World of Warships – COMEBACK is real !!!

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Do NOT forget about ro16 and quarter finals 28.10.2018 at 14:00 CEST on my twitch
This is one of the games from yesterday and boy oh boy was it a surprise 😉
You can check how the rest of Bo3 went on my twitch channel



  2. POMF is the best in the warudo!

  3. 2:38 That’s definitely a volley from the Yamato. With a perfectly sized gap for the Worcester.

  4. What makes the Hakuryu better than the Midway?

  5. Top 10 Anime Comebacks

  6. So did OM win in the End?

  7. Ah, The ‘ol stack the team with broken cruisers, grow complacent and lose trick.

  8. I guess you liked our game xD

  9. one thing i like about wows is that unlike wot, comebacks happen quite often if the leading team overextends or becomes scattered and victim to focused fires… in wot, the snowball effect once one team gets lead in kills is usually too much for anyone but best unicums to stop – and sometimes even best players cant carry

  10. 21:18 look at the PROMF team’s plane kills. Almost all on the carrier and DD. I would say that OM used their carrier wrong.

    • Commander Cornflakes

      +Thinking Mantis o.O
      Did you … even watch the video?
      – You actually think I (the CV in this video) tried to hunt and sink the enemy CV because you saw in the end screen that he shot down 15 planes? You don’t think that has something to do with his 4 fighter squads?
      – You think it would be better to attack cruisers instead of the Grozovoi, when these cruisers have stronger AA, have more DFAA consumables with a higher duration and where close to other ships with additional AA? Or to attack a BB that is also close to these cruisers?
      – You’d prefer to attack groups of enemies with fighter cover instead of an isolated Grozovoi where the enemy CV can’t intervene because it was too close to my team’s Worcester?
      – Btw. I lost 47 planes to these two, which is less than half and not all planes. Unlike the other CV I wasn’t already deplaned midgame.

    • Commander Cornflakes – well, haha, there you are 🙂 My chasing CV comment was in response to your “fighting enemy CV” comment. I should have written carrier/plane hunting instead of carrier hunting, I wasn’t insinuating that you were sending all your planes to the edge of the map. My point is that your planes were very much dying around the DD and to a lesser extent, the carrier (planes). The BBs were relatively static for long periods, and putting in some additional effort there could have really helped. Especially the one Yamato had a big influence in the win, and forcing him back could have turned the tide. Anyway, I will watch the battle again and pay attention to the exact path of planes, but maybe you see my point.

    • Commander Cornflakes

      +Thinking Mantis I admit that I concentrated way too much on the Grozovoi ^^
      I had hoped to kill him fast after he ran out of DFAAs, but he did some nice dodges and had a little bit of RNG on his side and then I just tunnelvisioned on him until the game was over xd
      (And sorry for overreacting on that misunderstanding.)

    • Commander Cornflakes – no problem, thanks for calming down, and explaining your thought pattern, it is quite interesting to hear how good players think when you see their games. Sorry if I came across very critical, I didn’t mean to put you down, shit happens, and I didn’t really notice myself that anything was up until I saw the stats afterwards. I am not an especially good player, something like 500 games and 54% winrate. It is also very easy to criticize from the sofa, compared to actually playing. Good luck with future games. Will you post more from this series? I heard that in the end you won?

    • Commander Cornflakes

      +Thinking Mantis yes, we won against PROMF 2-1, but lost against OMNI in quarter finals.
      I don’t know if Flambass will post the other battles too, but you can watch them on Twitch:

  11. I have a request, stop using Hashidate at the beginning. That is offensive to good weebs and subject to hentai. There are black swan and orlan and erie too and bouganville as well omg

  12. Thaaa maaaan

    Question.. why stalingrad in competitive? (Spelling)

  13. That’s what you get for camping.

  14. What you casters need is some way of keeping track of cooldowns/reloads. Less “oh shiiiii missed it.”

  15. I dream of a real spectator view in WOWS, with player pov…
    This RTS view is too limited.

  16. Back in the day’s, where OM was THE Clan.. 😀

  17. Playing against Worcester is so fun…

  18. アドミラルヒッパー

    Imagine. Space Battleship’s shots of rail guns spread everywhere.

  19. It’s like watching paint dry.

  20. Which one of the Commentators does NOT let the other one speak??????

    Absolutely irritating! LET THE OTHER GUY SPEAK TOO!! GEEEZUS!

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