World of Warships- Congratulations, You Broke The Game

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So………maybe it was as bad as we thought it was going to be.

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Haven’t watched the video yet, but the title sounds spicy

  2. If you thought BB sniping was bad before the rework, oh man are you in for a treat.

  3. MeG_a_ReX on Blitz

    Congrats WG !!! More camping and more He meta. I even felt ashamed today by using the Thunderer.

  4. If you want to full dismiss a 19point commander you need 20k dubs KEKW

  5. “Kremlin is now slava”

    Dear God!

    “Wait, what is Slava?”


    • ​@ANUBHAV SHARMA that’s what i am saying, yamato would be benefiting more from dead eye compared to vermont but that’s not to say that vermont is bad in terms of dmg output

    • I don’t think Dead Eye is a really good idea on Kremlin, because you have to either give up 1 of your 4 heals, 10% of your concealment or the single superstructure fire for some slightly more accurate guns. And losing a heal is a huge nerf, because Kremlin already has 1 less heal than standard BBs(unless they took Dead Eye instead of SI). So I’ve decided not to go for it. For once I agree with Mr Gibbins.

    • “What do you have there, Slava?”
      “A dispersion buff!”

    • @CloneD Anon I played kremlin with a 21p captain for 6 hours today. It’s about as accurate at 20.8km as it is from 2km. Only range it’s bad now is 12km+ when dead eye is not active. other than that its insane. Hit 4 citadels in one salvo on a Montana from 19.5 km away.

    • Kremlin doesn’t have enough range to make this work, and they removed the range mod upgrade, so no, it’s not a slava

  6. Well looks like I finally have a good excuse to turn my extended hiatus from the game into a permanent one.

  7. Yea, I concur. After a few hours, I decided to just reset all my Commanders and take a break for a while. Not impressed at all with these changes. So off to play some Animal Crossing for a bit 🙂

  8. I dont remember this game is Sniper Elite on the sea lmao.

  9. This is WG: You will now have to grind 1.2 million cxp to get the exact same build as before…😅 Enjoy

  10. The reason Thunderer benefits less from Dead Eye is because it already has good dispersion. 10% of 200 is a lot less than 10% of 300… 😉

    • My Cunningham currently using dead eye, going for broadside salvo to one unlucky bow- in georgia, and guarantee more than half of those 8 guns hit… like very hard and I keep going to score hits consistently… making this ship more accurate is too broken to the already broken ship.

    • @Edward Monken My numbers were arbitrary, I don’t have the real ones ready.
      Your point is taken, but the reverse is also true: if there were an armor buff, it would do more for Kremlin than for Thunderer, because of the base stats. They’re just different ships, and apparently, you can now play ANY bb like a Thunderer except the Germans. 👍😂

    • Works great with the Masachusetts can hit ships better at 23km now love It….

    • @davis long I can only get Massa out to about 21.5… How do you get 23?

    • @AllAhabNoMoby 21.2 main guns use your plane dam near 23 I think and get the extra 30% longer upgrade and there you have It dead eye Is great on the Mass try It. I do 25% more damage now with It at long range….

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Just a bit of an update, I tried Dead Eye on other BBs and it is just as nuts, UU AS Dead Eye Yammy is one of the craziest builds out there right now.

    • @Nicolas König I noticed a lot of repu ships tonight, 4 in one battle. One on each team finished at the top.

    • @CloneD Anon Clearly we are playing different games in my game CVs got an entire tech tree to spec into, to increase their attributes.

      On the other hand what BB, CA, CL or DD specs in to AA, when AA does sweat fuck all compared to a sniping, kiting, survivability, stealth or hell brawling builds. No one does and no one will. I guess in your world we can expect all the CCs to start creating AA build videos explaining how great they are and why we should build in to them over other builds….

      No, CVs are the noobs best friend they are where low skill idiots hang out dunking on everything with no skill RNG bullshit like AP bombs, AP rockets and the abomination FDR with its immortal planes. Watch potato quality and his CV video.

    • ​@John Smith In “my world” i except you to understand yourself how the AA skills work and invest at least a bear minimum in them instead of just whining. CV’s got the LEAST buffs of all the classes and you are still whining! Instead of border humping as a Thunderer maybe try actually playing the game and you wont be dunked on by CV’s as much!

    • @CloneD Anon No one thinks AA is fine except idiots, every CC thinks this rework has made the game worse. Why dont you show your stats so we can all understand how unicum you are, maybe then we will listen, my guess is your a potato.

    • Great, as I was just planning to hop on the game after staying away for most of last year, ya tell me to get off for a few weeks

  12. Hey, No one will complain about CV spotting when everyone can spotted from the moon. @WG_Logic

  13. Imagine buffing sniping but being afraid to buff secondary builds. I’m gonna miss playing the French secondary builds it was fun while it lasted.

    • I still will. Those flanking runs can sure benefit from sec builds. I think its more a hybrid build now. If deadeye is this good

    • @Dave Quaschnick I don’t think it’s worth the points considering the accuracy nerf since only the Germans got an accuracy buff on secondaries I’d just go full concealment dead eye

  14. I just don’t want to waste my time with this crap. WG sucks the energy out of your soul when it should be an enjoyable experience instead.

  15. You have to pay to dismiss a commander ? WOW ! THEY must have a very strong Union !!!

    • No you can dismiss them for free. You have to pay if you want convert their skill points to commander free xp. You get 25% of their skill xp for credits and 100% for their skill xp for dubs. This is a completely new thing. Before you could only dismiss period, not xp recovery or anything.

  16. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass


  17. What if you wanted to see the shot connecting, but Mountbatten said:

    “The shot doesnt connect but look at this”

  18. i know testers who told me they voted against many skills, dead eye is one of them, there is one for the DDs , and all the CV skills

  19. “Monitoring the outcomes and nerf as appropriate” -> German secondary nerf incoming.

  20. “You have to pay for it?” – literally the least suprising fact on a F2P game

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