World of Warships- Conqueror’s Buff

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So supposedly, Conqueror got a nerf……I don’t think so.

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  1. HMS HealALot!

  2. Pls gift me a premium bro?

  3. Wasnt she op already??

  4. NA server only?

  5. Takao = tack-ow-oh. 🙂
    I’ve found that more often than not, people expect HE from a British battleship. That’s why I’m 95% AP in Nelson, DoY, Hood, and Vanguard. And I’m an Axis main, so I don’t really touch the tech tree. It’s great. I’ll start off with a salvo or two of HE, and use AP for the rest of the match. Then I season my fries with the salt thrown my way. Especially in Nelson.

  6. •_Lumia Art_•

    Most of u people are like s bad wife, endlessly bitching

  7. I do better with Conqueror these days.
    The citadel was raised but as yet, I have not been citadeled. But the reduced cool down of the repair party helps a lot…

  8. mmmm salty daring 😉
    Great game mate

  9. I think monarch is one of the best tier 8 ships tbh.
    It can be tanky as HELL if you play your cards right.
    Good alpha and fire chance with he.
    Super fast gun velocity.
    Quite accurate since they buffed it.
    Decent stealth.

    In many situations I’ve baited enemy bb:s to hunt me in monarch. Most of them have regretted it.

  10. I LOOOVE the heal change on Conq. Love! Only played two matches in her since the update, and both of those netted me Dreadnought and Fireproof.

  11. The biggest problem with this ship was long range harassment with he, most conqueror players would rather sit at back and burn other bbs to death but now they’ve raised the citadel like that its only going to make it worse i think

  12. She may be a a great BB cooker but she sure seems to struggle with HE cruisers at range. I baked off 154,000 damage off one last night for an easy kill. I do not fear them like most other BBs. Never have. I need to buy her and see what the issue is myself.

  13. The conqueror was nerfed make no bones about it. The better heal does not change that. With its already weak armor, and lowest HP of all T10 BBs, it is a citadel magnet. While carefully angling to avoid getting citadel by BBs, you get citadel by CAs. Active maneuvering at long ranges helps, but it is even more vulnerable now to AP bombs and plunging AP shells. Since the nerf I have had one absolutely great match, 200k, and a dozen or more of citadel hell. For those of you that have not experienced this yet, it’s coming, as more and more players realize the Conquerors new found vulnerabilities.

    • Agreed, all this is going to do is make conq players stay even further back, this ship seems to be citadeled far too easy as well now its a stupid patch. It wasn’t like the ship was op to begin with anyways, just a pain too fight.

  14. 0:21 Here I thought the Edinburgh heal was OP at nearly 1000 hp per second, but no. What in the actual fuck Wargaming, 2000 hp per second heal?!?

  15. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    This “buff” makes Conqueror to be more of a battlecruiser than a battleship, although a slow one at being that (battlecruisers were supposed to be faster than battleships). But I personally find Conqueror to be more vulnerable against citadel damage than the Russian BBs, and this weakness reduces the heal’s effectiveness. The reduced cooldown on consumables are nice though.

  16. British BB armour is funny. The KGV class had about the second toughest armoured design for a BB in WW2, second too the Yamato and in some places, better armour, great torpedo protection etc.

    Some argue the torp protection because the prince of wales was torpedoed. It was and the first torpedo to land got lucky in that it disabled the ships ability to engage it’s new automatic locking bulkheads, a small over sight that was corrected in the other designs.

    Of course, WoWs won’t implement it’s crazy good armour protection because that would be OP, if any thing the Monarch should have something along these lines purely because it’s tiered up.

  17. I must have the worse luck with the conq. It fails to be a firestarter with me like the Zao. haha

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