World of Warships: Conde – The Torps Are Pretty Good Too

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Conde has something other than autoloaders too. The torps are pretty decent too.

0:00 Conde Intro
0:49 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:57 Conde Match
10:20 End Screen
11:08 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 11 heavy cruiser Conde.


  1. Hello,gotta be first for ur vids

  2. Question is, are the torps pretty good too?

  3. Hey Aarroon, still enjoying your content. Have you laid in this year’s firewood for grandpa? Aren’t you about due for a little proactive time off?

  4. Torps under the right circumstances can be quite good.

  5. @Oriol Guerrero yea

  6. what the hell were your teammates in C doing for the first half of the game? Brain damage?

  7. Looks good, but the cost will be to high.

  8. The one thing that I find peculiar is how they didn’t add another set of torpedo tubes on each side, in that structural block past the rear secondaries at 0:17. You’d think they’d have enough space for that, but I guess Conde with 8 torps on each side would probably be too broken.

  9. Great video again good sir Aerroon

  10. 国際連合宇宙自衛隊 伊吹一等宙佐

    Is the sea level effect a mod?

  11. Sir Aerroon how to play conde in PTS Server?

  12. D5'9H2BhxQVUCNW5!k#.4Q%DIAuIWSpmRotEL"XeMo#Wl*mcg5

    How are the torps in this game?

  13. > Be up by 500 pts with two caps and a 3 v 1 ship advantage against a Montana on 10k HP.
    > Also me: stops to cap.

  14. Bloody love you mate

  15. Coming soon: World of Modern Warships!

    Its like World of Warships, but its modern– instead of guns, you fire missiles from distances too far to actually see the enemy, so the computer guides the missiles for you! All you have to do is steer the ship through the open ocean

  16. Imagine torpedo autoloader

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