World of Warships- Convoys First Impressions

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the new Convoys mode, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Imagine convoy ship have almost same HP as Zao

  2. would like this mode for tiers 6 and 10 as well

  3. I hope they add in subs for this mode as well, cuz you know… convoy raiding and such.

  4. My experience was the attacking team always winning if certain kinds of ships were on the attacking team. If the attacking team has a couple good secondary BBs, the. The attackers will win. The defenders do have an advantage if they have good DDs to use torps to act as a torpedo screen against the attackers.

  5. They should make mm to be like

    -one team is full subs

    -One team dd’s and Cruisers

    No CV’s, BB’s, and Battle cruisers.
    Spicy it up imo

  6. As I recall, one map but different routes, this scenario would play well on many of the current game maps and would benefit wiith the inclusion of subs. I enjoyed playing it but do wonder how long before it becomes stale as the scenario game mode does without fresh input.

  7. This mode is great for slow US BB’s and needs Subs!

  8. Brawls is also a gamemode btw
    Why do ppl forget about that amazing shit

  9. On my end, the attacker always lost. I feel like they should have an asymmetric matchup

  10. Watching that Vlad sailing broadside on hurts my soul.

  11. I think ops require MORE coordination and team-work than randoms; equal to ranked. Really like the operations like this.

  12. Each convoy ship should have its own “cap circle” aura, just like contesting a cap you get XP for every tick spent within the circle aka escorting the convoy.

  13. Coastal convoy routes and “realism” – knowing your opponent’s route would be realistic. Considering the “realism” ship sailed a long time ago in this game, I would randomize the route and also not show it on the attacking team’s minimaps.

  14. I have a vague recollection that they ran this mode on the test server before. I would limit it to a single tier (as they have done) and no higher than Tier VIII to keep out the worst of the FrankenShips.
    It would be nice to play Tier VIII again without the prospect of getting quickly deleted by the likes of the FDR.

  15. Thanks for the vireo. I appreciate the effort you put in to present balanced views of the game. Not everything is a dumpster fire. It appears this a game mode were a carrier could be fun

  16. It’s a different spin on the “capture the flag” game mode…I think it’s a lot of fun and would really be interesting to add submarines to it…In point of fact, WG could do a lot more to enhance the overall game experience and added realism.

  17. There was an “escort” mode in Mechwarrior Online that lived only 2 years. It was easy – and fast – to win, focus only on the escorted vessel instead of the enemy team.

  18. This feels like 2 operation that we already have raptor rescue and aegis

  19. They could add an Operation called Battle of the Atlantic with subs on one side and DDs escorting convoy ships on the other.

  20. Now WG just needs to make pvp itself fun.

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