World of Warships: Convoy Defense – Tone & Bayard

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I played Convoy Defense Mode with Tone and Bayard. On the defending side you have to protect the Liberty ship convoy and escort them to the end point.

0:00 Tone Intro
0:29 Tone Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:38 Tone Convoy Defense
9:27 Tone Convoy End Screen
9:45 Bayard Intro
10:00 Bayard Captain Skills & Upgrades
10:09 Bayard Convoy Defense
16:42 Bayard End Screen
17:15 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese cruiser Tone and French cruiser Bayard.


  1. The Hybrid AND the Autoreloading Menace.

    Double the trouble indeed!

  2. The trick to winning is to not lose.

  3. Just be glad you dont have to defend against a german uboat wolf pack like they had to do in WWll.

  4. in this moment im enjoying more this game mode than rankeds or random

  5. I played Bismarck in convoy mode, got the defender side 2 times. Went flanking, while most of the team went to catch up with the cargo ships. So the enemies tried to get to the convoy, while i got their broad side. Was sweet

  6. Tone looks amazing

  7. I was debating on the tone. She seems pretty good!

  8. 3:50 indeed they are powerful until you meet an AA escort ship. Like D7P or Haarlem. They are quite a pain in the ass to deal with in carriers especially when they fully escort the Convoys.

    One dutch ship is enough to protect the Convoy with carriers.

  9. I had a game as the escorting team. All the BBs were using the transports as their screen instead of them screening the transports. Not surprising when we lost all four transports without loosing a single team member. That was my worse experience so far. I guess there are still some players who don’t get the concept of the convoy mode.

  10. Though not as effective as I thought it would be, I’ve been playing this mode in the Cleveland when in a division with my friend (who’s in a CV).

    It’s pretty fun to plant yourself in the middle of the Liberty ships when defending and screening them from air attack, and burning ships who come within gun range.

  11. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    They should keep Convoy as a *permanent* game mode but the tiers are changed from 6-10 for every patch

  12. The game mode is fun, but most of my games are won by the attacking side

  13. Had a really fun convoy match last night man, was in my Alabama killed 2 liberty ships, only me and another teammate, came across the last 2 liberty ships and killed one and rammed the other, got all 4 I was excited hahahah

  14. Well Bayard concealment is 9.6km not 8.8km. That was a Jingles moment Lol.

  15. I am pretty sure that the Benson thought MBRB from the Bayard was not quite so delicious!

  16. Do you have a vid that shows your setting’s? I’m curious how you have that angle indicater for both your ship and the one your shooting.

  17. We really need more game modes like this, but keep the tier levels changing from 6-9

  18. Hmm so I found that my Kansas couldn’t keep up with the transports. So by angling in front of the transports I can effectively drift and get pushed by the transports at about 23 knots. Also use the Kansas hull as an effective torp shield. It’s rather fun tbh

  19. Convoy, by far the best thing WOWS has done for at least 4 years. It forces even battleships to play aggressively.

  20. 6:15 big torpplanes moment mised there was a perfect situation to torp that beached atago

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