World of Warships: Cossack…does good? (WiP)

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It’s amazing what you can pull off with some cooperative targets…


  1. Dammit Canada government, why you not let Hiada in game, Porbally the same reason why weve not seen Naval Legends on her.

  2. The only way to redeem her would be transforming her into a tier7 Akizuki variant DD hunter cannibal with super fast reload timer.

  3. “HMS Cossack was never upgraded she was sunk before these upgrades happened. This may well confirm the Hiada connection although in that case she should have 20 mm Oerlikon guns. IRL the upgrade did not harm the firepower of the ship much as the 102 gun was obviously still part of the main armament.” This is wrong

  4. Even funnier second time around

    Yuzral effectively wins this game for his team

  5. The issue is that with only one quad torp launcher it should be a gunboat, but the guns are poor, the Gadja Madah is a better gunboat. They should ditch the whole secondary gun shtick and fold the 100mm into the firepower of the main guns.

  6. Well the camo looks good.  I like that.

  7. Gallant has crap angles for the torps!

  8. why don’t i ever see stupid bb’s like that?

  9. I would like to see someone try a secondary build on the Cossack, that duel 102 mount just might become a lethal machine-gun to enemy DDs, in a knife fighting.

  10. 1500 base XP, 4 kills… this is better than I do in most Random games.

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