World of Warships: Conqueror – Falling Back

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Conqueror doing what Conqueror does best – using HE from long range while falling back. This was a very effective strategy in this match.

World of Warships footage of the Royal Navy battleship Conqueror.


  1. Martin Dijkman Dulkes


  2. Perhaps the torpedo warning skill might be more useful then the HP skill as it helps you avoid irreparable damage from torps

    • Does anyone run vigilance on Conq.?

    • Vigilance doesn’t give you enough time to react in most situations in my opinion.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah Vigilance does not really make significant difference other than Shimakaze’s torpedoes which are already spotted easily without it. Situational awareness & proper positioning are more helpful.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Vigilance is more or less rendered useless by the broken detection ranges/reaction times of DW torps whether PA or Asashio.

  3. >Hipper flagHaaa? A man with good taste?

  4. I stop play Wow when they introduce this shit English HE spamming BB ….. from this point the game really crack and becoming boring .. and I play it form the BETA!! After this introduce of those BB it was only a HE spamming in the game … no more tactic, no more choice from AP to HE.. just everybody was shot with HE…

    • Such gay and stupid comment. You have cero idea of what its going on the game

    • +Alfred Conqueror who. I still play on both Na and EU server. Been playing from bata on the Na and from when it went live on the EU.

    • Thing is that Conqueror & Lion’s 419mm guns still have some fairly potent AP shells if you swap ammo at the right time. Unlike the previous ships where your pen is around the bottom for the tier you actually have more pen than all ships that aren’t using 17 or 18 inch guns, the only real downside is the low fuse timer sometimes preventing you from scoring citadels but doing 10-20k of raw AP dmg is nothing to sneeze at either since you can’t heal back nearly as much of that as you can from fires and HE shells

    • From someone who plays conq the 457 are trash and if anything they encourage he spam since one shell has like 60% fire chance and slightly higher alpha but nothing else its not like they’re amazing to switch from the lions guns

    • +Mandela Mc leod I personally think the 457mm/18-inch guns could become good if they gave them a similar treatment to Republique’s guns.. give them normal HE shells, normal AP fuse and maybe around 25s reload and they could be a good alternative

  5. The other term you were looking for was “Defeat in Detail”.

  6. That was such a well mannered game!!

  7. Why do you need to fall back in a Conqueror? Colonize on sight and print a new ship every sixty seconds while sailing broadside, laughing like a Gentleman ?

    • But then you might sink!

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Nope Conqueror’s repair actually has 80 seconds cooldown/72 seconds with premium consumable + signal & Jack of All Trades. In fact Conqueror burns down under 50 seconds after the repair is done, even sooner when gets torped. Falling back is what making Conqueror “unsinkable”. Throw half of hp away, fall back, repair, show up again next minute, repeat. And sailing broadside starts to be as stupid as with other ships since even Salem can rack up 8k damage every 5 seconds.

  8. Im using a Scoutplane on my montana for more accurate blindfiring into smokes or firing at people behind islands. Its not you like you need the fighter these days.

    • But it messes up your aiming!

    • +Aerroon That weird bug where it zooms you to the freaking map border all the time ? That has indeed gotten worse over time. Ive never experienced it as much as i have these days ever before. So annoying indeed.

  9. Yeees im in your video 🙂

  10. Conqueror=Mega-Vanguard

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      That makes more sense than Mega Zao because both ships look similar & Azuma is coming to claim the Mega Zao nickname.

  11. Gareth Fairclough

    Aerroon, “brain iz op, plz nerf!”.

  12. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Glad you pointed out the contribution of your Shima. His screening (and keeping the enemy on their toes with torps) was extremely critical to letting the slow starters up north finish off their force up there. And of course he let you not have to worry about a destroyer sneaking up on you. Too bad he probably didn’t get rewarded much in the end stats.

  13. “Increases your rudder shift time”

    But then… that would make it less maneuverable no ?

  14. Shimakaze has no pronunciation of the letter u at the end of it, FYI.

  15. Survivability expert in a T10 BB… Is this a troll?

  16. I can hear Zao crying

  17. hey pls show BUILD at start of vid, thanks for reading and/or taking in account!

  18. mega zao conqueror reporting for duty, ready to punish the uncivil brutes regardless of if they are angled or not, show broadside, punish with AP, bow tank, punish with HE, besides a tactical retreat isn’t a bad thing, not like ya surrendered ;p but yeah it fills in the meme extra hard of that the entire crew of the conqueror is full of engineers and technicians with that 8 second rudder shift, truly is a mega zao now

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