World of Warships Community Contributor Program – How to Become One – Win Free Stuff

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The community contributor program is getting a reboot, so to speak. Wargaming is finally going to let you know what exactly you have to do to become one if you are interested.

Also, community contributors are getting a wide array of goodies and free stuff to give away to the community. Something for nothing is always good, right?

I’m starting things off with a headhunter event. Sink me in game and immediately type “Forgive me Zoup for I have sinned” and I’ll give you a CC container (while supplies last). This is good for the month of May. See you all out there.


  1. Three Amigos reference? You sir have made my day!

  2. I think we all know what happens when someone wins a free camo during your stream.

  3. Aww I can’t sink you cuz you are in EU and Im in ASIA

  4. lmao im lacking in camo all the time tbh

  5. Michael Clemente

    Would like to know how to become a super tester.

  6. Great! Ok! So out of the many I follow on wows I seem to enjoy your stuff much more! And I’d welcome the chance to learn from you!!! But as I’m in the NA server! I don’t think that will be a thing I’ll get to do! So for now I just learn from here! Keep giving your goodies to those who deserve it! And please keep us All informed on the how to’s of the game!

  7. Does wargaming insist that u give stuff away or can you keep some of it for yourself ?

  8. Those poor souls that do not know the tale of invisible swordsman and the singing bush lol

  9. No thanks just watch the batch of The Stalingrad vids released from many of the WOW CC’s and not one said this ship is broken, or OP. They refuse to be honest with it. They are too busy kissing WG ass then trying to be the adults in a room of Russian little kids and saying you know this is a bad idea.

  10. Does 20k damage on your Alsace qualify? New camo would always be nice though

  11. Good on ya zoup. Been hoping to join the CC program since I started my youtube, information they’ve been giving lately has really helped me form some kind of direction for my channel lol.

  12. Catastr0phic Disaster

    Love your vids man.. Wish I saw you in more matches.

  13. awesome sauce

  14. even though its called the Forrest moon, it’s name is Endor. I looked it up, still not a planet though

  15. This sounds really Amazing, Hope to see You on the High Seas………Captain

  16. What if you’re on my team!?!? Lol.

  17. Hi Zoup
    I may have missed something but you did not say how to become a contributor?
    we have been on the same team each time I have seen you in game, your one player I thank would be hard to kill.
    look me up next time you see me ingame name is the same as here.
    Charles Myrick

  18. So…..about those camos….. I um….well i have virtually no camos left. well decent camo anyways. plenty of the 3% detectability ones but thats about it. So i guess what im saiyan is if you read this and find it in your heart I am in DESPERATE NEED of any and all camo available. Im aware this will prolly not get me anything but hell i figure if i dont try i certainly wont be gettin anything. Like the old saying goes If you dont swing the bat you will NEVER get a hit

  19. Challenge accepted!!

  20. So how do I sink you if I’m on a Asia Server?…Just gib me my container cause you would definately die if you were against me 😛

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