World of Warships – Convoy

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Go to and use code MIGHTYJINGLES to save 25% off today. Thanks to Curiosity Stream for sponsoring today’s video.


  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Go to and use code MIGHTYJINGLES to save 25% off today. Thanks to Curiosity Stream for sponsoring today’s video.

    • Excellent sponsor. Been subscribed to curiosity for years. And excellent gameplay to. On top great game mode. More of all above plz mr Jingles.

    • BTW about ww2 tanks , a soviet ones , i have just found out some gruesome fact about destroyed/damaged tanks , when ever soviet tank was destroyed/damaged it was transported and all what was good was salvaged , and tank shell/body was resused ! , if there was penetration hole was patched with what ever they had like hammer head , or other piece of metal , and quickly assembled with salvaged parts from other destroyed tanks , and in that video that I saw I got information that that tank they presented T34 was 4 times destroyed , 4 times have lost crews in fires , and then after ww2 soviets keept that tank in service to 1960″ then stored in Polish soviet army magazine , and in 1976 handed over to Polish museum … for me is just shocking that tanks was just resused after crew burned alive … 4 times , I do understand that soviets had diffrent standards , and I bet allied also used parts from damages/destroyed tanks , but I wonder if they ever reused tank that was burned with crews , that is darker part of ww2 .

  2. Even though I don’t play anymore I still say that Convoy and Airship Escort are the two best additions. The issue with the Operations is they haven’t added anything new since the rework.

    • I hope to god that they do not add it to the main battle as a part of that like they are trying to do…

    • ​@Yannic Hudziak They are leaning that way. Especially with that survey WG put out. But part of the reason convoy is so fun is because the ship pool is limited. No super ships, no fail divisions, you know exactly what ships you can expect to see. Putting it in to random rotation would eliminate that. Convoy works better as is, on its own.

    • @LightOfZeon imagine watching as the super CV spots the liberty ships and then their conde dev strikes all of them from spawn

    • I’d play Airship all day. Convoy is just not balanced enough for the defenders.

    • It sounds fun. I wish wargaming would add a mode like this to world of tanks as well.

  3. More convoy replays plz 🙏 😊

    • That mode is great for grinding , I have started second account and I played Zieten on it , I have Ruprecht and I should grind Schieffen , best is that I have no stress like in Random , because WR can be issue if team throw , in Convoy I dont care 🙂

  4. Antonio Giungato

    I have not played a game of WoWS in a couple of years but still watch and love every single one of your videos!

  5. Is it my imagination or was the Bismarck on his team AFK racking up secondary hits on convoy ships?

  6. Radar can be really useful if you’re on the attacking team, regardless of matchmaking, bcause the convoy ships can smoke up.

  7. Adjel van der Meer

    Loved to see the convoy mode featured!

  8. Jingles’s commentary = fun time; constantly forgetting to use your main battery = dumb time.

    • I was wondering if this is the sort of person that forgets he has a main battery…

    • I don’t think he is forgetting to use them. I think he was just sitting back and letting the stream of his secondaries do the work. It is quite satisfying to watch the secondaries at work.

  9. I can answer why you’ve probably never featured convoy mode Jingles, when it’s played well by the attacking team the enemy team still has 11 ships left when the last transport goes down. Convoy mode should have an extra rule that even if all the player ships on the escorting team are sunk if a transport is still alive and can make it’s point they can still win.

  10. Between the amount of broadside and the fact he didn’t get nuked, and the time this guy took to realize he had a sub spotted less than 2 km away and didn’t take any torps, my theory of “you don’t need to be good, just not as st*pid as the rest of the players and have luck” holds up.

  11. Great win, especially with the allied Bismarck afk the whole game

  12. I played on 2 brothers. Tried to block path of my liberty ships down the middle with my Pommern. They shoved me out the channel with out even slowing down. It was hilarious.

  13. He did all of that without even feeling particularly rushed to fire his main guns!

  14. Kudos to the red team Yamato for trying to physically shield the convoy ships as they approached the cap, sacrificing his ship; and it almost worked.

  15. Would love to see a nail-biting win by the escorting side in an episode

  16. This ship should have come when I was still playing. Every time I see it, it looks so much fun. Also mission focused PvP could have been the biggest hit in this game if they introduced it at the game’s peak. Sadly it’s so overshadowed by random battles that I didn’t even know it existed up until this point.

  17. These videos are such a great way to start the day! thanks Jingles!

  18. Great to see you Jingles getting a Sponsor.

  19. That WAS fun to watch. Well done as usual Jingles.

  20. More of these modes please Jingles. Loved it

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