World of Warships: Conqueror review. What is this ship…

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The Royal Navy battleships are the latest line to hit World of Warships and the Conqueror is the T10 on the line. This line is unlike any other BB line in WoWs and its because its focused on HE. This ship is incredibly strong and im not a big fan of how this line plays and the direction that this line is moving.


  1. Boing. . .

  2. My des can be seen furth out than this stuped ship
    Khba abd conc are both just sillt

  3. With all the claims that this ship is OP…..i just don’t see it. It has great HE damage, but a lot of that is healable.
    The released WG stats say that it’s got the lowest win rate!?
    I’m still more successful in my Monty

  4. I was the NO in that match and loved seeing how you covered that yamato at B (which you never see any conqueror do). Btw, don’t forget the 457’s on the Conqueror and their higher HE alpha and “balans” 63% fire chance ;). We wouldn’t want people to have to actually use their brains to get damage and faceroll over all the other t10 BB’s/Cruisers/DD’s and CV’s now would we.

  5. Let it only have the 457s but give those guns the ability to overmatch and then this ship would be balanced.

  6. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    I still believe that the heal cooldown nerf isn’t gonna help the balancing. I rather have the gun range and concealment nerf and/or the suggestions you have made in this video.

    My personal taste though, I love the 457mm just because of the tight shell grouping.

  7. lol, that was one of the best jokes i have heard, a BB sneaking on a cruiser. if WG doesn’t nerf this ship, it just shows that the devs are tards.

  8. Really 10k average damage more than other BBs at T10 and you call that OPd? Hardly a valid point, you guys must love Monotony if you want all T10 Battleships to be the same and have 90k average damage across the board in every Nation…that is just plain Boring…no incentive to research and play T10 BBs at all. And further more, the Yamato Tomatos who cry about the Conquerer should remember they have the Best AP and Guns at Tier 10 that can Penetrate any Ship from any angle, so I smell a bit of Bullshit here and throughout the community because a Ship has become competitive and has an advantage over another Line….The Yamato had that advantage since it came out and no one has cried about it….so please. Not to mention the Montana has had its Citadeled lowered that its almost impossible to Citadel with AP.The fire Chance is a bit OP but so are a lot of things in this game…this just happens to be a HE line, but when I play Conquerer I use AP a lot ….Old Timers who got comfortable over the years playing their angles and AP style game just get pissed off that average players can give it back to them with HE..when they just sit there at Range in their Angled Tomato. If it’s not the Conquerer, people would cry about the Belfast or the Kutuzov….always whinning about some shit instead of encouraging people to play a More Team oriented game, which is more of a problem across all Servers, than ONE SHIP. Rant over…lol

  9. Speaking about how fragile the conqueror is, then deal 9k dmg with 6 shots to a conq broadside point blank….yeah definitely fragile with the non-existant citadel facepalm

  10. They need to remove one of the gimmicks with the British BBs: Concealment, HE, or Heal

  11. Just another Brit bash. HE this, HE that’s. Not balanced at all.

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