World of Warships – Control

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Does it count as clickbait if I’m using the title and logo of Remedy’s conspiracy masterpiece to suck people into clicking on the thumbnail?

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  1. Jingles I didnt even see the thumbnail before seeing that Jingles had posted another warships vid

  2. Morning y’all, to a good shift in the mines we go.

  3. Early is relative when you have insomnia.

  4. @RandomizedGamerrrr98

    Love to watch Jingles while I am “working” at the office doing absolutely nothing

  5. Good Morning all you Daves out there!

  6. Flambass in a DD?
    Ohhh boy, here we go.

  7. @flaviosalatino8192

    The difference between playing the objective vs playing to farm damage. Great game

  8. @everydaymaverick2166

    The joke about being called son made me realize I’ve been watching jingles since I was about 12, im going on 22 now…

  9. A morning dump and jingles, all is right with the world.

  10. The Board approves of your title/gimmick.

  11. 0:45 _The world’s most annoying ship captain_

    You give up your position _that_ easily? I’d expected more of you, sir!

  12. @jeroenvandenhark1480

    I seem to have missed any and all INTENDED references, but now I’ve got a Joy Division song stuck in my head. Thanks, fellow Old Man!

  13. I would say that MM was great for DD’s especially Benson. No radar means easy approach and opposing CV spotting was rather … not efficient in disabling Flam activities anyway.

  14. Geeeeeez sounds like the Captain is a former drill sergeant!

  15. @channingwalmsley9738

    lol, I find it funny that the Kaga was bottom of the board cause he only got one hit off the entire game

  16. Ah Jingles, youngin as always. 53 is basically a young adult

  17. Hello, Mr. Jingles. In the year of our Lord 2020, I met, on a trip to Wyoming, a US Navy Veteran who served on the Mahan during the American, Korean conflict. He called it the, “Ma-Hawn” F.Y.I. for future reference. He is in his 90s now, hunts Elk annually, and was a neat person. We floated down the famous Plattes River , me in a Kayak and him in an inner-tube. Cheers

  18. “What aircraft carrier in history ever got sunk as a result of being set on fire” got me cracked 🤣
    I remember this match, it was pretty intense and it showed that damage is not what you need to win the game, but I don’t advise trying it at home with teammates you get nowadays xD
    Thank you for featuring another one of my replays old…son 😝

  19. Jingles, you say this commander is the most annoying, but we have Cappy in game; a voiceover who speaks only in various grunts and screams!

  20. “Took a hit from something” while being able to visibly see the Yorktown torps land XD, ah jingles stay classic

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