World of Warships: Constellation – New T8 US Battleship

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Constellation is the new battlecruiser. She looks like a dreadnought, but isn’t one. She’s fast, has radar and torps!
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Intro
1:07 Constellation Match
19:26 End Screen
21:20 Captain Skills & Upgrades
23:01 Constellation Armor
24:23 Conclusion
24:51 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US battleship Constellation.


  1. Ahh. The Lexington if she wasn’t converted into a aircraft carrier. But Washington Naval Treaty had to happen.

  2. A day late. Sorry. The ship is good though. I’ve won my last 12 games in her (probably extremely lucky).

  3. man i love battlecruisers 😀

  4. seeratlas d' Tyria

    I REALLY enjoyed watching your gameplay Aerroon, so many are fooling around trying to figure out how to play this ship AND I think you nailed it in this vid 🙂 Thumb’s up!

  5. This thing has crazy good AA.

  6. she shows so much freeboard , its crazy high out of the water

    • Because real ships have to survive and fight in rough weather.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      because Petropavlovsk is a glorified submarine. She might survive a summer in the Baltic, though

    • @mynameiswritinwater About the same freeboard height as Scharnhorst actually, the different is the sheer bow size, Scharnhorst still goddamn poor seaboat despite the Atlantic bow fix, Petro got chubby nose.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      @Nguyen Thanh The Atlantic Bow fixed Scharnhorst (and Gneisenau )’s shipping water problem rather effectively – after all that bow had almost 10m height over the waterline Plus the Scharnhorst class ships were shorter and with wider bows, causing them to rise with the swell, with petro with its greater length and slimmer bow (less buoyancy) would not
      Petro-paper-lovsk is much narrower shape overall, has a very slender bow, and I doubt she even has Scharnhorst 15′ freeboard in its widest area.

      Plus “poor seaboat” rather lol — Scharnhorst was capable enough to go to battle in Beaufort 9 in the Barents sea, so I suspect the german naval engineer must have done something right. Can’t remember a single sovjet or russian ship ever fighting under those conditions^^

    • @mynameiswritinwater If they’re not poor seaboat, then German wouldn’t get rid rangefinder on turret A early on.

  7. ok jingles
    07:55 thats the sinking Yamato , not the Amagi

  8. Aerroon, you review ships without overreacting or resorting to hyperbole. I respect you for that.

  9. Ooh nice historical what-if battle between a Japanese Amagi class battlecruiser and a US Lexington class battlecruiser at 7:12 onwards.

  10. Whilst I’m at work I can’t play WoWS but I can watch the odd YT vid. Strange thing to say you may think and how can you watch stuff at work. Well, I work at sea on an actual ship and am away from home for 4 week trips, these vids are great to break some of the time up. Thanks Aerroon, much appreciated matey.

  11. She was a real built but not finished ship. So I dont know why anyone is surprised. She also a Knot slower in game as she probably would have achieved 36 kts.

  12. japanese battleships and battlecruisers have a different naming convention battlecruisers are mountains and battleships were provinces from the 40s under.

  13. I like the ship too. Don’t understand some reviews; although I think that has something to do with LWM

  14. This thing’s armor can protect against only light cruisers, according to the Armada video

  15. TheAmazingOutlaw

    I said to the dev’s to make the USS Tennessee, and that the WW2 ship had Radar, torps and 406mm guns. Everybody on the forum said i was an Idiot to suggest a US BB that had radar and torps and even wargaming wouldnt do that. Well well well now look what we have. But seriously WG add the USS Tennessee.

    • I mean, then give radar to every BB because every BB had radar, at least in WW2. A Bismarck with radar and hydro…

    • @TheRobbiUno well, they actually had the Gangut, but the Soyuz only had a prototyped armor on a target ship that only had its thickness because Russian armor was actually that shitty.

  16. Ferdianto Aditya

    USN thicc BB Is not tanky tho

  17. Wow, a ship that is actually somewhat based in reality. Who wouldve guessed.

  18. Repulse is coming so here’s hoping.

  19. 7:53 that must be the biggest amagi what i ever seen.. like size of a yamato 😀

  20. Constellation is a Jack of All trades with Heavy Cruiser Armor

  21. You can get up to 10 km secondaries. I did play her like that, but I don’t really think its’ worth it. The secondaries aren’t usually good enough and you end up stuck with 17.4 km range.

  22. Just to clear things up, when Aerroon says “yesterday was Canada Day”, he must have recorded it on July 2nd, and not released it until July 3rd.

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