World of Warships- Constellation First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys my first impression review of the new Tier VIII US Battle(Cruiser)ship, Constellation, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Ah, the ship that is kinda like a colorado but has a decent amount of armor (heavy emphasis on decent), 406mm guns, 127mm secondaries, neat enough aa and torps (what a surprise)

    • @hond654 showing that much broadside would’ve punished almost every other BB.

      From what I heard from other CC reviews, her armor is actually good, because of her huge 32mm torpedo belt, waterline citadel and great maneuverability making it relatively tanky.
      In my opinion it’s a bit to much, because it sacrifices basically nothing for her gimmicks.

    • @An idiot So Moosashi, or kearsarge

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      Well, Colorado DOES have a decent amount of armor, 406mm guns, 127mm secondaries and neat enough aa tbh

    • @ironshrek Hay Colorado is Thicc where it counts.

    • @An idiot just staring at the armor in the video ya it doesn’t look like she gives up much. That said the citadel isnt very thick (its orange) and very flat, so if you can punch though that torpedo belt your more then likely gonna hit something good.

  2. She’s Pretty. Can’t wait to get her.

  3. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    You missed the chance to use the torp on that enemy BB before you died tho

  4. Daniel Sherrill

    I’ve always considered Florida like a BC as well since she only has 25mm bow and aft armor, and low hp, but yet I’ve always done well in her and enjoyed playing her. Because of that I’m looking forward to getting this ship. Thanks for the review Mountbatten!

  5. The entire gameplay I was focused on how small her turrets look compared to the ship

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      Thats what you get for using the Colorados’ turrets even though they should have prob look more like twin version of Kansas and Minnesota’s guns

    • I have the same experience with HMS Vanguard. Ticc hull and tiny main gun batteries that look like secondaries proportion to hulking hull

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @Rolkasa thats for using ww1 turrets on a ww2-sized ship

    • @Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean even with MK2, they still look tiny, you did get longer rear gun-house however.

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @Nguyen Thanh I think the turrets will be bigger. Since they have ~the same elevation as the SoDak 1920, I expect it to be just a twin version, which is more rectangular and definitely taller than the 6 sided Colorado turrets

  6. These are the kinds of “paper” ships I appreciate. Ships that didn’t quite make it, but were so close to being produced. Even if they went for a “1940’s design”, this doesn’t feel nearly as fake as some of the other ships they have in the game.

    Plus I quite like her gameplay, though it’s taking a little while to get used to…

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      Yea thats what wows kinda founded on partly but after a while of “just one unique paper premium” it became this

    • le pas très gentil

      those are what i like to call the almost paper ships you know , those of like the Amagi , the stalingrad and the kronshtadt , the izmail … all those ships were laid down and stuff , but never completed

    • Shes not a paper ship. A paper ship is one that didnt enter finalized designs. She got past that and was in the process of being built. She just wasnt finished.

    • A designed ship is a ship that made it past conceptual designs into the actual blueprints where engineers had to figure out if what they wanted was possible and how to build it. Theres a huge difference between, paper ship, designed ship, partially constructed ship, and comissioned.

      There is an actual reason why some russian ships are so fantastical and thats because most of them never left the paper stage and the russians never built predesecors and so didnt fully understand limitations for thier ideas.

    • @Joshua Well considering this is made with a 1940’s design, I’d consider it a paper ship. It even looks different than the original designs. For one, the original had a cage mast, whereas this one definitely, and appropriately, uses more era-appropriate US Navy superstructure.

  7. Sealord needs to come out with a merch line for “it’s my discord and not yours” and throw some sort of ship/discord design on it. 😂

  8. Well done one the review. I might pick this one up.

  9. **Cool battleship designs exit**
    Washington’s naval treaty: YOU SHALL NOT PASS (Beyond the blueprints and dry dock) ! ! !

  10. I can never make that US 406MM work.
    I tried to love it, but from Colorado to Montana, I hate every moment playing them.
    Hell, even FDG is more enjoyable for me.

  11. So it is similar to the Japanese Amagi-class which is converted into aircraft carrier Akagi and both ships are also in the game.

  12. Dave Quaschnick

    Good ship to be a running mate with the Tirpitz

  13. Its amusing that whilst the Saratoga, which was built on the same hull and had the same machinery as this ship, was IRL known for being very slow to answer the helm and had a turning circle of about the radius of Jupiter, the heavier battlecruiser versions agile 😀

  14. Seems to be just a cruiser with BB guns, like a Graf Spee. That ship, at least, is not for everyone. I recommend to read LittleWhiteMouse review about it.

  15. The fact that you’re still not a CC baffles me, honestly, you do so much for the community and it goes unnoticed by WG

    • To be fair, lately, it may be better to not be one and keep ones ability to say what one wants about the game, ships, and devs.

  16. Sardauker Legion

    A radar Torpiz with glass armor, unable to use the back turrets inside radar range? “Over about 10km they clear giving decent gun angles. Closer and the angle is limited to about 45”. I have a bad feeling about this.

  17. The camo is also nod to history. Had these battlecruisers actually been built, the 1797 USS Constitution would have been decommissioned so the name would have been available for one of these BC’s.

  18. The one ship I’ve been waiting for since Closed Beta! Psyched at the special paint job with its historical reference! Got the ship within a minute of it going for sale! It performs even better than I expected. My only disappointment is that she’s named Constellation instead of Constitution.

  19. The enemy Constellation shows how not to play the Constellation while you are trying to showcase how to play the Constellation. How kind of him rite?

  20. Mr. Secondaries

    I’m gonna get it for historical purposes. It’s cool to have them as originally intended.

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