World of Warships- Commander Rework Secondary Battery Testing

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the commander on the PTS server and test out the secondaries on the higher tier German and the Ohio. Enjoy!

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  1. Went on the PTS with full secondary odin and got 65 of 565 secondary shell hits, most shells weren’t even past 8-9 KM.

  2. i wish they made the secondary accuracy an option, either have the 60% accuracy buff to one side or have 35% buff to both.

    • 60% to one target is way better than 35 to both. Currently unimproved secondary build is quite dead.

    • @I Gusti Praba I have like 700 battles in my Bismarck with full build secondary with Lütjens, and i find the secondaries very effective and fun especially with his buff active and if im half health, my guns don’t stop lol and i have beaten t9 and 10s with it. I don’t think its dead but in t10 games i just never get close enough as at T10 its just a long ranged, HE spam matches where secondaries are pretty useless.

      There are times though when firing from both sides would have got me the kill, gained extra damage, fended off a destroyer that’s flanked ect ect but yeah i would still go for the 60% but at least the option would be there.

    • @The Bradford I’m talking about this rework version. Secondaries is pure trash here.

    • @I Gusti Praba ohhh okay

    • @I Gusti Praba Yeah there are just too few situations in random battles where you can have the enemy on both sides of your ship. However if you do run into that kind of situation, it’s very likely that you are been cross fired and very close to getting sunk

  3. WG: With this rework, we wan’t to promote different playstyles.
    Also WG: Let’s kill the only battleship build that is an alternative to a detrimental border-hugging sniper.

    • Their is always an AA build. i hear Vermont has god tier aa.

    • @Jay Werner Only because it has defensive AA consumable – though it is good, I’ll admit. Question is – how good will it be after the skill rework, if you factor all the toughness bonuses for aircraft as well?

      Besides – I don’t feel like torturing myself in Vermont line, unable to reach any sort of reasonable speed.

    • @Jay Werner Vermont AA is *kinda* good, but once you encounter a he spammer who just rips it all off, then you don’t stand a chance

    • @HidesHisFace and also one fewer charge of defensive AA after WG get rid of superintendent

  4. Never used money on this game, never will!😂

  5. Germans ships exist, Wargaming: NERF

  6. They made it 21 skill points so people can get back to builds they already have on the live server, such a rip off. Moved the goalposts and forced a grind on everyone

  7. I am going to stop playing this game if they implement this in the game, i like playing german ships most, but now they are trying to kill that fun

  8. I’ve done some math and I think i figured out what happened:
    Originally Manual Secondaries reduced dispersion by 60% to 40% of the original. Since the dispersion ellipse is two dimensional this means that the size of the dispersion ellipse was reduced to (0.4)^2=0.16 or 16%. Now if we assume that the target is smaller than that ellipse and that shells have an equal chance of landing anywhere within that ellipse we can say that the chance to hit the target is proportional to one divided by the area of the ellipse. One divided by 0.16 is 6.25. That means that with the old manual secondaries the chance to hit a small target at range was 6.25 times better than without it.
    With the new manual secondaries the reduction is only 35% to 65% of the original. This means that the area of the ellipse is only reduced to 42.25% ((0.65)^2=0.4225). This means the accuracy is only improved to 2.37 (1/0.4225=2.367…) times. In addition we can get the other side firing with base accuracy for a total 3.27 times the effective firepower . This means that the new manual secondaries skill is only 52% as effective as the old one.
    What I think that WG did is they only looked at the width of the dispersion rather than at the area of the ellipse. If we use that to calculate than the old manual secondaries improved effective firepower by 2.5 (1/0.4) times while the new secondaries give 2.54 (1/0.65+1) times more firepower. By this metric the new skill would even be a bit better than the old one. However the math is just wrong not taking into account both the width AND the hight of the ellipse. If you wanted to match the old skills effectiveness while taking into account the other side you would need a reduction of dispersion of 56.4% on the new skill (1/(1-0.564)^2+1=6.26) which is almost identical to the value of the old skill.
    Furthermore these calculation dont take two major factors into account. Firstly situations where you have targets for your secondaries on both sides of the ship are significantly rarer the situations where you have targets only one side. Secondly many ships have some of their secondary batteries on the centerline meaning they can only fire one one side at a time. Both of these combine to further reduce the value of the second side of your secondaries below the value of 1 which I assumed above.
    Of course all of these equations only hold in situations where the profile of the enemy ship fits entirely into the dispersion ellipse, which means either targeting small ships of targeting at long ranges (for secondaries) however considering secondaries show their greatest value in being able to deal with DDs and considering that being able to deal damage at range is paramount in battle between larger ships I feel that these assumption mostly do aply to the reality of the game.

  9. I’m done with WG. They can play their sh** alone.

    • ივანე მასხულია

      +++ i am aslo considering to drop this shit. Already playing less. Borderhuging, he spamming, smoke farming, island farming.. well, no thanks, there are better games out there.

  10. All WG had to do was say, “60% accuracy on secondaries to targets you manually specify, the opposite side secondaries fire automatically with unmodified accuracy.” Small buff to secondaries, nothing game breaking. If they were real chads, they’d apply the dispersion buff to sub-T7s, so Oklahoma could be good. But even still, people asked for secondaries firing on the off-side. This is pretty much the opposite of what anyone wanted.

    • WG shows that they have poor people’s mentality – they get a heart attack every time they even think about giving away some pixels.

  11. Let it also be mentioned, “let this sink in for a moment, German CVs have better dispersion then the battleships” makes a wonder.

    • Oh and another thing, in the new commander skill tree for CV’s, there is no IFHE so there is literally no point in running a secondary build on any carrier except GZ and to an extent Erich Lowenhardt.

    • @Dr4kon M to be fair most German CV’s are cruisers disguised as a carrier.

    • @Vlad McCain Pretty much lol XD

    • @Dr4kon M why? who would go running into battleships and have secondary brawls with them in a cv? the secondaries on cvs are mostly against dds, and 26mm of penetration is more than enough for dealing with all dds

    • ​@Nick Li Mainly Graf Zeppelin players as the ships secondaries are godly accurate (even without manual fire for secondaries) and have 150mm guns and 105mm guns, running IFHE on the Graf Zeppelin is recommended when dealing with cruisers, it just gives it the extra kick (and in some cases they can be pretty effective against BB’s as well, especially the french BB’s), why bother you ask? Because the Graf Zeppelin’s planes are utter garbage and are in desperate need of buffs, but they just don’t receive them because the Graf Zeppelin is German and has to be complete dog shit in the eyes of WG. Because of the planes poor performance and because the ship itself has got shockingly good secondaries, it is more viable (and fun) to go for a secondary build with the ship.

  12. ივანე მასხულია

    They killed secondaries. They are already trash, but after this “rework” secondarie spec worth not even 3 points.

    • Secondaries on the German line were actually a viable strategy. Past 12-14km their main guns are practically useless, so a good strategy would be to stay at range for around 8-10 minutes of a match, then charge in to the point when the hp of the enemy was whittled down due to being out in the open to cap while the rest of your team could effectively fire on them from decent cover. It wasn’t overpowered or anything like that, but paired with the high chance that German ships have to get citadel hits due to the extra armor penetration on their AP rounds, and the fact that within 8 or so kilometers their resistance to armor penetration of both HE and AP increased, they were really effective brawlers that could punch out high enough numbers to get about one kill per full salvo with the aid of incredibly accurate HE secondaries.

    • ივანე მასხულია

      @David Potts I dont know mate, I have GK, and you must park reversed to enemy and farm him for long time and even after that secondaries will have 30% of your total damage. also you are much more likeli to get torped because you are stationary, much easier get striked by CV and spammed from 20km with HE.
      I have much more success just play tank build with GK.

    • @ივანე მასხულია you’re not supposed to stay stationary with a secondary build. It’s not really so much parking yourself in the middle of the point as it is your secondaries are supplementary damage, meant to harass and keep damage uptime and possibly even use up fire control than actually get the kill for you. The secondary’s range is 11km, which is within your main shell dispersion range so they are a lot more accurate, not to mention if you and your team are doing a decent job the enemy on the point should be around half hp.

      And the GK being a super BB will always be vulnerable to CVs, it’s a package deal with playing nigh every BB. Same with torps, although you shouldn’t be going after ships like DDs. CAs are manageable, as you are likely to get citadel shots on them and you can easily avoid their torps if you play smart. Torp evasion is just something that needs to be learnt, and there are telltale signs that an enemy is releasing a volley of them that can help you avoid them.

      Secondaries are just a playstyle that you had to get used to, requiring a DD-like situational awareness to make full use of. A lot of people in my own clan overestimated it and then dropped the playstyle because they believed that their armor alone can mitigate enough damage to take on several full health ships. A bralwer build is meant to finish a fight against multiple opponents, not start one, and especially not go anywhere near DDs because they’re like the guy who brings a gun to a knife fight. Honestly, it was just a really fun off-meta way to play the game. Personally I just stayed in the backline like any other BB for a while, then went into the point once I knew the DDs were taken care of and we’d gotten a good amount of damage off. It was something I kinda had to feel out was a good time to go in.

    • I think the new secondary accuracy improvement skill worth at most 2 skill point

  13. I’m very sad about this. The way I see it they want all BB the same, no specifics for each nation. They nerfed the fun in this game.

  14. WG just wants everyone to play at 20km.

  15. So secondaries are basically just a cool visual/audio perk now?

  16. when this goes live im quitting WOWS. that is just a fact.

  17. They found a way to nerf our good ships. AGAIN they are screwing with us.

  18. They better buff secondaries. That’s like the only joy this game brings me anymore.

  19. Woohoo they’re promoting passive play. As if we didn’t have enough long range snipers already.

  20. I don’t see why they have to nerf those poor german battleships, the only strong thing that they have are armor and secondaries, if you nerf one, the strongest one, they pretty much become bad ships

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