World of Warships – Conquered

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Conqueror 101: Hug the map border, fire nothing but HE and always try to save as much of your health as possible for the next battle. Not everyone appears to have gotten that memo…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles! Play more Cold Waters!

  2. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    Nothing better than tier X battles let’s be honest

    • Totally disagree?! Tier X has become garbage, too many people speeding to X without having a clue how to play….

    • I Totally agree. Tier X is like cancer. I LOVE my tier X ships. but playing them has become such a pain.

    • Rastko Dimitrijevic yeah i think that moskva i gave a paddalin to was one of those nopb players lol

    • Honestly? No. Speaking as someone who mainly plays T10’s. It’s all people who THINK they know better, despite all evidence to the contrary, lemming trains, and border camping. Nobody plays the fucking objective

    • Nope. Low-tier (and to a lesser extent mid-tier) battles are where it’s really at.

  3. Jingles, I dare you to show a video of Tier VI with 220k damage in a Tier VIII game.

  4. 100% willing to bet the dev who decided this ship wasn’t broken when they released it secretly drinks tea and is an agent of the British Empire

  5. 2 minutes since the video went out and three people all claiming to be first ah that’s YouTube for you, still a great chance to see the Conqueror played so well, she’s not a bad ship she’s just depressingly good at helping bad players be awful thankfully none of that in this video

    • Lovelacebeer are you implying im a bad player because of this match? Im the one who was playing it.

    • Joel Montgomery quite the opposite I’m saying you played brilliantly and that it’s just a pity that the Conqueror has got such a bad reputation because in the hands of a good player such as yourself the ships really shines

    • Lovelacebeer well i have my good moments but im no magician. That moska was very generous though.

    • Joel Montgomery well it’s always nice when you get obliging opponents who sail broadside and in straight lines, still great game and well played

  6. @Jingles Erm Jingles the Conqueror does not have 16 inch cannons they are 419 mm cannons so they are 16.5 inch cannons…..Jingles? *shotgun loading*

  7. 3:18 maybe You could look at the after Battle Report to see which, and how many of each ammo-types were used??? (If of course You have the after battle Report)

    • Maybe you should have waited until the end of the video – 16:06

    • JetsetUK – He means the Battle Report of _future_ replays, so Jingles can know which replays are and aren’t mindless Conquerer HE-Spam Replays.

    • JetsetUK just saying that When people submit this kind of replays They should send A picture of the detailed report screen so it would be easier for jingles to decide if it was worth his time. (Sorry for bad English) 🙂

    • To be fair, I think that’s what our Mighty Saltmine Overlord actually does, or else he wouldn’t have put this one up… the fact you tagged a part of the video where he was talking about the unusual use of swapping to AP kinda took me away from the meaning you were trying to say… don’t apologise for your bad English though, I am certain my grasp of your language is worse… ;o)

  8. Greetings from the salt mines!

  9. I find myself triggered by the lack of premium consumables.

  10. “Having Jingles on your deck shouting British insults at the planes will likely be more effective as a plane deterrent than turning on your AA” -Flamu, 15 Aug 2018

  11. Ah, the Conqueror, the Type 5 Heavy of the seas.

  12. I just realized something… We always say “oh, full health Conqueror at the end of the match”, but with that heal of his, he could’ve been fighting the entire time at the other end of the map, defended that flank and used his repair on his way to re-join the fight…

    • not really. The heal only heals back 90% of he damage and 100% of fire and flooding, so unless it was destroyer caliber HE that did no damage but still set fires, there would be at least some missing health the heal could not give back.

    • You don’t generally use a heal if you haven’t taken enough damage to get the full benefit so there should always be some damage remaining, also you can still see the damage on the ship even if the health was fully healed back.

  13. How many tier X British battleships are in World of Warships? 😉

  14. *load the salt and pepper*

  15. Conqueror=marmite?

  16. To play the devil’s advocate for Conqueror players: “If I’m stupid but it works…”

    • When it consistently loses matches, it clearly doesn’t work.

    • People havent figured it out because they arent thinking for themselves; simply following brain dead advice from the WGCCs on youtube ie MORE HE. wrong, completely wrong, they can do shit better it isnt the ship’s fault. Just like i had to laugh when Jingles said, “A Conqueror in a cap circle?!” more like, ANY BB in a cap circle? yeah, that’s me usually, in every BB, sitting at the top of the scoreboard in every game im in, despite losing. Yes Conqueror players do dumb and negligent shit, just like every other BB player. We’d be hearing about Montanas bringing the team down if they were still bitching about their citadels, but that got sorted out, they got their handicap and dont have to figure it out for themselves. HE is not a crutch, it’s a tool, just like it has others that get neglected hardcore. 21 second repair party with 60 second cooldown and best heal in the game should be a good start to the dick swinging contest – but no one cares because Flamu said “MORE HIGH EXPLOSIVE!!!”

      sheep man, lots of sheep.

    • +ArmchairWarrior you mister, have called other people “sheep”!
      That is not a very Canadian thing to do. Now apologize like a proper Canadian.

    • If it’s stupid, but it works, you’re still stupid, you got lucky.

    • Evilsamar then blame WG for making a ship be able to do this. They play within the rules and boundaries of the game. Its WG that made this ship idiot friendly with Wolverine healing factor.

  17. Please Jingles never mention premium amo again ! At least not in a world of warships context.

  18. Don’t know which is scarier. AN HE spamming Conq or a Conq driver who knows how to use both. Think I will go with B. Nice replay

  19. Another Tier X replay…how original… * sigh *

    Sorry, too much time mining salt. I got some in my…well nevermind.

  20. its a shinning example of that this is someone who is using the conq how it was intentionally designed to play, its got that ridiculous heal because it can charge in to take the damage and the concealment allows it to disengage when it needs to, it is funny when people shrug at how crazy the zao, moskvas and khabbas HE just utterly decimates people but when conq bring the HE to the table everyone is screaming REEEEE!

    • Conqueror players are more of a liability to their team than tier one ships in a tier ten game, while the three ships you mentioned aren’t. The guy in this video just so happens to be the exception rather than the norm.

    • The Qonqueror has:
      – The best HE of any BB
      – The best heal in the entire game, which more then makes up for the low healthpool
      – An underwater citadel which is pretty much untouchable
      – The best concealment of any BB which is better then some cruisers
      – Very powerfull AA for a BB
      – Amazing ruddershift (especially with the legendary upgrade)

      Do you legitimate struggle to see why people call the Qonqueror a battleship that requires no skill to perform well in?

    • best HE? maybe so its gotta have something unique, but its better that then say getting set on fire every 15 seconds by a zao at the most extreme range while its running away like a B*TCH! best heal? yeah but unless you run premium heal and the captains perk its a bit of a one shot wonder since it has a huge cooldown, besides burner cruisers love burning conqueror because it would mean “it prints more XP damage” an underwater citadel? you obviously not heard of plunging fire then you be surprised that its very vulnerable to that just like the Hindenburg, yes it does have very powerful AA but only at the start of the game, when it gets slapped around and the majority of its AA has been decimated which is majority is concentrated in its super structure it becomes underwhelming mid to late game, amazing rudder shift? eeehhh maybe, only problem again if you looked into the legendary modules that say notser did that yes you can get them to destroyers left of reactive time, but the ship is still a brick and has a wide berth turning circle, so it would still eat torps, besides…take a look at something like the French tier 10 that has about the same fire change, the only difference between the two is that there is more weight and a bit of a sucker punch effect on the conq, the reason why people don’t use it on the repub is because the AP is really effective, on conq you will get a lot of shatters and bounces with British AP, mean for pity sake ive got bounces and shatters on an Atlanta with my KGV…AN ATLANTA!

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