  19. I was planning on skipping the CO all together and go straight to the NC
    with free XP. Now I am not sure. Oh and demo expert on the Myoko is insane.
    20% fire chance, 5 or 6k salvos. Yummy.

  20. Nice Overview, nice video Sir. Really good Damn Shots. Ure one of the best
    wows player in the World. also a sexy ship. nice work gg

  21. Don’t underestimate one of the Big 7!

  22. Just wanted to say I really appreciate the videos. It helps me out.

  23. Thank you! I always loved the Colorado, and I never understood the stigma
    against it. I, personally, have an 85k avg damage in it, and was pretty
    disappointed with the NC.

  24. Too be honest, the Colorado is the same as the Nagato, not terms of ships,
    but playstyle.
    You really need to pick your targets and place your shots carefully.

  25. Wargaming should include the Colorado’s sister West Virginia in her 1944
    Aside from her slow speed she’s basically a tier 8 level including some of
    the best AA armament.

  26. Finally a vid I can watch before work… lol.

  27. I agree, the North Carolina in its current state, is an awful BB compared
    to its counter-parts. However, I believe the New Mexico is a better BB than
    the Colorado. I’ve taken full broadsides from them with a 45 degree angle
    on the hull and received minimum damage while firing all my guns giving
    back 10x as much damage. But, I guess it comes down to personal preference.
    However, you mentioned it being comparable to that of the Warspite…and I
    see that now as I own one myself. Thanks for the insight on that.

  28. I loved the Colorado. Now I have this shitty NC.

  29. i love your intros. they really set the tone for the videos keep it up and
    when i read the title of the vid i couldn’t wait for the amount of hate you
    were gonna put on the ship… oh wait WHAT???

  30. I might play the colorado back again. By the way business , you said this
    is the 2nd best USN BB . So what’s the best in your opinion ? The Iowa or
    the Montana ?

  31. I am glad of this i tell why..i Have on my NA server (I am from
    EU when i start play WoWS i did not take EU CLient so i stop playing on NA
    server but progress i made there is only with US BB) Montana,Iowa,NC and
    Colorado… i have playing Colorado before changes when he was *The Worst
    ever* and i was thinking to pass him transfer free xp and go for NC…but i
    decide to play thru and i did..i will tell this about Colorado when i
    unlock NC i was sorry for that because NC was very big disappointment. In
    Colorado i just recked everyone,best armor of all ships deadly Brawler even
    in higer Tiers battles i do it nice results,fantastic ship..ok low HP and
    speed is minus for him but AA is amazing with C hull and Captais skill 4
    20% of range you can reckt Planes ….In my opinion Colorado and Iowa are
    best US BBs! Sorry for my english it is not my native language! And you
    said Armor is better on NC ohh it is not just it is not even in stats is
    worst also in game!

  32. Colorado is much more effective with AA Guns Mod 2 instead of the Artillery
    Plotting room. With this mod plus captain AA perks you can get up to a 77
    AA rating and at this Tier it chews through aircraft.

    In essence, the Colorado is a brawler despite its low HP pool. It has
    really good armor, and can brawl like a champ against other BB’s if you use
    your angles correctly.

    Get in close and brawl (~10-14KM). If you sit back and try to snipe with
    this ship you will be negating it’s good armor due to plunging fire and
    will be getting frustrated.

  33. After closed beta I gave up on the USN line since I really didn’t like this
    ship, but it looks so much better now! Gonna have to get my grind back on

  34. woohoo sub 300+ views group!

  35. So Wargaming actually made the Colorado accurate in a patch? When i played
    this ship several months ago it was absolutely atrocious. I felt i was more
    accurate in the Kawachi! Looking at my average damage stats i have 73k
    damage with the New Mexico and 53k with the Colorado. Terrible!

    I have to disagree with you on the North Carolina. I think its a beast of a
    ship. That ship is so strong when you go in bow first. Its like a mini
    Yamato. In a lot of games i only fire the two front turrets and i do
    tremendous damage.

  36. Nice, good to see Colorado is better now. I’ve also been considering buying
    her again to do another video on, see how she is now. After watching this,
    I definitely think I need to do just that

  37. Do you feel that the ship is more accurate then nagato?

  38. Yay just when I’m grinding this ship.

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