World of Warships – Comrade Lenin

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Battleship Lenin, just like its namesake it’s tough, ruthless and doesn’t take any crap from capitalists.

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  1. Thank you as always Sir Jingle Jangles

  2. “No Radar…” Belfast and Borodino: “pls hold our Ale and Vodka.”

  3. I think our Gnome Overlord is perhaps a bit engrossed in “Starfield”, since his recent videos have been going up a bit later than usual.

    Jingles: “…no radars on either team…”
    Also Jingles: mentions the Belfast in the next breath.

    Never change, Jingles.

    • Don’t forget the Borodino. That ship has a radar as well, LMAO. All the radars are on the enemy team, and our hero’s team doesn’t get any. Ah, WOWS MM at its finest.

    • My point was that pretty much right after mentioning “no radar”, he mentions the Belfast. If he mentioned the Borodino shortly thereafter, it didn’t register with me.

  4. Jingles, it’s been a couple of years now that the Mahan got the Benson torpedoes, better than what the Mahan used to have…

    • What are you talking about, Mahan torpedoes are crap. They are the same as on stock Benson, but that has been the case since 2015, and Benson’s upgraded torpedoes are waaaay better.

  5. Tone definitely isn’t known for being a japanese hybrid cruiser with torpedo bombers


    Definitely not

    But that’s why we love you Jingles

    EDIT: Nevermind he realizes a couple minutes in. Joke’s on me

  6. 12:27 the kills are level – get your fingers out and count Jingles πŸ˜‚

  7. I see a Tone (a hybrid) and a Belfast (radar), and a Borodino (radar) all on the red team

  8. Great video! Love it when it ends on a ram x)

  9. Hell no, you featured my replay. BEST DAY EVER. Thank you very much

  10. Beautiful way to end a match.

  11. The class of ship being driven by OP here: paddle boat. Because he keeps handing out a paddling to all these cruisers.

  12. That poor Lenin had TWO separate instances of the ‘fall short’ bug…

    That’s got to have been really irritating for him.

  13. The repeated use of the horn as the Lenin closed in on the last ship on the enemy team while it desperately reversed away is golden. A clear challenge and warning of the impending inevitable death for that poor thing.

  14. Yes, this was a fun game! Time for another morning coffee!

  15. As a note to players, generally you do not want to ram a reversing ship of the same class and rough hp.

    Ramming damage is something I’m not 100% on, but speed difference plays a large part as does ship size and base hp.

    When you ram a reversing ship they usually take less initial damage than you. So if they have a ram flag and you don’t, when you are in the same class of ship there is a decent chance they survive it.

    Had two cases where I rammed a Lenin and that thing sailed away with a large chunk of damage but still afloat m

  16. At the end, the Borodino should have declared itself a friendly ship then physics goes out the window and merely gets some paint scrapped off. This game , really, but it looks good !

  17. LMAO I loved that ending. Definitely got a chuckle out of it

  18. Jingles: “there is no radar”
    Also Jingles: “the enemy team has a Belfast”

  19. Thank you Mr. J. for the video I can’t stop laughing at! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ That’s the way you both end a video and get Mr. J’s attention! πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  20. The radars were in fact loaded all in one team. Besides the Borodino, Belfast also has a radar.

    Neither ships are the best radars in the game, Borodino because it’s a battleship and Belfast because the radar has a rather short range, but they still were there.

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