World of Warships – Conqueror Comeback

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Down to 25 points remaining, we as a team fight back and make it a real treat. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Conqueror Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Quick notser is now live on twitch go WATCH

  2. Oooof, that huge shot into the Des Moines. Great game. “Make like a tree, and leave, its make like a tree and leave, damnit, you sound like an idiot when you get it wrong” … great Back to the Future reference

  3. I get a lot of hassle off people when I change shell types. For example if I’m in my Montana facing against a ship that’s trying to bow tank, and I swap to HE… I get abuse from teammates.

    • Ignore there Ignorance everyone is a pro BB or CV in there own minds! I main BB pretty competitive and I use Republique my fire rate is 48% any ass who tries to tell me how to play a ship I have over 800 games in I ignore not worth the argument I use AP on angles I feel I can Citidel on if I don’t get that angle I HE!

  4. me and my clan named Conqs AP as Spanish Inquisition, cause no one expects it, 🙂

  5. Hey Notser? How you doing? Glad to see you uploaded today!

  6. I had a similar game to this yesterday. Enemy had all four caps, and I believe they were up to around 980 points at one point in the game. We managed to fight back and take all points and kill all enemies in the end. I ended up with four kills and 2305 base exp. Yet, I was only second highest exp earner on my team. It was some hard carry by my superiour teammate. Incredibly satisfying to pull off games like that.

  7. I hope you’re well notser. You could have taken a longer break, we wouldn’t have minded. Family first, always and forever.

  8. I was the Henri lol, I really enjoyed that battle.
    I was being bold going to A, but I didn’t realize how long the Roon had been unspotted. If it was just the GK, I would have been fine, but at least I knew how to aim the torps before I died 😉

  9. When I think of conqueror…
    **Still wakes up in sweat thinking of this battle**
    Angled in my montana, conqueror fully broadside in front of me. Fire 12 406MM super heavy AP shells into his belt. 11k dmg… He fires back, 12 HE shells, 15k damage, 3 fires.
    Next salvo, fired at his belt again, overpens, 8k. He fires back, oh look, another 15k and more fires…
    This goes on for 2~ minutes, I can’t turn and run because there’s a yamato behind him shooting at other targets.
    I die, the conqueror took a lot of damage and I feel like I’ve at least severely damage the canceror. Then he pops his heal, most of the damage I’ve dealt got heal back after 2 charges.

    • That’s because your in a montana shooting aT HIS BELT.. Montana has great plunging damage horrible at belt damage you wanna aim little higher with montana so it plunges through the deck Montana shells are heavy and with Montana plunging down onto target its amazing damage but firing into belt not so much ricochets are issue at that point..

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Street-Logic now that’s a fail.
      Regardless if it’s plunging fire or mainbelt penetration. BOTH ARE STILL PEN DMG by which 60% is healable with RN ships – slap that with RN superheal the same thing happens.

      You want to aim just beneath the smoke stalks – which is not citadelproof and pray to rng your bb shells plunge enough to overmatch that 19mm citadel deck. Citadel dmg js only 10% healable so it will certainly hurt even to a conqueror.

      Of course if the enemy is angled – then superstructure / deck pen dmg is preferred.

  10. Silent Assassin Gamer

    That was a great game Notser! I would’ve loved to see what was going on in enemy chat with how much of a lead they had and then you guys came back and stomped on them. It’s nice seeing a Conqueror shooting AP. Maybe more British BB players and, all other BB players who for that matter who fire nothing but HE, can learn from this 🙂

  11. The Conqueror can be a perplexing ship to play. Against certain ships, it is evil against others, I might as well bang my head against the keyboard. The Conqueror’s AP isn’t reliable, one game I can get 200k mostly AP and the next 37k from 40 rounds. A huge amount depends on distance to target and the ship you are shooting on, when it come to using AP.

    If you just shoot HE, you will as often as not do more damage but using HE/AP combination you stand more chance of influencing the battle.

    • True that.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah Conqueror’s AP from under 12km is actually devastating to any non-angled BBs. I only use HE against the bow-on ships or if I already expect a DD near me.

    • I tend to find that AP is very good against German BB’s (at most ranges), the Yamato if you know where to citadel), its doesn’t work great against American BB’s (under 7k) and not great against hull. Over 12k I find I have more AP success against US BB’s. The Hindenburg and Zoa tend to be immune to damage from AP, below 14k but beyond that I seem to do more damage. British cruisers tend to just over penetrate under 8k. American cruisers are an odd one, the Des Moines I will generally use AP on most of the time, but other US cruiser tend to be a little odd, under 10k I will rarely do a lot of damage with AP and beyond that it will either be citadel or overpen.

      Generally I use HE at extreme ranges 18k or over when shooting BB’s and against DD’s. Often I will start the game with HE, as I play aggressively, I will try to support our DD’s in cap or Shoot long range, then change after the 2nd volley to AP, as cruiser tend to be at ideal distance.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Michael Laing  To be fair, German BBs literally have no deck armor, so plunging salvo hurts them more. Yamato is easy to citadel at brawling range, their slow turret traverse without EM (legendary mod slows it down even further) makes brawling in your favor. US BBs are quite odd, I can only citadel them with either plunging AP against their broadside or point blank salvo to the superstructure. French BBs (Richelieu & higher) are somehow annoying from me. The only time I citadel them were against the lower midsection from extremely close range.

    • I don’t seem to ever get citadel’s at close range against US BB’s, particularly the Montana, which feels immune to damage at close range. French BB’s are odd, the Alsace isn’t a problem but the République is evil, doing tons of damage and taking hardly any back.

  12. I actually like the Conqueror. It plays more like a real WW2 BB, where going broadside isn’t actually fatal. The heavy belt armor of real WW2 BBs was meant to do that, something that WoW doesn’t accurately replicate. They would not angle in, as that would allow the enemy to cross their T. At least in that regard, the Conqueror is closer to reality than the rest of the WoW battleship fleet. Don’t even get me started on Yamato’s actual armor.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      The Repair Party itself while it restores some unrealistic amount of HP, the longer cooldown makes enough sense. The high fire chance on HE shells while being considered cancerous, is actually realistic enough since HE shells that barely set fire is utterly useless. Also the fact that Conqueror chews it hard when torpedoes hit it is more realistic than Yamato/GK being able to stay afloat after they took more than 5 torpedoes. I know there are some real mechanisms which actually work for that purpose but most WW2 warships could barely survive after more than 1 torpedo hit them. The only unrealistic thing about Conqueror is when it’s built for concealment. However the legendary mod/upgrade fixes it by reducing its stealth potential by 5%.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing  I think it depends upon which navy we’re talking about. In the USN, damage control was practically a religion, so I don’t have an issue with USN ships regaining massive amounts of health. RN ships were close behind, and probably ahead early in the war. US carriers shrugged off torpedo hits in 1942; even if they disabled them, they really didn’t sink them, such was US hull partitioning and damage control. Look at how many hits Hornet took from enemy and friendly torpedoes! Treaty cruisers may or may not take more than one; it depended upon the class and where the hit was. Strangely, a number of USN DDs took Long Lance hits and survived.

      RN antitorpedo mechanisms were generally superior to USN ones, especially where capital ships were concerned. The South Dakotas and North Carolinas were very vulnerable to underwater hits, especially the latter. Conqueror should be able to take several underwater hits without serious trouble, in the real world.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      The Swordguy if you are referring to underwater hits from shell fire…
      Conqueror like all British BBs are actually one of the worst protected.

      Past her 406mm belt lies a 250mm belt on the water line – which is a tiny strip barely extending below waterline.
      Meaning underwater penetrations will be able to bypass the main armour belt and directly hit that 60mm citadel – since there is no underwater belt armour just thin torpedo bulges and bulkheads – that are suited for torpedoes and not direct shellfire.

      North Carolina also did not feature this extensive underwater belt armour and was prone to such underwater hits.

      But heres the thing only 3 Class of Battleships have lower belt armour running all the way to the keel.
      Which is Yamato – Iowa – and South Dakota Class Battleships.

      Montana also features underwater belt armour – if 21cm belt armour (extending up to half way to the keel) with the rest of it being STS suited for torpedo protection.
      She’s kinda of a compromise in design between Iowa and NC. She has some underwater belt armour but it doesn’t fully extend to the keel.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer  That depends. Are we talking about the game Conqueror or the actual Conqueror, the Lion-class battleship? The Lion class built upon the KGV class, and was better protected. It did suffer from an average underwater protection system, but still better than most. It was designed to take hits from 1000 lb torpedo warheads, and survive. And, its belt armor was… Formidable.

      Sorry, but really no BB had belt armor running all the way down the sides of the ship and to the keel. The key was to extend the belt as deep enough as possible to allow for adequate protection from underwater hits, while still keeping it as small as possible to reduce weight. Typically, this meant down to the bilges. Some, like the South Dakotas, had sloping armor which went deep, true, but not all the way to the keel. The SoDaks were also a unique case with their machinery arrangement being literally on top of itself, so it needed that deeper, taller protection. Again, I’m talking real world, not game.

      Garzke and Dulin have some excellent discussions of the evolution and effectiveness of USN BB armor in their books, as well as that of RN BBs.

  13. Cancer is tough, but your mom is tougher! You can be sure that you are not alone, you have an entire community behind you. Never forget that. 🙂

  14. A lot of people complain about conqueror I don’t get it I main Republique I have little to no issues fighting them at all! they HE nonstop then you set them on fire if they repair you keep HE if they don’t swap to AP and if broad if not stay HE only issue is there heal but fine with me I could use the extra Damage for end stats!

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah Conqueror itself has issues when the enemies put more pressures to it. Worcester, Des Moines, and Minotaur have a field day on Conqueror from behind the islands.

  15. Hello notser how are you doing I hope your doing alright

  16. Yeah … all that AP into a cruiser. And when you’re caught between BBs – regardless of where they are on the map – it isn’t pleasant.
    I wish WG would limit the number of BBs in any battle (except Co-Op) to three. Tired of having to stay out of line of sight and do little damage just to try to live to the end of a game. Especially in my BB magnet, the Des Moines.
    Other than that … I pretty much love World of Warships.
    Although I agree with others when it comes to radar; as much as I love it, it should be limited to detecting line of sight ships, not those behind islands. The same should be true, I suppose, with hydro.

  17. “Mass is a Zombieship, it recovers like none other”! Says Notser playing a Conqueror!!!

  18. I <3 my Royal Navy battleship AP shells. No problem citadeling other battleships at the right range and angles. But it's GREAT against crusiers. No problems with citadels, but mainly because it overpens less than other BB AP.

    A BB line that has more AP stick in cruisers is a dream come true! 😀

  19. You sure you didn’t mean to say, “make like a bride’s nightgown and take off” ? 🙂
    Helluva battle, too! Thank you.

  20. Jarle Andreas Ytreberg

    Good luck to your mom. Take a break if you need it. Your fans are here to stay

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