World of Warships- Community Contributor Mass Exodus: “Enough Is Enough”

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Hey guys, today we recap the departure of most of the major CCs from the CC program over the weekend, and I throw my two cents in on the issue.

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Super proud of all CC:s taking a stand! o7

    • @DarthDonPedro Are you delusional by any chance or just trolling, bad apples? you mean the accual people that tried to give meaningful feedback so the game improves for the better, or you mean the remaining big one who is a homophobic racist anti semite someone who uses racial slurs and apoligizes like he was right to use it and who only does meme videos with little to no comperable information compared to the CCs which just left. Thats some nice meme…

    • @Zarlev Who is that “big one”? (Honest question, I just don’t watch many videos.)

    • @Ulrich Vos Yuro, he didn’t leave the CC program plus he was being a really big case by himself, calling stuff to the leaving CCs from other platforms(not youtube but his discord channel and stuff) now reminder that his behaviour is deserving of him being kicked out of CC program and even bans can be considured in game becaus others were kicked and banned for way less and even a situation of no deserving, its pretty amazing what WG has left with out of CCs

    • @Zarlev Wargaming don’t listen to CC feedback. CC are the product. Whales are the customers. Soon CC program will be close down. There pushing Affiliates now. Paying big because WarGaming has the money. I seen this in real life, how corporations take down unions. Its sad I know but its life. Next year know one will know what happen on 8/14.

    • As jingles said though, wargaming just doesn’t care. They don’t give a flying rats puckered butthole about any of this. The only way they will even notice is if we, the players, start an exodus of our own.

      I know I’m uninstalling the game and telling them to shove it.

  2. I would say no new ship reviews for the intimidate future.

  3. Honestly I’m fine without these reviews of it means we are taking a stand

    • I don’t really mind WG doing PR disasters if they balance CVs by creating a separate game mode for CV and subs, then the random battles keeping BBs, Cruisers and DDs, then I wouldn’t even care about any meeting between CC and WG. I probably would even spend monies buying doubloons to retrain commander. The premiums isn’t even overpowered, I can even get some of them in the Armory. There are many people who play the game without caring about CCs, in fact I think its the majority, if WG doesn’t like CCs they gotta side with the potatoes.

  4. No reviews until WG fixes themselves. Posting them can only encourage players to buy them, and fork more money to WG. But don’t worry, you’ve put a lot of hard work into this channel and you know what maybe it’s time you got to keep some money for yourself, you deserve it.

  5. Personally I love the ship reviews, that way I know what to expect if I wanna get it or when I see it in game. However, WG’s greediness has gone too far lately. I’m up for a hiatus.

  6. No ship reviews that give Wargaming money for the time being. How about doing ship reviews of free ships/already existing tech tree ships? I’d be interested in that.

  7. I am enjoying the sh!t show enormously. I hope it results in some positive changes at WG, but I doubt it will

    • There will likely be a reaction from WG, but chances are it will all just boil down to the same anemic apologies they always resort to, “we promise to start communicating better” etc. etc., nothing concrete is going to come off it and they’ll put their hands over their ears and go “lalalala can’t hear you” until the storm has passed, as is their MO.

    • Free entertainment

  8. No reviews, maybe a series of videos on the hidden gems of the tech tree ships? Show how to play the game, and cost WG money for the server time, without spending a dime.

    • @Che Guevara Fuso is strong but there are ways to counter it.

    • same with Bayern, torpedoes, fires, sniping, being faster (ie. not being in a queen elizabeth or warspite), being a cruiser, Bayern’s guns are for all intents and purposes Shit, low accuracy not much lower reload…

    • @Che Guevara Quote from my own previous comment: “– people state just plain false things about her, like the guns being inaccurate.”

      They are not inaccurate for T6 BB, actually Queen Elizabeth is the only tech tree one that is objectively more accurate, and only Izmail is situationally more accurate (at close range). Bayern has american dispersion formula and 1.8 sigma. Compared to Fuso with Japanese dispersion formula and 1.5 sigma, Bayern’s shells land in a tighter pack on average at all ranges.

      There are only really two bad things about Bayern: AP pen is quite bad (still able to hurt anything at T6) and the AA is nonexistent. Everything else is at least average, like speed (4th fastest of tech trees, ahead of your beloved Fuso) and maneuverability. The armor is arguably best of them all, and she’s one of the few T6’s that overmatch T6 and T7 BB plating.

      All of this is of course just stats, but in practice as well she just is good. For me she was the most enjoyable T6 BB to grind, and the one I’ve performed best in.

    • @Wombat Yea that’s actually true tbh

    • @Wombat the problem is, warspite is just better for that sort of gameplay and QE is to and objectively, after gneisnau or Bismarck depending on your taste, German battleships are well and truly Shit, a sword in a gunfight to be honest, while the Royal Navy bbs are op, the french are better in all ways, the Japanese are still good and the Izumo has been buffed to the brink of OPness and the Yamato is now virtually unHEable with 50mm deck.
      The Americans are decent, the Italians are unreliable, yet somehow great, and Destroyers and cruisers feast on GKs, and comparing the German tech tree to the french is an alarmingly unfair contest,

  9. Videos about existing silver ships, and how to get the best out of them would be nice.

  10. Start a series of tech-tree ships at every tier, no money involved, yet not giving up the game/videos. would be a good way to boycott WG with their own game.

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      I can’t support that enough. For example, there are enough low-tier ships that have not yet been featured – or only to a small extent.

      And as my father used to say, “Other mothers have beautiful daughters, too!”
      There are plenty of other navy-related games out there, too. In the current situation, I would definitely try to make my channel broader and not depend on a single developer.

    • That’s a very good idea. There’s a lack of decent tech tree ship reviews.

    • @Fips von Fipsenstein you’re father sounds like a legend! Also some of my favourite ships are tech tree ships. Also most of the videos are a bit out dated as the games changed so new videos on old ships sounds like the best idea I’ve heard since the idea of leaving the CC program and not buying premiums! Lol.

    • yep i totaly agree. Seeing that gems like North Carolina, Baltimore, Chapyev and many other ships go unnoticed and are being played wrong

    • Yes please, lower tier tech tree ships get few reviews as of late.

  11. Re your “Don’t buy ships, etc. to force WG to improve.” Nope! WG, both in Tanks and Ships, is in “Screw the players” mode. They’re running the games into the ground in their effort to extract the maximum $$$ in the minimum time, before the games die. WG is Hellbent on that; it’s the company’s entire modus operandi now. Nothing will stop them. If players spend less, WG will just squeeze harder, dangling more and more OP shinnies to fool people into opening their wallets. Basically it’s just a long IQ test now: smart people will walk away from the games sooner, less smart player will keep feeding the beast. WG has absolutely no loyalty to its customer base, CCs, or anyone else. It’s all about greed now. Fuck the games.

    • Whether WG will be forced to improve or not, the only solution is to not feed them. If they change their ways, they will have a healthier game that they can get profits from for longer. If they don’t, they will get what’s coming for them faster. But if they keep getting fed money, they will just get away with being crap.

    • I’ve quit playing tanks after many years due to the pay to win is ridiculous

    • My theory here is that issues like the non-rendering shell tracers, invisible torps, curving torps and other such issues [plus the way sub spotting and detection mechanics work] are illustrating a simple reality: The game has reached its technical limit, and Wargaming know it. WG’s aggressive monetisation tactics, the lootboxes, all the other bullshit we’re seeing, it’s all an effort to pull in as much money as they can before the entire game implodes on itself from the technical strain. The reason they’re going ahead with Subs is that the consequent drop in visible ships will serve as a stopgap measure to keep the game in a semi-playable state to prolong the influx of funds as long as possible.

  12. Hey. I support not doing premium ship reviews until they listen. Just review tech tree ships for now? Am sure many will look forward to that.

  13. Salute to the smaller CCs leaving the program even though it hurts them.
    No ship reviews for a while.

  14. When you give WG money they don’t know you’re buying premium ships “to review for us”. All they see is the money rolling in. You said it, stop spending money and that includes to review ships. That’s my vote and you won’t lose views over it…in fact you’ll probably gain some for taking a stand with everyone else.

  15. Say what you will about the drama of it all, but can we all take a moment to just appreciate how spicy some of the memes are?

  16. I stopped all purchases from WG, except for premium days, over a year ago when their tactics were clear. Your decision is much harder but remember in and of itself your purchase and review will influence others to do the same, especially if it is a decent ship. There product is still over priced and hype helps them.

  17. I’ve closed my wallet because of this. As a player it’s the only thing I can do to support the CC exodus. Big shout out to you for showing support for the smaller contributors. That is huge and the decent thing to do.

  18. CCs: We’re leaving.
    Wargambling: Did you hear something? I can’t hear anything over the sounds of counting money.

  19. It’s pretty Clear that wg is deplorable on many many levels. However the “ big “ cc exodus isn’t going to change anything. Jingles has been branching off on other games for a while. Same with flambass. Mostly tarkov. Gibbins has been playing a ton of other games. Lwm who we all love btw has largely been Mia due to Yukon mess. They all had been quietly distancing themselves either consciously or unconsciously for a while. What’s going to happen is new ccs will replace them and the game will roll on. Add in the fact that only around 5% of the players are involved with wows social media and you realize the impact on the bottom line will be negligible. That being said , Best of luck to those ccs who took a stand! I imagine they’ll still Stream wows and I’ll still support them

    • No more CCs. WG already has an ‘affiliate’ program launched and they’ll pay the affiliates to pimp their gambling model and other cash generating schemes.

  20. I highly recommend watching Jingles video, he does a good job explaining how WG think, and why they dont think they need the CC program anymore!

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