World of Warships- Conqueror 457mm (Community Replay #50)

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StatikTheWarmongerer with a good showcasing the 457mm guns on the , the armament that is never used due to the incredible power the 419mm.

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  1. CV is a female 🙂

  2. First is the enemy CV the famous Femennaly chick? very good CV player and why didn’t the DD try to help at cap at around 10min and gone behind even the CV, my thought is that they didn’t want to win, capping win games, play the objective guys,
    Thanks for the good lesson how to throw a game, Your team mate played good but his team no, i sadly agree with yesterday comments of Flamu about NA server, not you guys but some people don’t understand the objectives of the game, i hope i didn’t make you agree and sorry for my English, keep up the good work

  3. The 457s are actually really nice, ya know? Lots of penetration on the AP, and it works really well with the concealment. Its a t10 Warspite. If people just stopped this mindless HE spam, maybe I’d actually enjoy playing battleships again. The 457s actually are the heaviest shells in the game, so they retain their kinetic energy. They are surprisingly good at long ranges, perhaps as good as the Yamato at times.

  4. 8.11 Hahahaha, “very unprofessiona there”. You are the man 🙂

  5. 11.26 Also, very smart play not to use the heal yet, guess he takes advantage of Adrenaline Rush since no1 is shooting at him.

  6. Oh,my bad about AR

  7. Example 999999???? US carrier defeated by IJN carrier

  8. WG should just remove the 419mm guns

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