World of warships – Columbia aka new Cleveland at tier 8 WiP

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Here is a new test ship which is work in progress but you can get an idea of the upcoming change of tiers that’s coming. It’s a light with no armor and it dies rly easy especially if it’s bottom tier (remember this thing will have to play vs tier 10 as well) but everything else it nice. I would compare it to a British with no smoke screen. It’s not always gonna be easy to play cause you don’t have a lot of gun range and the shells are super slow but it can be very effective if you have some backup.


  1. Poor bismarck I can hear his tears along with the Yorch crying that they couldn’t kill a single cruiser

  2. 2:24 This ship have 12 guns right? How can he get 13 hits then? 9 pens and 4 shatters? defuq?

  3. So how do you like her?

    • I think she can be fun in proper battles, but when bottom tier and big open maps, you gonna need some DD magic to keep you alive

    • Another thing I don’t understand is, why no difference speed, I would consider a light cruiser to be a little quicker then a heavy cruiser…or do they just go by gun size..

    • The light vs heavy cruiser stuff has nothing to do with sizes, engine power, maneouverability or anything else. Not even armor. A light cruiser was any cruiser with weapons of 6 inches or smaller, a heavy cruiser was any cruiser with weapons of 8 inches. And there were a good number of heavy cruisers which were both smaller ,far less armored and faster than light cruisers (for instance, compare the Mogami as initially built, or the Brooklyn, with a York class heavy cruiser)

  4. Nasos Charalampou

    You have to over extend and then stays behind islands cause of no armor.Where is the over extention in that?I have a feeling wg will do something about the really low range,or just make a mogami of old out of her with huge grinding frustration,thanks for the preview btw

    • What I meant is: you have to be the deep looking at the minimap cause of range of your guns and slow shell velocity. You will be the most exposed ship. How are you gonna stay alive is up to you.

  5. That music is soooooo annoying.

  6. do you have expert marksman or do you go without?

  7. 12.33 “this is without flags…” 13.01 Over 22K commander EXP…. LOL

  8. Daniel Alexander

    So this is just Cleveland with radar and spotter plane? How does the armour differ?

  9. I also have another question I want to clarify, based on what answers I got from the last 1 I asked about the US cruiser split.
    So if I unlock and buy the Pensacola, ill still have it after the split but it will just be moved to tier 6? And ill have the new Tier 7 New Orleans unlocked?

  10. 9:35 How can I switch the aiming view left to right like this?

  11. are u using john doe ? captain aka steven seagal ?

  12. The Defenestrator

    Not looking forward to the sub 15km range on a large map and I’m bottom tier…

    • In those maps you need to work with DDs, or should I better say your DDs will need to work with you

    • Cleveland already works very well with that same limited range when tiered at T8. You just need to know where to go, which cover to use, and when to move in and out of cover. And actively use stealth both to move into a firing position behind cover and to get away when threatened.

      It’s going to be a problem in some maps though. Tears of the cruisers or mountain range will be quite the problem. but for the most part I don’t see the range as such a huge issue as it might seem at a first glance.

    • My main worry is the super slow shell velocity. I’m still struggling with it at T6. God help me at T8….

  13. i want to know how good or bad the AA is on this ship?
    still shells who travel into space and comeback after half a minute (or longer)
    Still Atlanta clone
    gj wg

    • The AA is good, and I only run AFT here, no manual and no BFT, if you would invest into AA build instead of IFHE + DE like I did I think you would get strong AA but I’m not sure it would be worth it

  14. I currently have 11 points commander and 80k exp for my cleveland. Is it true that my 11 points commander will stay in Pensacola and cleveland will become stock after it moved to T8?

    • Yes, you’ll get a 8 point cap on Cleveland if it goes the same as last splits. All your current Cleveland modules will go into your inventory.

  15. “Someone is this team is BEYOND effective”… What? You praising a pubbie?… WHAT…

  16. Zlatan Brankovic

    ap kinda sux

  17. Those Ships didn’t have their papers

  18. Since the new Cleveland got buffed enough for tier 8 (better armour, radar, faster gun reload & turret traverse, great concealment, …), they could buff the Mogami a tiny bit too. With longer range hydro and more usable torpedo arcs, would help a bit.

  19. I was all worried the guns wouldn’t hold up at T8. They seem to do fine. That’s just me being used to US CA line… how do you live without 203mm!?

    • Cleave never had 203mm guns, this is the light version, there is also the heavy version with 203mm guns but this one is better for me

    • Oh yeah, I meant the smaller guns had less armor to deal with at the T6, didn’t know if they would stop doing consistent damage against higher tier armor.

  20. So, same as T6 cleveland but with proper decent turret traverse, excellent concealment and somewhat faster reload on the main guns. Oh, and radar.

    Judging by how effective Cleveland is when uptiered to T8 already, this seems like a quite good ship, as it gets rid of most of the annoyances of the class. I’m a bit puzzled it has so little hp advantage over current cleveland though. But I guess current cleveland is an anomaly for T6 healthwise, and the T8 iteration has enough hp anyway.

    Only doubt is how is the rudder shift and turning circle compared with the current T6 ship?.

    This line will require heaps of positional skill to do well, it’s plain to see. Limited range and no smoke gimmicky BS means it’ll demand good map knowledge to know where to go to cover as much space as possible with it’s limited range, and a lot of awareness about using proper cover and when to move vs when to stay hidden. So none of the ships of this line looks noob friendly at all. I quite like that ,we’ve had enough OP and gimmicky stuff added into the game already to suffer yet another powercreeping line.

    At any rate I’m already bracing for the “the new line sucks” threads in the forums from the yolorushing crowdXD.

    • Everything is good besides shell velocity and armor, it’s a rly fun ship as long as you have some support. Either dedicated smoke bot or islands. But don’t forget this thing will play vs tier 9 and 10 ships and trust me it ain’t fun being there 😉

    • Atlanta already matches vs T9s with alarming regularity. And I run mine without AFT (I’m using the cleveland captain on it, not enough points to spec it with IFHE being a must ;)). And it’s rare the T9 game I don’t score in excess of 75k. With a range of 11km ;). Though I freely admit ,some maps WILL be a problem the same they are for the Atlanta…but not the tiering on itself.

      Not to mention that I run my baltimore with reload module, not range (15.7km is enough for me), and that I ground it from stock (meaning 14km) with the reload module XD.

      14.7km range doesn’t scare me in T10 games, trust me ;).

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