World of Warships- Convoys Mode Is Finally Here

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Convoys Mode and discuss it, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. One of the best I’ve played. The perfect thing for germans, as there are more covers and can close range real quick. This is the mode I’ve been waiting for on my Tirpitz

    • Odin is the king in this game mode just bow in and let secondaries tear apart everything with hydro to spot those torps

    • @John Moreno *Odin, Tirpitz, Bismarck, Gneisneiu just entered the chat*

    • Update: this mode is just so cool. I’m loving it. It’s so easy to close in than spending half the game in range and shooting with the dirpitz guns. I highly recommend ships that are brawlers (esp Germans), to check it out. You might not win every game, but you’ll enjoy and learn so much

    • @Abin Tom Sebastian try zeppelin when escorting the convoy you give them aa they give tons of smoke for your secondaries

  2. Played a few games this morning, it is great fun for close range BBs, i had a great time in my Massa and Lenin.

  3. In the first battle, was the enemy CV trying to sink the final convoy ship or going after other ships?

  4. It is a very fun game mode. Fast paced and ranges close fast. I found it very enjoyable. A plus, as you pointed out, is the wide range of tier VIII ships. This is a good first take on convoys. I hope WOWs come out with lines of escort ship. Flower class corvets, USCG Treasury class. Speeds of ships like these are slower so you can have more historical submarines.

  5. Convoys need to be a permanent Game Mode.

  6. Honestly, I think they need to double the HP of the convoy ships. That, or add 2 more ships to the convoy.

    They just seem to die way too fast.

    • imo, 4 is enough.. i mean it is a team focus battle, i have a match where i am as attacker, and the enemy win by 2 freighter in full health and 2 damaged ship. it just that defender team able to push back a lot of attacker and our DD cant even get close to spot the freighter.. if you have good coordination team, it is easy win in either side..

    • @Pro SoZzTy my first game was defending, the opposite team literally ignored us and went for the convo, game ended in 2 mins or so

    • There were doubled in the testing of the game and Wargaming reduced it without giving any reason why even though most people felt it was a bad move.

  7. Jamie Parslow-Williams

    Played with my Lenin, it was very effective and accurate against the convoy ships. It’s a fun mode and it would be welcomed as a permanent feature.

  8. That Pobeda nuked the shit out of the convoy ships in one strike…very fun as a defender

  9. Convoys needs to be a permanent game mode, adds some much needed fun and diversity to the game. Hear that WG !

  10. This is actually been one of the most enjoyable events I’ve played in ages
    I’m going to be really sad if they make this a limited time thing
    (Not available for months)

  11. At this point I’m not enjoying the game mode. I like the brawling when it happens, but as usual the bulk of players are the problem. People are still treating this as a normal random battle and avoiding the objectives, staying back on the map/hiding behind islands, and getting picked apart.
    The teamwork is not there right now so teams just fall apart and the games blow out quickly. The entire team needs to worth together, push together, and focus fire which every other game mode and ship design to this point has pushed players away from (staying at the back of the map, hide behind islands, and work for yourself to carry/get a high score). Hopefully in a few weeks people will figure out how this all works in this mode.

    • Real , but in some not in all there are people who are used to playing one way and they dont want to change, and I tell them then that they dont play either this way or in ranked or random game.

    • For me as a ex smite player (moba like lol) i really now how worthy it is to go for objectives instead of enemies but i think this is to new for the wow’s player cause from what i now most of the time you only go for kills and dmg nothing other was really worth
      Yeah sure u can spot and get flag as dd do most of time but the main reason you win is cause Some people did most of the time shit ton of dmg

    • A possible fix is to turn convoy mode into clan battles, which means better teamwork and coordination.

  12. Saving Transylvania mode was the same concept only with Mikasa’s and a Rasputin Nikolai shooting back at you.

  13. I’m not sure what you mean with cvs being good in the game mode. Maybe on attack, but for defense? You already know where the enemy team is and they’re all grouped up so making an attack isn’t gonna happen without losing an entire squadron.

  14. The one time I won as a defender, I went to the outflank, behind the other team. Sank three ships.

  15. I’m just glad I can play T8’s again!
    I’ve given up playing them in randoms.
    It’s nice to see Wargaming not fuck something up for a change

  16. if they add in this mode permanently, I might come back to the game. At least it is a fresh game mode.

  17. Looks cool, too bad its Temporary. Now imagine both teams escorting Convoys with more players.

  18. attacking was to easy so they nerfed defending xD

  19. Best game mode so far. It should definitely be added to the game on a permanent basis and further developed in many, many configurations!

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