World of Warships – Complicated

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New Japanese underage boats announced! Woohoo! Or not woohoo, depending on how complicated you enjoy your gameplay. Allow me to explain…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Love your videos jingles, keep up the awesome work you sexy beast ?

  2. almost thought this was going to be the avril lavigne

  3. Only 38 views?! Nani?!!

  4. idk why i watch this i dont play this game… oh thats right i just listen to Jingles voice XD

  5. jingles you are clueless

  6. Jingles, Inertia Fuse High Explosive decreases your fire chance by 3% for guns of above 139 mm, 139 mm guns and below decreases by 1%.

  7. If you’ve have gotten to a T8 DD and you don’t have a 10 pt captain then your doing it wrong

    • not using xp flags because I dont want to invest so much? This was the whole point of the video, you have to invest a lot to make the akizuki work and the OP of this comment implied that the problem would basically solve itself just by grinding the line. if you have the gold to instantly train captains on new ships or use a lot of xp flags then this proves the point I was making in my first comment.

    • I don’t know if you don’t use gold to transfer captain whether you will have enough exp for 10 points

    • I have a t8 North Carolina and I don’t have a ten point captain

    • If you have Elite commander XP from other ships/captains its easily done.

      However if it is your first grind up to T8 and don’t have any max commanders yet, then its not so easy to have a 10 point (let alone 14 point) captain, by the time you get to the Aki, without investing heavily into flags/camo.

    • Tbh, 14 pt captains are must for t8s. And 17 for t9s.

  8. I for one welcome these new underaged boats. I love them! Now I believe there is a knocking at my door with sirens for some reason…

  9. Doesn’t IFHE only drop 100mm guns fire chance by %1?

  10. For me, I did the Arpeggio of Blue Steel events, so i have quite a few Anime Girl captains with 10 points. I used Iona for my Akizuki.

    • Actually it’s Isoroku

    • i use my 19 points Hiei in akizuki xD , but i still can’t do well in her if only it had a base speed of around 37 kts :/

    • I actually use my Iona in my Harekaze just because the captain you get with her only has like 7 points to begin with and my Iona has 16.

    • Was thinking if I can use the mogami 155 captain on it, since it also requires ifhe and I may not need to redistribute the points

    • SpectreBGM well the ship that inspires the new tier IX, Akizuki-kai was an improved Akizuki with a variation of the Shima’s engine that should had allowed him to reach +36’5 kts

  11. Look Jingles, PLEASE get facts right before you make an educational video. IFHE only gives a -1% fire chance reduction for guns with a caliber of smaller than 139mm. That means Akizuki is still almost as good of a firestarter as she was before.

  12. 16:42 The kitakami and the haragumo. Actually jingles its kitakaze :^)

    • They could build a wall like we never seen before, a wall that no skill would match, even the torpedo beats gods would bow to the greatest wall ever build.

    • Then Yuro proceeds to move through that wall and get MAXIMUM SKILL OVERLOAD achivement.

    • :thinking:

    • PrinzDragoon *kicks you into salt pit* This is Sparta!

    • The Horror Stories from Beta… there were Dark Times my friend, Dark Times…
      the walls of skill were real and remember this was before the God of Torpedobeats began installing a little bit of sense into some of the community, and i think before a large Torpedo nerf as well…
      3 of them working together would turn the sea into Torpedo soup

  13. you should ideal get a 14 pts to be competitive in akizuki not 10pts, because you need CE to contest cap

    • you basically need to use all captain xp camo and flag to boost your capt to 14 pts when you reach T8 not during T8, when you reach T8. normally for a unflagged or uncamoed ship, you only get 8 pts when reach T6, assuming you have 55% WR and only get first win and transistion your capt to the next ship asap, starting from tier 1. like many said, you need to use zulu hotel all the way from tier 1 to T8 to get 14 pts at or  during T8

    • To be fair I have around 1500 zulu hotel flag so I didn’t realize it…..they aren’t hard to get anyway.

    • I had a 13pt captain when I unlocked it, should’ve stayed with the Shiratsuyu until I got the 14th point unlocked but eh, I was stupid, so i had to grind the remaining 75k captain XP to get IFHE (I had concealment as the first 4pt skill because that was more useful with the Shira). Felt kinda unintuitive to fire AP at battleships with your DD but it worked reasonably fine as long as I played really smart.

    • +Linze Li Every ship I start with a fresh captain the fun of being a collector with every ship.

    • @K_A Basically the same for me, except I ended up spending some gold to respec to IFHE and got CE on my 14th point.
      @Linze Li That might be the case for you, but that doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. I’m pretty sure you can’t buy individual flag types in the EU shop, and not everyone has the skill to earn them consistently (I don’t remember the requirements, and am not able to check ingame right now). To be clear, I didn’t have too much of a problem, as I had a 13 points captain, and as I said above I respec’ed for gold to switch from CE to IFHE in the meantime. But this might not be as easy for everyone.

  14. Your lack of Survivability Expert horrified me, Jingles!

  15. jingles. its called akIzuki. not akAtzuki…. -das two different ships…

  16. Actually Jingles, a 100mm gun will only lose 1% fire chance with IFHE and this still leaves you with 4% so that….

    ….eh… Jingles?

  17. i have an Akizuki with IFHE and never noticed less fires, the guns reload fast enough to to saturate targets. The only problem i have with this ship is it”s length

    • That’s because for a few months now, IFHE only reduces the fire chance by 1% for guns of 139mm caliber and less. Throw in demolition expert and signal flags, and you still have 3% more fire chance than stock value (i.e. 8% total).

  18. Akizuki full concealment 6.0km, Benson 5.8, Kagero 5.4

  19. Use Yamamoto on Akizuki. Farm First Bloods. Enjoy fireworks. Feast on the tears of enemy DDs. Die shortly after. The end.

    • Or grind kraken, and can’t use its ability because game ended

    • Ahahaha that’s exactly what happened to me. 😀 My only time where I’ve got both first blood AND kraken in the same game, I couldn’t use up all my consumables and the heal went to shit as the game ended in like 1-2 mins afterwards. :”D Waste of Yamamoto.

    • Frozenstein well, yamamato skills sucks most of the time. So it is good that he gets some skill buffs

  20. A few corrections/additions as an experienced Akizuki captain:
    -With only 10 captain points you NEED concealment expert. NOT IFHE. Having a bit harder time to deal damage is secondary if you get outspotted when entering a cap and die
    -IFHE reduces your firechance by 1% not 3%. Due to the large volume of shells you can pump out your fire starting capabilities are very good (at base you are at 8 fires per minute compaired to eg. a Zao with 10 fires per minute and you profit more from demolition expert than a Zao)
    -Akizukis concealment is very competitive, you only get outspotted by other IJN DDs. Your 5.9 km concealment is on par (~100m) with high tier USN and Pan Asian DDs, so you are a very capable cap contester.
    -The only real downside of Akizuki if you have a 14 point or higher captain (which you should have) is her maneuverability. The large turning circle in combination with bad acceleration is the real challenge when playing her. When fighting other DDs their torpedos are far more dangerous than their guns. In a pure gunfight you kill almost all DDs.

    • @Sam… I don’t know what server you’re playing on but on the NA server at least it seems like you might see a CV player every 10-15 games so AA spec seems kind of pointless.

    • @frozen – Unfortunately some people don’t have 14+ point captains when they get to the akizuki.  In my case I kept my primary Jap DD captain going up the Torp boat line (was already t8 and didn’t want to backtrack to t6 with him to go up the gunboat line.  So I used a second Jap captain that had 9 points.  By the time I unlocked the Akizuki he was 12pts.  I learned quickly that the Akizuki is a different animal compared to other Jap DD’s and the standard captain progression wasn’t going to work.  So I spec’d from CE to IFHE because I found that most times while trying to cap or contest caps the enemy DD (if he was good) would charge me down and force me out of the caps.  It’s nearly impossible to keep that from happening unless you get a lucky torp hit on him as he tries to rush you down.  Switching from CE to IFHE, means that your forced to go from a cap contesting role to a cap support role.  IMHO, this better suits a sub 14pt captain because it minimizes the Akizuki’s weaknesses while giving you a much needed boost to DPS.

    • i didnt have too many issues with it without IFHE as its AP is amazing against all targets! only the best DD players will angle to you at all times as they also got other issues, especially right for bigger ships that cant affort to only angle at you.
      still IFHE will be very useful vs those that know exactly what to do. anyway stick to AP when enemy shows broadside

    • Lord Yggdrasill I find AFT more useful that concealment, just stay at range and rain HE on targets

    • Except Khaba 🙁

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