World of Warships: Conqueror in Ranked

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Conqueror is in ranked. She’s maneuverable, good citadel protection, super heal, and her HE is strong.

World footage of the tier 10 British battleship Conqueror.
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  1. Winston Edwards


  2. Conqued in Rankeror

  3. CC gets really mad in chat? i call that entertainment!

  4. Yep, my best ship in Ranked this season. It’s a winner.

    I have noticed that CQ’s seem to be better choice than other BB’s this time.

    • Been having some good ships in the Kurfürst aswell due to relatively few DDs. Had a ranked game yesterday with 281k damage and 3 kills yesterday 🙂

  5. GK is pushing ship with good 2nd built.

    • I was struggling with the Monty and Yamato this season, but literally the first game I did in the Kurfürst ended up being close to 300k damage, so I’ll back this up.

    • +iFartz i only own the montana and she do not do well at her 2nd. I am amazed at those tier 10 bb with good 2nd. Even some t8 and 9 have better 2nd than she have. But i still believe in my teammate so i stick with montana. But most of my game, team is like not using any GPS. Some bbs at the map edge or open sea.

    • +Faiz Zeo The Montana’s main issue is that there’s certain ranges where the guns absolutely annihilate whatever they hit, and outside of those ranges it’s gonna be bounces and overpens. The firing angles are fairly solid though, and the AA is likely to make your team enjoy your company if you’re sailing as one big fleet and there’s a CV in the game.

  6. Putting random jumpscares in your videos may be fun lol

  7. Also your typing speed still amazes me

    • Thanks, but I’m not even sure if I type fast in game. If I try a reasonable type test I can do about 120 WPM.

  8. Survivability Expert? I feel betrayed
    Why didn’t you take basics of survivability instead? ;_;

    • +Snagabott It doesn’t help against fires: you can take the exact same number of ticks of fire damage. But you do have more HP, so it’s a question of how much HP you have left over after you’ve taken the fire damage. Say if you have taken 2 full duration fires then in the case of no SE you have 195,312.4 hp left over, with SE you have 199,756.8 hp left over (this includes heals as HP).

    • +Aerroon So the overall bonus is still somewhat close or equivalent to 3.5k health which is what SE gives you. Not a lot, barealy 5% of Conq’s HP 😡 But yeah, I guess in total hitpoints, it’s interesting. You don’t get any fire damage reduction with SE but you get a reduction of the HP loss overall. Makeus sensus 😀

    • +Aerroon Well btw… your math only works if u use ALL your heals to full extent. That is BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE unless it’s only HE and fire dmg u take. And even then u’d have to actually get ur heal up before u die.
      Sry, but SE is bs. ^_^
      This would require u to tank the maximum 240k dmg EVERY SINGLE game to make it worth… even if it were 230k, the advantage would already fade totally.
      With the current heal cd I even struggle to get to use three of my heals, altho I’m running everything that drops the cooldown of consumables.
      Also fire/flooding dmg is percentage based so that “benefit” would dissappear aswell.

      In a 100 out of 100 battles, SE will be much much worse than BoS.

    • +The Witcher But that’s the thing: the more HE and fire damage you take the more you can use up your heals. SE is clearly superior against anything that’s not fire, flooding or HE spam.

    • +Aerroon Ok, sure, but as I said at first, your math only works if u you use ALL your heals to FULL extrnt meaning u have to tank 240k+ dmg EVERY GAME to perhaps make it viable which is extremely extremely unlikely cuz Conq can only 60% heal (or was it 50%?) AP pens and torps hitting the belt only by 10%.
      This erases the advantage to only the base 3,5k extra HP which ofc has no impact/benefit against fire dmg.

      I’m surprised u didn’t come up with it first when doing the maths for the 9.1k. You simply looked at ideal conditions which never apply

  9. austinpowersfasjer

    This shouldve been a clear win for the dds left on the enemy team. there is 0 reason for them to even get spotted.

  10. When you go for GK instead of the conqueror. Oof 🙁

  11. Mohammad Rashad

    main reason for conq in ranked is her balanced HE

  12. aerron do you use the legendary mod if you have it or would you stay with the concealment mod?

    • I’m using the legendary mod, because it increases rudder shift AND turret traverse.

    • +Aerroon thank you for response and clearing that up for me i keep switching back and forth sometimes its nice to drop off and heal up but same time nice to dodge and split torps easier

  13. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Another reason for Conqueror is you can lower the main gun reload to 22 secs with AR, but then revive the ship right away in case the incoming salvo is gonna kill you.

  14. Joselito Sto Tomas

    Hi Aerroon,

    I use one of the Dunkirk Brothers with the UU Conq

    PT, EL
    JAOT, EM, AR
    FP, CE

    JAOT and EM are buffs. That gives you a turret traverse of 4.9 degrees/sec, so the guns can keep up with the turns. Battery reload of 26.4 seconds to start. EL allows you to switch from AP to HE on demand. The Conq AP can still citadel cruisers and punish BB’s if you aim for the upper belt. Just spamming HE is not utilizing the Conq’s capabilities to the fullest. I just played a match similar to yours and I got 194517 HP damage to 124063 to yours.

  15. Alexandru-Dragos Albescu

    CC can put -5% and -10% post repaire flags on the ship ? you have them bouth. nice vids Aerroon

  16. GG Aeroon , the Conq and Henri are my go to ranked ships both I feel are op. I compliment a lot as well you do in game, but do you feel Karma has a real effect on capt skills?

  17. Slawomir Chmielewski

    BoS are poor choice on Conqueror because she can heal the damage easily. Still, BFT is probably a better choice than SE.
    Interesting that you only destroyed 3 AA mounts in 69 HE hits.

  18. Christian Krakhofer

    ill pass on the rental season, not worth the effort

  19. The chat is much more amusing lmao

  20. Kudos for writing in chat and playing.
    I can either focus on playing or on chatting xD
    So I sometimes completely potato because I look at chat xD

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