World of Warships- Convoys Is Coming Back! & US Destroyers Overhaul

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the most recent DevBlog, going over the return of the Convoy’s Mode and a facelift to the US DDs, along with some other bits of news. Enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Arata Masaaki Ch.荒田正明

    I’m Still Waiting Support Aircraft Carrier and other Leaks from Devblog

  2. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I’d still like to see playable support ships from scenarios.

  3. Gearing looks so good with the new model

  4. I might be alone here but on the topic of US dds, I think they kind of need a rework. They don’t really have anything that makes them stand out due to power creep from other lines. I get that they’re jack of all trades kind of boats but they just don’t feel like they have an identity in game. They were great when wows started but other than the smoke screen, they feel left behind imo but idk what you’d do with them. Maybe I’m wrong, lmk what you guys think

    • BB- 152 USS META


      The sad thing is that WarGaming has a history of introducing new lines to their games and refusing to update the other lines as time goes on to remain competitive. Power creep is just their MO to keep people playing the newer and more popular ships.

    • @BB- 152 USS META Not so much to keep them playing the “newer” or “more popular ” ships… that’s a by-product of the ship they introduced. Its the doubloons people are spending on that new OP ship, its the free XP people are using and converting from normal XP with doubloons to research new lines faster. Its the doubloons they sell to research dockyard ships. Its all about the money… and then we have to wait to get older lines slowly buffed and nerfed over many patches.

    • the problem with the entire USN tech tree is that when the Russians arrived with their railguns, the US ship’s shell arcs and/or speed were nerfed. In some cases even the range of the guns. The other thing that hurts US dds is that like all other US ship’s they sit high in the water, like proper blue water ships.
      in short you can’t really fix them, any fixes would move them toward the overpowered end of the spectrum

    • They are fine. Best smokes and everything else is above average

  5. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    Time to grind up to Schlieffen

  6. Damn, finally the German ships will be able to do what they were designed to do, properly

  7. Don’t forget about bismarck tirpitz scharnhorst and gneisenau ALSO need a face-lift! I mean they should have the see through glass treatment shouldn’t they?

  8. Two brothers!! Send the convoy up the gut!

  9. Love convoys

  10. Looks like Benson lost its Iron Sights lol

  11. That CV getting away just barely getting away with 260 HP was the most infuriating thing to watch. Thanks for the early morning blood pressure boost, Sea Lord.

  12. Geno Breaker 666

    Subs, CVs, Cruisers, and fast BBs are going to have a blast attacking while DDs, Cruisers, and slower BBs should do well defending.

  13. 10 surface ships vs 6 subs is the worst idea i have ever heard of…

  14. Maybe they can buff a few of the US DD’s as well as making them look pretty?

  15. Hope they are adjusting their scaling properly and not just reskinning them. If they do Fletcher, dont they need to do black also? They gave rental commanders for some new ships, sometimes if you removed them from the ship they wouldn’t get removed like they should.
    Also Sherman needs a perma camo that turns it into a floating machine gun, could be an AR, could be a SAW, or even make it a GAU-8

  16. F.sherman – imagine having limited ammo

  17. Mirzan Afhida Navis

    They had updated appearance of the cruiser Myoko too. Now she got glass windshield on her bridge, same as Zao, Atago, Kuma, or other newer tech tree ships or premiums. On the other hand, Aoba, Mogami, and Ibuki are not yet to receive this kind of appearance update.

  18. IGN ltcomderscott NA. I wonder if WG will add mine layers and sweeper to the game. Guess we’ll see.

  19. It would work if subs weren’t so freaking fast and destroyers all had a cool stick or as a detection devices so their depth charges actually would work insthey would work instead of ship’s getting new before destroyer can get anywhere near the submarine

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