World of Warships: Conqueror AP

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Conqueror AP vs cruisers is pretty good.

0:00 Game
14:35 End screen
15:48 Port

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy Conqueror on the map Trap.


  1. First again this is amazing and nice vid

  2. Conqueror using AP?! Is this legal?

  3. third comment nice vid again (ı watched till end )

  4. Right turn Clyde!!

  5. Aerroon, I think you mean HE. You made a typo in your title.

  6. Good pronunciation and destruction of Östergötland.

  7. Faaake.

    AP shells are paid actors

  8. i guess i made my point on the previous vid about this worthless munchen. those brits ships can be blapped from any angle, no matter the heal 🙂 thanks for proofing my point.

  9. “Is my HE broken?” Yes, but actually no

  10. A Conqueror using AP? Wait isn’t that illegal?

  11. Shoot HE first, make them get comfortable showing broadside then switch to AP. Works everytime.

  12. don’t you love cronq dispersion
    when you fire AP, the shells go anywhere but the citadel
    when you fire HE, the shells all fly into the citadel belt and shatter

  13. Im back after 2 years. Your channel has grown 😀


  15. Wait, that’s illegal.

  16. Every time I see flat broadside cruisers I load AP with my conqueror only to regret it. It trolls so hard with tons of overpens and rarely a pen.
    That’s why I stick to HE lately and get more consistent results.

  17. I didn’t realize that British BBs in WOWS even *carried* AP. You learn something new every day!

  18. Jokes aside, the MegaZao is my favourite t10 BB. I love the kek HE and I use it 80% of the time. If I want to retreat from heavy fire or spit in the face of he spammer the PrintNewZao consumable is there for me.

  19. I still laugh remembering how I got my first kraken with the KGV firing almost all AP People were so confused lol

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