World of Warships- Congress First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the first impressions review of the new Tier VIII premium American cruiser Congress. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. So, a down-tiered, slightly (but not much) worse Alaska? What could go wrong…

    This is gonna pretty awful to play against, tbh.

  2. Great one SLM, cheers!

  3. I think ill pass on this as i have Alaska. PS..Good show last night.

  4. Go over her qwerks and features and give her a Doug score? It’s tempting cause I love the Alaska but I hate giving money to wargaming so…

  5. Just got the Congress today and I have to say that she is more effective than what it is named after.

    All jokes aside, she is fun to play and I would say it’s worth it at the base price. Would I play it over the Alaska… yeah, maybe, it depends… she is a solid fun ship.

  6. I have the Alaska, but I cant take it to T8 Ranked in this season (I wonder why the choice fell for T8 hmm)
    Also your dispersion in this game looked quite good, not like my Alaska recently.

  7. Great video. I think you have sold me to give WG some cash after 3 years!

  8. Aside from the usual “money-grab/clone” thing, this is a solid boat and fun to play. Nicely tanky, good guns, maybe not the most nimble, but certainly not bad. If you don’t have an Alaska, it is well worth it. I have an AK, the Congress is very familiar to play. The price is not out of line for a Tier 8 premium. But that is just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

  9. I think I will wait for The Alaska this year’s Black Friday Event.

    • T8 CW season Will be like restrict mini Alaska or ban him, ban kutuzov, BAN Enterprise, ban Enterprise, and… ban Enterprise? Yeah.

    • @Guilherme Victor actually with the rocket nerf it’s not as powerful… if not now somewhat balanced. Still the best VIII CV

    • I was waiting to ….but based on WG locking ships and events through massive paywalls and loot boxes… now I am not sure if it will be reasonably obtainable anymore.. @sea lord Mountbatten what you think ?

    • Just get Jean Bart a better tier 9

    • Vytautas Vaiciunas

      @therepublic21 JB is just an average BB. Overated af

  10. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Compare Congress to Odin This ship is an absolute monster against low tiers and can hold her own when uptiered And let’s not forget how it is vs other same tier cruisers

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      Odin has much better armor. Frankly you have to get a t10 Russian to find armor as good. Problem with the Odin is the current meta (long range fire starters) plays exactly to it’s weaknesses (low hps, easily set on fire), oh and the Odin’s guns aren’t impressive.

  11. bernhard reisinger

    As always, entertaining video!

  12. Ah yes, the opposite of progress.

  13. the fact that it’s a Large cruiser and named Congress pisses me off, it should be named after a US territory, like: Hawaii, Guam, Panama, Virgin Islands, etc.
    also as you mentioned in the video the Turret layout is incorrect since when this ship was first announced they claimed it was CA2-F. One of the things all the large cruiser preliminary designs had in common was at least 1 3-gun turret aft. this was because they US designers wanted a ship that could engage targets from multiple angles incase it was surrounded by enemy cruisers and 3 guns was decided to be the minimum to engage a target/direction.

    • Asian Expectations

      I feel that. In my head I think of it as the Philippines (I’m Filipino so I’m biased, it could really be any of the territories from that era). I don’t know if it’s design would have differed from the Guam or Alaska as the other 4 ships were never completed, but having an alternate superstructure (and the…interesting turret arrangement) at least makes it plausible.

  14. Couldn’t have said it better. Perfect take on it 👍

  15. I think it’ll also be nice for ranked seasons. That’s the only reason I’m still considering her.

  16. Thanks for the review. Got the Alaska when it first came out so I am going to pass on this one. Wish they would come out with the Saratoga in Battle Cruiser setup.

  17. The three gun turret at the top bugs me.

    • In reality, on some ships, like the Pensa, the hull wasnt wide enough to support the widht of a triple turret without weakening the hull structure too much.

      Here ? Idk, seems stupid, since its the Alaska hull 100%, and could easily support a triple turret close to the bow. Not to mention, raised triple turret barbette is adding much more weight, which could have been used elsewhere, on armor, for example.

  18. I bought it cause I can’t resist spending lol, but after citadeling a yammy I don’t regret the decision

  19. Thank you SLM,
    But even if you have Alaska, if you play competitive it could be a viable ship.

  20. Mario Andrés Rengifo Gonzalez

    Just bought it, I don’t have Alaska, my first 5 struggled a bit… but then all good, is a strong ship, I think it is a candidate for an upcoming nerf.

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