World of Warships Commander Skills Guide and Hints and Tips

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There are still many questions regarding commander skills in World of Warships after the commander skills rework. Many of those questions revolve around, training, transfers and re-specs. I also cover why specialty commanders like Halsey are so valuable, and why you need much fewer commanders after the WoWS rework than you did before. You can essentially use one Commander on dozens of ships if you so desire, greatly cutting down the need for doubloons and retraining many commanders. This guide should provide all the necessary hints and tips on the new commander skills in World of Warships to get you where you need to be.


  1. Hey! Haven’t watched wows in a while, how’s your child?🥰🥰

  2. Feels like I am the only person realizing how great this is.
    At least for prems you can have different builds for the same ship.
    Its great

    • haha meme builds go brrr

    • Only downsite is that an old 19p build now takes approx. 21 points to replicatie, so a staggering 1.2 million commander XP extra. The new system is definitely not bad if you have many premium ships but it sucks to grind all those millions of commander XP just to get back what you already had gained.

  3. All well and good if you have premium ships, but if you’re working your way up a tech tree line, or moving to a lower tier ship for ranked, or a clan battle.

  4. Kadir Can El Kurdî

    Hi Bro When will the nort carolina skills come?

  5. What happens if I dismiss a commander with the rework ??

  6. Also Allows for Multiple Commander Skill Layouts for Each Ship…. So you just Change Commanders for a Different Skill Set in a Certain Ship…. So you can 2nd Spec One Commander and then AA another for a Single Ship and depending on the Role you Need at the Time, Swap between the 2 Commanders, or More… Or even Build an All Out Brawler Commander for one Style of Game and a Sniper Commander for Another… Making Each Ship a True Multi Role Vessel for those that HAVE those Capabilities and you don’t have to keep Changing your Commanders Skills for Gold, just Change Commanders for Free…

    I’ve been Looking into all of this Already, and the Options will Hurt the Brain somedays… lol…

    I’ll Likely use that Skill Reset Button Soon, I haven’t as Yet because I have also wanted to Try Out the “Default” Settings that WG says are Optimal to see if they Measure Up…. I’ll just call them Workable in a Pinch, for those that don’t want to Think too Long and Hard Right out of the Gate, but in the End it will still come down to Personal Play Style…. The Recommended’s are basically for just Quick Tossing a Commander Together to see what a Boat can Do in it’s Basest Form, I’m pretty sure No One would Keep that kind of Set Up for more than a Few Battles once they see what the Ship Needs and what it Doesn’t….

    Like my Roma for Example, I don’t use Dead Eye, I don’t see the Point in it and it doesn’t Impress me…. My 21.7Sec Turret Traverse however, DOWN from Pre Rework’s 23.6Sec Traverse, now THAT Impresses Me… That is Far Faster than any of my Cruisers so far, excluding maybe Hotlanta, but I also have yet to look at ALL of my Ships…. So Right Away, Roma got a Special Commander’s Set Up to Maintain the Bullfighter Set Up I have been Running as Best as I can… The Loss of Superintendent Hurts, but not as bad as a 9x381mm Broadside does while Struggling to keep your Guns on the Boat that just Pasted you…. These Italian Battleships, if they are Anything at all like the Roma, are gonna basically be Big Fat Supercruisers without the Good Gun Handling over Range, but In Close are gonna be Damage Dealing Monsters that can Take just as well as they Give….

    As for Dead Eye, I think I have 1 Battleship, maybe 2, I actually Use it On… Florida NEEDS to keep that Distance, so I put it there for Certain… And I think I MAY have used it on Vanguard as well because these are 2 Very Soft Ships if they get Too Close…. I’m still not seeing it as All that Impressive, but I also don’t Park them so I may just be Gimping Myself by staying Mobile…. But Overall, there is Definitely alot to Like about the Rework, but also alot to Dislike about it at the same Time…. Superintendent is a Must Have for any Brawling Battleship, but the Rework seems to have Broken it Up into Several Skills now making it Less User Friendly, and Outright Expensive, for the Same Benefits….

  7. It would be nice if we could have locked in one commander to one tech-tree ship of each class… Another nice idea would be to allow us to change the commander’s skills on the fly for free. A lot of games that have character spec/skill trees dropped the charges to switch skills and just let you reset your skills out of combat. All-In-All though, I am liking the changes they’ve made. Much more versatility per commander… Best of all, you can now recruit a 10 point commander directly to any ship for any nation… and choose their looks and names to suit. Nice to not be left behind on the Commonwealth and European ships.

  8. Yes it does make one commander useful one many ships rather than just one class, though some classes need different skills sets, torpedo vs gunboat DDs for example. That being true only if you have several, or many, premium ships. So if you don’t have many make WG happy and go buy them. LOL

    The recall button is nice when you lose a commander.

    But the conversion to the new system is a PITA. But on the good side I have an excuse to play the game less untill the mood returns.

    I wish the “grease the gears” did a better job of increasing slow turret rotation like Expert Marksman did. A percentage of crap is still crap.

  9. This is what I have for my Shimakaze skills; PM, LS, TR, Conceal, SE, RPF, AR.

  10. Thank you for summarising it, but how can I see to it that Halsey or any other Commander is “trained for” a specific ship ?
    If the commander is trained for a specific ship, even if it is a tech-line ship, then changing this commander back from premium or special ships will not cost Dubloons, afaik. If I get a commander together with a ship (e.g. I just won an Asian ship) I can invest 1,500 Dubloons for a ten point commander that is trained for this ship. How can I change the ship the commander is trained for ? Is it even possible ? Halsey surely is not originally trained for Des Moines, is he ?

    • You can retrain him on a different not premium ship just as before, move him and then pay in XP or gold I think it is now. The captains picture shows what ship he is trained for.

  11. The thing I wish they had used is to name your own ship commanders.
    For example I use by Belfast captain on Nelson too, so I would like to name the captain T7 set up. Just am idea I would like to see. This would help when you have so many 19 point captains.


  13. I was using 1 commander on dozens before this patch. You act like this is the best thing ever. If it was on non premium ships then cool.

  14. What I don’t like at the current time is having a DD with no smoke, no radar and no sonar. It’s often tough playing it.

  15. Not convinced that having multiple skill sets for captain is good. I have all the tier X free ships and most premiums so a lot of 19 point commanders. If I move a captain around, I reduce the xp earnings on existing 19 point commanders which is not a positive. This rework sucks.

  16. What I hate is the fact that they took away my Survivability points have been taken away. Especially on ships that I wanted them on like the CA USS Charleston or the CL USS Atalanta etc etc etc.

  17. Thats what I like about the rework you can use 1 commander with X points to another different ship type without cost

  18. 一周前就知道了,舊消息,無聊內容

  19. Luis Filipe 'K3pler'

    Finally NoZoup Sir, You are the 1st CC to clear this out, I already had a suspicion how all that worked but since I don’t have a 21 or 19ner point Commander I had still some doubts. GJ TY

  20. Luis Filipe 'K3pler'

    Actually in other day I changed the same Commander from the Texas to Oklahoma and I was able to have 2 BBs different skill builds, Wut wth bug or something?

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